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My Step Mother’s Bridesmaid
Chapter 11

What kind of special thing? I stammered our the question and began to get very red. “Oh I can’t tell you that because if I do then it won’t be special will it?”? No I suppose not I said. “Good now lets get this in you! I can’t wait too see how it looks.” Daisy took the play suit and put it up to me. “Step inside and then I’ll lace you up and give you your special reward.” I wondered what the reward will be and if it would be worth it to put it on. I stepped into the satin play suit. It was very tight but got even more so when Daisy tightened the cords in the back. She pulled them as hard she could. Until she couldn’t anymore. Daisy I can’t breathe! Is it supposed to be this tight? “Of course that’s how it goes! Look at you though! You wear it so nicely.” I definitely felt even more of a panty boy then usual. Actually I felt quite silly as well as the frills went over my shoulders. “I really really like you in this. I’ve decided your going to keep it on!” What no! Let me take it off! “Haha! Good luck getting those cords undone.”

We heard Victoria’s voice from downstairs. “Are you guys ready to go?” What where we are going? “Oh yeah we are going to my boutique to look at bridesmaid dresses.” What? No I can’t go with these thing on. Victoria then began walking up the stairs. “Well looks like you’ll have to unless you want your step mother too see.” She was right! I quickly grabbed my sweat shirt and sweat pants and quickly put them on. They were big enough to hide the satin play suit underneath. “Okay guys are ready?” “Of course we are girl!” Yes Victoria I said and I was praying that she wouldn’t notice. I felt like such a sissy and I couldn’t believe that I was tricked by Daisy. We got into Victoria’s car and quickly arrived downtown and finally got to Daisys store. It was called “Princess Bridal!” “Okay let’s find some dresses! Amy is meeting us here so she should be here soon!”
An interesting fitting session lies ahead. I like how he is going to so much effort to hide the sissy suit when they will surely see it once they start trying dresses, anyway  Wink
Great chapter. Surely Nick enjoyed the sensuous experience of the play suit on the ride downtown. Lots of laughter ahead from the girls when he has to reveal it.
What a great chapter. I absolutely love your stories Nicole.
Thank you so much everyone!
Chapter 12

“Omg look at all these dresses!” “Yeah we have a crazy amount in stock right now. Are you going to look for your wedding dress today too?” “You know what I don’t think so. I just want too see all the bridesmaid dresses today.” I had never seen so many girly and prissy dresses in my life. Daisy’s store had a variety of bridesmaid and wedding dresses to choose from. There was also a strange section in the far back a way from everything else. The sign above the section read “Petticoat Dresses.” I had no idea what a petticoat dress was and I didn’t want to find out. I stood there nervously as Amy finally arrived. I couldn’t have her or Victoria find out about my satin play suit that I had on. “So, what kind of style or you looking for? Short, long, what kind of fabric?” “You know I’m not really sure I think I want to go through all of them.” “Okay no problem! We can have lunch sent up eventually. Okay buckle up girls this is going to be a long day.” Oh great I thought to myself I long day at the bridal store.

“So I should start out by saying that we failed to find any matching tux’s for our dresses.” That’s fine I said we can just order one from somewhere else? “Not likely it’s almost impossible to do that.” “Yeah I’ve heard the same thing. What do you think Victoria?” Victoria looked at my and then at Amy and Daisy. “Are you sure?” “I’m positive.” “Okay then Nick will also be In a dress.” What you can’t be serious Victoria! “Of course I’m serious. I’m your new step mother and you will do as I say! I won’t have my day ruined just because your refusal of wearing a dress.” You can’t do this Victoria! “I can! I’m your step mother! Plus also I know about your panty habit. Maybe the whole world would like to know as well?” You wouldn’t! “I would! I have nothing to loose! So you will wear a bridesmaid dress just like Daisy and Amy and we will train you to act like a perfect princess!” My dad won’t allow this! “Ha! Your father already has! He’s agreed to all this so nice try! That’s what he thinks of you as a boy! He’s letting me take over the training of you. Now let’s skip the bridesmaid dresses and let’s try him In some petticoat dresses!”
By hook or by crook Nick will be trying those dresses. I’m sure it will be an enlightening experience for him and (whether he is prepared to admit it or not) it will prove to be the acid test of his sissy credentials  Wink
Poor terrified Nick but Victoria is a great step mom, Nick is lucky. Lovely enjoyable chapter.
Chapter 13
Petticoat dresses? What’s thats? I’m not wearing that! “Oh that’s where you are wrong! We will be buying a dozen of them today and you will wear them around the house until the wedding day. Think of them as your training dresses.” Oh please Victoria don’t do this! I’ve been nothing but nice to you. “While that is true it still won’t save you. You have two options now. After the wedding you will either become my step daughter or you will become my sissy maid. How you act and preform now and then through the wedding will determine your fate. So follow me too the back.” What else could I do? I couldn’t let her lie to anyone about this so followed her and Daisy and Amy too the back. “Look at all these petticoat dresses! This is your future! Now let’s find one for him too try on! Amy and Daisy let’s look around! Nick you stay put!”

The girls were buzzing all around the store and eventually they found with girly white and pink petticoat dress. I’m not wearing that! “Well you don’t really have a choice. Daisy write down that she is leaning more towards being my sissy maid! Trust me being my step daughter is the better option of the two! Now obey and put the dress on!”
I think deep down he is playing coy - he must be fighting his societal instincts; who would not want to wear a petticoat dress? In any case, once he has tried them he will hopefully feel able to exude honest enthusiasm as nothing will change the fact that he has worn it. 

What he really needs to remember though is that all this is small fry compared to what is to come. There are plenty more dresses that he will be wearing for far longer periods in his immediate future.

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