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Hello everyone

I'm Duncan Ferguson, 68 yo straight male living and working on Australia's beautiful Gold Coast.

I love wearing female clothing. I go almost everywhere in panties and skirts with tights in the cooler months (yes, we do have them here!) I get no backlash or objection - except for my wife who admits finding it challenging.

There are boundaries about what she is comfortable seeing me in. Makeup, dresses, bras are no-no's as are obviously female shoes.

While I would love to push the boundaries, I feel I have pushed her as far as she will go.

I envy those guys who have the full support of their SO's yet feel lucky I can wear some of what I would like to wear. Even more, I envy those "forced" to. 

I have written loads of responses to questions about men wearing female clothes on Quora and a huge advocate for men being able to wear whatever they like. 

If there is anyone from SE Queensland on this site, please reach out.

Thanks for having me.

Welcome to the party, Duncan - it certainly seems that you’re in the right place. It is great that you are into all things feminine and that you feel the urge to push the boundaries, but by the same token, it is important that you honour your wife’s terms as the females in our society are ultimately those that the majority of members on here aspire to. 

In the meantime, there is plenty of interest on the forum and I hope to engage you in conversation on some of them in the near future.
Welcome to the forum Duncan. I echo Girlygirl’s reply.
Welcome Duncan, You have found a wonderful, supportive environment here with lots to see, learn and do(?). We love communicating: hearing more about you and telling you all about us! It's wonderful that you can freely "parade around in your skirts" openly!
Hello from the bottom end of Australia - Tasmania - Duncan.

I'm one of the lucky ones, with my partner, R, very encouraging of my sissy and crossdressing ways. She has taken my dressing and submissiveness to new levels and places and for that I'm so grateful.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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