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I haven't had much "little" time lately, real world has been interfering.

But I was chatting with a strict Lady from here and I haven't been able to respond to her for a week. I wrote this after she sent me a message saying "Where have you been hopefully i didn't forget about you locked to your bed."


When I'm falling asleep at night, I think about how it would be to be in a cot, mittened, locked, nappied, dummy strapped in place. The room completely dark and soundproof, no clocks.

Sucking helplessly on my dummy, bottom throbbing from my night time strapping.

My strapping happened at my changing table doubling as a punishment area, padded leather ankle cuffs hanging from the ceiling and a waist strap and hand cuffs ready. You carefully tightened the cuffs and strap around me, still damp from my bath and tender from the nighttime enema and scrubbing you gave me.

You have been keeping me hairless and covering my body with skin treatments that leave it soft and helpless. Especially around my bottom and my locked and caged peepee. My bottom hole has been given larger and larger enema nozzles, it has also kept me well milked, which makes my frustration at not being able to make squirties even more heightened.

You have settled me into a regular rhythm, learning that your lap, legs in stockings, is a place for me to learn to fear and respect you, where my bottom and every other part of me is entirely exposed.

Now I am on my back in the nappy position, legs high and ankles above my face, trying to plead through my NUK5 dummy, the bulb filling my mouth. You are standing next to me, your arm around my legs, I can see you lift the strap, I can see your glorious body, girdled bottom so close to my face.

Then the strap slowly, forcefully, unrelentingly, spreads the burning across my bottom. Your arm flashing back and then down again, my eyes widening and then I am howling through my dummy. The tears start and then I lose any vision, blurred as my face is wet from them and the dribbling from my dummy.

Finally you finish, before going to the end of the table, dragging me by my waist until my crimson bottom is at the edge, and you take my bottom, making me cry out each time your hips slam you into me. Filling my hole, even as your lingerie rubs my crimson strapped bottom.

Then when you are done, you slide me back, pulling me legs up and putting the thick triple layered terry nappies underneath me, pulling them up and pinning them tightly around my waist and down at the legs. They are so thick that my legs are bent apart, making it easy for you to snap plastic pants in place, tucking in the nappies so there is no chance of leaks.

You unbuckle my wrists, then undo the waist belt and sit me up. You fit me into a flannel sleeper with feet and built in mittens that hold my hands around a ball. laces at the wrist and ankles making sure that the sleeper stays in place. It zips at the back all the way up to my neck.

Then you put my baby reins on, the chest oval with "Baby Ronnie Pottypants" embroidered. Attached is a waist strap and crotch piece, holding my nappies tight against me. You clip my mittened hands to the waist strap.

I can barely look at you as you look down at me, a look of satisfaction and flash of domination in your eyes. All I can hope is that you have enjoyed yourself enough. My bottom is throbbing uncontrollably and I can feel you leaking from my bottom into the nappies. Before I can even think, I start to wet myself.

You lead me over to the cot snapping my reins waist band to the matress, the plastic protective sheet underneath crinkling. I can barely squirm and my legs are splayed apart, unable to lie flat because of the tightly pinned nappies.

As a last touch, you take off your knickers, pulling them over my face so that the crotch is over my nose, filling me with your scent.

The side of the cot ratchets up, the sides high enough that even if I did get loose from my reins, there is no way I could climb over them. The locks for the sides are down below the mattress, even if my mittened hands could reach through the bars.

You turn away and my last view before the room goes pitch dark is the view of you swaying out of the room, as my long and restless night begins.
What a lovely fantasy, Wailer. A potent mixture of love and dominance on one side and awe and submissiveness on the other.  Big Grin
Consider yourself very lucky.
I would love to be contacted by
your strict lady acquaintance.
Well written! I like the imagery and the way you express your feelings.
Thankyou wailer. I hope it isn't as long before you next correspondence. Having a little secured safe at night is the only way to leave them. Don't want them doing something naughty
Oh! What a delightful vignette! It certainly reminds one to be careful what one wishes for...the bondage so complete, the tender, shaved bottom so sore, no chance to fondle oneself...I confess, I found my own sissy clitty straining in excitement in its tiny tube as I read this! Very nice!
Certainly had my well secured clitty trying to get hard. Just more pain.
A lovely bedtime story.
I hot my Mommy doesn't get around to reading that story.

sissy donna
I just reread this and I liked it even better this time. I can visualize the whole process!
What a delicious story. Utter submission and humiliation. I love how she powerfully took him after thrashing him.
Thank you Ali and Cindy and sissydonna. I must admit I re-read my story and it had the same effect on me, sissydonna.

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