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My Step Mother’s Bridesmaid
I love how matter of factly no more boxers for Nick. The purple and blue are gorgeous and easy to wear but oh gosh when he gets to the sexy black ones he’ll tremble for sure.
Chapter 6
Victoria’s POV

“Did it work?” Of course it worked and omg Miss Ludwig really went all out. Those panties are so sissy! “How did you get home to wear them?” It was so easy all his boxers were disgusting with holes in them. So I just laid down the law and told him they he has to wear those panties. “And he put them on?” Duh! I’m his step mom! He’s knows I’m in charge. “Hahah! Okay but what about the bridesmaid dress?” What about it? “Will he wear one you know you can’t find a matching tux!” Of course he will wear one! In fact he will try on plenty of them. I’ll make it so difficult to find a dress that he will have to try on a hundred. That’s not all either. I might even have him put on a wedding dress. “Omg do you think you can manage that?” Yes we can! “So all this is fun and all but what’s your end game here? Do you really want to marry Bruce?” Well not really but he has a bit of money and probably more so soon. As far as Nick goes I guess I’ll just turn him into my sissy step son, or maybe even my step daughter. I’ll probably take his inheritance too. “Your so ambitious Victoria!” Of course I am! And I’m assuming you girls will be with me for the ride? “Oh yeah we can pass this up! I can’t wait to put him in dresses!” Soon enough that’s all he will wear! In the meantime continue to get to know him. Text him as much as possible! Flirt with him if you have too. He’s a total virgin you’ll easily have command over him too. “You got it girl! Look we gotta go. I’ll call you tomorrow!” They hung yo the phone and Victoria smiled fo herself. A sissy step son and an inheritance for me!

Chapter 7
Victoria how long do I have to wear these panties? “You know I think that this is going to be a permanent change. We spent a lot on them.” But Victoria plain old boxers are very cheap and well more suitable for me. “Cheaper? Maybe, but not more suitable. My ruling is final but maybe when your dad gets back you can discuss it with him!” My dad? No he can’t ever find out about this! “Then he won’t as long as you don’t bring it up! Once again my ruling is final. Once again you’re a panty boy! Understand?” She said he ruling was final but I didn’t know what else to do. My dad left her in charge and I didn’t want him to find out about the panties. She seemed so much stronger and more powerful then she did yesterday. Yesterday I would have laughed off any order she tried to give me, but not today. I went back up to my room to check my phone and I was shocked! I got a text message from Daisy.

“Hey how’s it going? Sucks about yesterday I didn’t think you would be basically forced to but panties.” I decided to reply back. You don’t know the half of it. She instantly replied back “what do you mean?” When we got home Victoria threw out all my boxers. “Omg! Well I’m not surprised! She just spent a thousand dollars on panties you should be wearing them!” I was flabbergasted! Daisy they are all silky and ruffled with lace. “So? That’s how I wear my panties.” I was shocked too say the least! “You wear panties like these? Victoria said she would never wear panties like these. “Well Victoria is not every girl. I love panties like those! All that silk and lace! They feel so great! I can only imagine how great that they must feel on you! You have a penis after all!” What did she mean by that! What do you mean? “What I mean is if you play with that little penis of yours while you wear the panties you will reap the rewards. Give it a try then next me afterwards!”
Things are really progressing well. They’ve already replaced the entirety of his underwear and they have barely even gotten started yet. It sounds like there is plenty ahead in store for him though and the dress fitting when it happens will no doubt be a unique experience. 

A couple of dozen of those would really set him back though so he had best make sure the rest of his clothing remains ‘hole free’.  Big Grin
Chapter 8

Could she be right? Could there be more to these panties then meets the eye? Too me they just seemed sissy and dare I say prissy. However, they were comfortable. I’ll give them that they are comfortable. Although the thought of playing with myself in the panties never crossed my mind. Actually I’ve only played with myself a few times in my life. So, I wasn’t very experience in that arena. Maybe Daisy was right? So, I decided to give it a try. I took off my pants and began to slowly rub myself into the frilly silky panties. My thoughts drifted to Daisy and Amy and myself doing many sexual things with them. It felt really great, and the harder I got the better it felt! I went faster and faster until the sensitivity from the panties was too much and I exploded into them. It was such a heavenly feeling and it was the best feeling I had ever gotten from playing with myself. So, I decided to text Daisy like she told me too.

