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Careful what you want
Hi I've not been on for a while as my profile states I was dressed , spanked the whole works by my mum but we have now fallen out big time as I'm nearly 20 now and recently I was over at mum's all dressed she said sit down as I did she quickly grabbed my hands and tied my hands behind my back ,(what are you doing ?) Mum said I think your be pleased it's time you live and act as my daughter from now on no more beering it up there not you ,you will probably think I'm a bitch but you will come round , with that she turned the pc on and was on my Facebook page , nothing had been sent but she pressed play (Hi everyone this is lees mum once I've posted this his life will change and mabey some will still come over mabey some won't be this is the way he wants to live from now on with his mummy he loves to wear my clothes and he gets regular spankings and she had pics of me dressed on there so I want plenty of comments , I begged mum not to send it but (click ) now I knew why I was tied just to watch comments coming in and boy did they lots of OMG , SISSY ,PERVO ,mates non existent now family some think it's funny work colleagues too lost my gf over it and now I'm alone in my flat wondering what my next move is , yes the idea sounds good but it's not in real life
It is certainly a very public way for your secrets to be broadcast to your associates. I had a similar moment in my petticoating aged 18 when I was forced to transfer from punishment petticoating to full time petticoating (which meant that what had previously been a mostly male reality with occasional female periods of punishment became a full time female reality). 

I did at least have the benefit of being able to choose how and by what means my former associates became aware of this new reality. In this case it would seem even the words had been readily chosen and of course much more difficult to explain or defend when not there in the flesh.
I feel so sorry for you and I know how you feel; I was staying at my mother’s friend’s house while my mother was working a shift, i had done something very naughty involving her purse, I thought I got away with it when she came into the room, she came into the room asked me if everything was alright.
Later on in the afternoon when Mummy came to pick me up we all sat down for tea and biscuits,
I was mortified when the woman told my mother that she had caught me looking in her purse, and that I should be punished, my mother reluctantly agreed.
I remember lying over the woman’s lap as she sat on the sofa my cheek resting on a cushion facing my mother and her husband who had a comforting arm around my mother. My shorts and underpants had been pulled right down to my ankles and my t shirt had been hitched up around my shoulders
I remember my mother looking at me sadly as my bare bottom was being spanked, I looked back at her my eyes brimming with tears of shame; our eyes seemed to lock together as I felt myself melting with embarrassment.
There is nothing worse than being punished in front of witnesses.
Tanya, if you want some girl power on your facebook page to stick up for you let us know Heart

Philipa x
(11-24-2020, 08:21 PM)SissyPhilipa Wrote: Tanya, if you want some girl power on your facebook page to stick up for you let us know Heart

Philipa x

Thank u phillipa but everyone knows now x

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