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Time with Auntie
He might feel hard done by now (as I can attest many teenagers do under such conditions) but I hope and am sure that he will thank them one day when he is a productive sissy and on the true path to happiness.
Suzy liked her cousin Ray but dreaded him spending the summer. He always picked on her and teased her. Her mother assured her this summer would be different. If he couldn't behave himself then she was going to teach him a lesson. It didn't take long. After a week into his summer with Auntie and Suzy, little Ray couldn't help himself and decided to laugh and tease Suzy as she sat while Auntie put perm rods in her hair. She was getting her annual summer perm. It gave her hair a nice wavy look. Auntie suspected he would do this, as he had done it before. This time, she was prepared. After finishing Suzy, Auntie scolded little Ray and told him it was about time he learned to respect girls. 

After a spanking, in front of Suzy, little Ray found himself seated in the kitchen having his hair permed. With tears swelling in his eyes, he sat as Auntie rolled the perm rods into place. "You're getting a tight curly perm." She told him. But, she didn't stop there. Soon, little Ray was taken to the bedroom and dressed in a cute dress, white knee high socks and a pair of girly shoes. "You're going to be a good girl for Auntie this summer. Aren't you?" She said in a stern voice, as little Ray meekly nodded. Auntie gathered up his boy clothes and put them in a box. "You won't be needing these," she said. She then led him out into the living room. "Suzy, meet your cousin, Rachel. She'll be spending the summer with us." Auntie said in a sweet voice. "Now give Auntie a curtsy, Rachel." "Good girl." Auntie said, as Suzy laughed. "You girls are going to have so much fun this summer. I have lots of plans." Auntie said proudly.

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A lesson that will certainly stay with him for a long time to come - and absolutely certain to be a bestseller  Big Grin
Lovely and Rachel summer stories will definitely be a best seller.
Sal's mother was dating again after the divorce. She was going away for the weekend. He knew what that meant, another weekend at Auntie's house. It was becoming more frequent. He didn't mind too much except that his cousin Ann could be a bit difficult whenever she didn't get her way. She was four years older and a bit of a brat. She also liked teasing Sal about his long hair. His mother insisted he keep it long. She said it just suited him better. Ann agreed but thought it lacked something.

Friday afternoon arrived and Sal's mother dropped him off. "I see you still haven't cut your hair, Sally." Ann said in her condescending voice when she saw him. Sal always felt embarrassed when she called him Sally. His mother thought it was cute but told Ann to behave herself. Ann just smiled and stared at Sal. "Oh, I'll be good. Sally will have a good weekend. You'll see." She said grinning. 

Later in the evening, Sal went to use the bathroom to take his shower before going to bed. The bathroom was shared with Ann's bedroom so he told her not to come in while he was taking a shower. Ann just smiled and stood by the door. When she heard Sal go into the shower, she snuck in and took his pajamas, replacing them with one of her nightgowns and a pair of panties. When Sal went to put his pajamas on he saw the nightgown and yelled out, "Ann!" "Where's my pajamas?" "I thought we could swap tonight, Sally. I'm wearing them." She laughed. "Go on, do as I say and put on the nightgown and panties, then come in here." She added. Sal had no choice, he had nothing else to put on. He did as she said. 

"Why Sally, you look adorable!" Ann laughed. Sal felt embarrassed. He saw that she was wearing his pajamas and already had her hair tied up in little rag curlers. "Tonight, I have an idea for your hair." She announced. "Let's curl it!" "No!" Sal responded. "Oh, yes, Sally. You know I always get my way, so you better agree if you know what's good for you." She said in a strong voice. Sal knew she was right. It was hopeless to resist her when her mind was made up.

As soon as he agreed, Ann's demeanor changed. Suddenly she was sweet and nice to him. It was always better to let her have her way. Ann began putting little sponge rollers in his hair. She joked about how girly he looked as she rolled them into place. When she finished, she put a little pink bonnet over the curlers. "This will help keep the curlers in place while you sleep, Sally." She said giggling. "Just wait till morning. Your hair is going to be so pretty when I style it. It might even need a bow!" She said laughing and enjoying the embarrassment of her little cousin. She then sent him off to his bedroom with her arms crossed wile watching her little creation leave. When Sal closed the door behind him, Ann went to the closet and picked out one of her old Easter dresses. "This should fit Sally." Ann said in a soft voice out loud to herself. "This is going to be a fun weekend, after all." She said while trying to conceal her giggles.