You’re right I did it, and it felt great! “See I told you! Congratulations you’re officially a panty boy!” That was about the third time I’ve heard that term. Is that good? “Of course it’s very good! Girls love panty boys! Don’t worry though I won’t tell anyone. It’s our little secret!” Thank you Daisy I said. “Of course what are friends for?” That need the conversation and I was excited that she called me her friend. I got off my bed and decided to clean up. I couldn’t wear those spiked panties anymore so I put on another pair. This pair was just as good as the last and I went downstairs to apologize too Victoria. I’m sorry that I gave you such a good time over the panties. They are great! “It’s okay. I was just looking out for you. So you like them now?” Yes I do. “Are you officially a panty boy now?” Did she know? No she couldn’t have known. Yes I said. “Tell me your a panty boy!” I thought it was a bit odd and her tone seemed forceful but Victoria has always looked out for me. Why wouldn’t she be now? Yes I’m a panty boy. “Perfect!” Ding dong! The doorbell went off too surprise us both. Are you expecting anyone? “No I’m not. Are you?” Nope. We opened the front door and there was no one there but just a package on the door step.
I can’t wait to find out what’s in the package  Wink ‘Panty boy’ is going to need a bra at some stage - maybe that’s it.  Big Grin
Chapter 9

Who’s it addressed to? “It’s addressed too me, but I didn’t order anything.” Maybe my dad sent it? Let’s open it! We took the box inside the house and begin to open the mysterious box. We got it open and realized that it was more lingerie. There was a note inside the box that said that it was a satin teddy play suit with a built in corset. It was bright pink. “Here’s another note! It’s from Miss Ludwig. It says it’s for being such a great customer.” It had to be one of the most sissy girly things I had ever seen. You wear stuff like this? “No I don’t and it’s not even in my size. It’s in yours!” What? Why? I would never dream of wearing something like that! “Well apparently Miss Ludwig thinks the opposite! This is really great material though. She put a lot of work into making this!”  Well I guess we need to find someone to give it away too. I’m sorry that she put so much work into this but I would never wear that! “I don’t know who we could give this too though! This is pretty intimate! I wouldn’t know who to give this too! It wouldn’t fit me, Amy, or Daisy! We will have to keep it.”

Well it can stay in your room then! “You know that me and your dad do not have the closet space. It can stay In yours!” Victoria please! “No I don’t see why you care. I’m not asking you to wear it I’m just telling you to keep it in your closet. Unless of course you want to wear it?” No I don’t! Never! She laughed. “Okay okay just please put it in your closet until we can find out what to do with it.” I took it and brought it up to my room and put in on hanger and shut it away. Hopefully my dad doesn’t ever look in my closet and sees that. Or anyone for that matter.

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What a lovely set and how very thoughtful of Miss Ludwig for thinking of Nick in such a way  Wink I’m sure he will think so himself eventually.  Big Grin
Chapter 10

It had been a couple of days since Miss Ludwigs package arrive and so far Victoria hasn’t mentioned it again. I had gotten used to the panties and I hade made jerking off into them a daily habit. Actually it had become a more then once a day type of habit. It just felt so good. I couldn’t stop! Especially because of Daisy’s encouragement. Everyday I would receive a text from her encouraging my panties boy habits. Some of them had actually gotten pretty humiliating, which had begun to turn me on even more. I didn’t know why but it did. “You must be the head of the panty boy committee. I bet no one can match how many times you play with yourself in your panties.” A few days after the package had arrived I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do. I had just gotten out of the shower and headed back to my room. Much to my surprise Daisy was there waiting for me.

What are you doing here? “We have more planning to do silly. Didn’t you get the text?” I check my phone and I had not. No Daisy I didn’t. I had no idea that you would be here. “Well here I am! So put on your panties and get dressed!” Daisy opened my underwear draw and threw a out of panties at me. “Go on drop that towel and put them on.” I began to get excited and did as she asked. “Wow! You’re truly a panty boy! Fantastic! Now what else will you wear!” She then walked over to my closet and she began to laugh. “What is this?” To my dismay it was pink satin play suit. “Omg what is this? Did you buy this at the lingerie store?” No! It just came in the mail the other day. “It’s in your size!” I know but I didn’t order it! “We’ll be that as it may. I think you should put it on!” I’m not wearing that Daisy! “Oh come on it will be fun! It will just be between us.” She then walked over to me with it in hand. “Do it for Daisy! Don’t you want to evolve as a panty boy?” I stuttered and didn’t know what to say as she put her hand over my penis. “If you our it on I’ll do something special for you!”
It’s high time he pushed the boundaries; he was getting far too comfortable in those panties. He is getting so concerned with the play suit whereas I suspect of far greater concern should be the reason he’s being asked to get dressed to begin with.  Wink
Daisy is a tease but it’s fun afterall the playsuit is just crying out to be worn by Nick and will feel comfortable with panties. She’s very clever working on him slowly to the goal.

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