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Boys school drama
Here are a few links to some lovely boys dressed as female characters, hope this is ok to post?
Brings back memories of my school plays ages 7 to 12.
I guess I'm too old, They didn't do things like that when I was in school.
Some great links there; all clearly very comfortable in their roles and hopefully something they will carry with them and a side to their personality they’ll want to explore further.
How times change...for the better. Great links Thank You
(11-19-2020, 03:14 PM)afp Wrote: Brings back memories of my school plays ages 7 to 12.

Me too. I am still a small person - 5ft 3 and 132 pounds - so you can imagine how tiny I was as a youngster at an all-boy prep school. Always female roles for me starting with being a little girl. At that age I knew absolutely nothing about human anatomy, girls had longer hair and wore girls clothes, so once I was dressed I thought that I had become a girl. I liked the pretty clothes and the nice things that people said to me. With some people it was more than talk but that it a whole lot of other stories.

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