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New member
Hi all I,m Dee new to the forum.
Have been a crossdresser/sissy as long as I can remember. It all started in an all boys school where there were ample crossdressing moments ie school plays and shows and practically every halloween its been encouraged by my strong mother and her sisters. I now have such respect for women and realised they are the strongest of the genders.
Dee xxx
Hi Dee, Welcome to the forum, from the intro you’ll fit in well here. Just like you I had plenty of crossdress at school plays. I was at first terrified and felt humiliated that it was to be me. Secretly of course I loved the dresses.
Welcome DeeKaye, Can't wait to hear more! And of course we are known to share our experiences as well.
Welcome to the forum, Dee; it’s great to have you on board. It sounds like you are similarly minded to most of us on here in our adoration of anything feminine and that you have had some great experiences that hopefully we might get to hear more about.  Big Grin

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