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I recognise so much of what I used to be in ASAP. He is being offered so many great feminine experiences and if only he paid attention, would learn so much for when it inevitably becomes his future. 

I only hope he comes to love his femininity at an earlier age than I did and when he still has time to enjoy the femininity of his youth.
Sally is Ann’s little dollie Smile
Of course lots if girls used to have Sally Ann doll, lovely.
A thrilling experience for Sal who just can’t resist a strong girl like Ann.
Looking forward to reading more to see what Auntie and Mother think.
So many possibilities, i do hope you will expand on this, wishing i were "Sally" and having the salon experience with a determined Superior Female cousin. Can't wait until "Sally" finally succumbs to the joys of Femininity and She can have Her way with "him" taking advantage of the fact that "his" Mother insists that "he" wear "his" hair long, dare i say "long enough to take a curl?"
(12-01-2020, 06:27 AM)Satin Jessie Wrote: I could never be described as frail or delicate but my Auntie knew that I would be better off in dresses and petticoats, some women just instinctively know. There might be tears and tantrums, there certainly was with me, but eventually he'll accept what his Aunt already knows

Your point about "tears and tantrums" is an important one.  It's not surprising that boys put up such a show of trying to defend themselves against being feminized because from an early age they have been immersed in an environment in which being a sissy boy and showing weakness and even gentleness is the antithesis of what they are supposed to be -- and ironically, their tears and tantrums reflect their (perhaps not fully conscious) sense that behind the tough boyish facade that they try to show to the world is hidden a girlish sissyish set of feelings and desires that the boy is constantly struggling to keep hidden.  

The other part of what you wrote that I think is so insightful is "but my Auntie knew I would be better off in dresses and petticoats".   Exactly right!  True for you, and for almost all boys.  And that is why the proper attitude on the part of women who are thinking about petticoating a son/nephew/grandson is to know that doing so is what is ultimately in the boy's best interests.  Some women who try petticoating may be concerned when they see how tearful a boy becomes when put into panties and a dress that what they are doing is harmful.  THAT IS NOT TRUE.  By persisting with the petticoating despite how intense the tears and tantrums may be, eventually the boy will emerge much better for the experience -- kinder, gentler, more obedient, and of course, more feminine.  The other concern one sometimes hears is that a boy will come to resent the woman who has forced him into panties and skirts and blouses and who has guided him to behave in girlish ways. Also not true.  On the contrary, it is my experience that boys pretty much universally come to feel deep affection for, and respect for, the females who have been instrumental in feminizing them.
Ms. Cheryl, you are so right (of course).  i still struggle at age 49 holding on to my outdated patriarchal views.  i fight to not wear panties, to not be feminine because it's easier with today's culture to be masculine as i appear and act very masculine.  Even women around me like my 'alpha' appearance although none like my toxic approach to out dated rules and roles for women.  To be feminine is to care, to love, to feel, to express which are all great qualities.  to be masculine is to use force, to use physical size and strength to dominate which is bad.  Yes feminization is good for all males.  To wear panties and be chaste simply makes a male the best version of themselves.  Has there ever been a rape or assault made by a man in chastity or lingerie, no.  Has chastity and lingerie saved marriages, made men more productive and happier, made women happier and more productive, yes.  Are there stories of feminized males hating those that feminized them, no.  Are there stories of feminized males loving those who had the strength, tolerance, resolve to take the time to teach train and love, yes.  Women as much as men need to understand that all males need, yes need, to be shown the difference feminization can have.  Women are natural leaders, men are natural followers.  We should stop fighting what is natural and what is right and have a society of acceptance, love, productivity, and joy.  my struggle continues (as i write this i am considering shaving my chest hair and to put on the bra, panties and skirt that currently sit in a garbage bag about to be thrown out), but i am hopeful for the next generation of males to find acceptance in our natural role supporting the women that we love in the manner in which they deserve.  Ms. Cheryl it would be wonderful to hear more advice from you and even if your daughter wants to describe how she took control of her family to create a loving matriarchy to the benefit of both the women and males in her family.  thank you so much, truly.

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