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how public?
When a mother wishes to use petticoating to simmmer down her rambunctious son, or othererwise punish him for bad and/or sexist behavior, how much discretion should, or does she normally allow the boy? 
     I would expect most Moms would dress the boy only inside the home, and perhaps only escalate the punishment 
after repeat or serious transgressions. I'm curious as to the thoughts of the membership.
With me, dressing as a girl wasn't used to calm me down or punish me, but going out in public while dressed was definitely something that weighed heavily on my mind. It was one of those things that I was quiet and shy while dressed, trying to act as best the part of a girl my age so nobody would know the truth.

I can imagine that to some degree trips out in public could be part of the punishment or simply a necessary part of dealing with daily tasks. I can see that a boy so dressed but only at home might be tempted to continue to misbehave since the only ones who would know would be those in the household. Going out and about is a different matter entirely. The question for the petticoatee is then one they must answer for themselves--do they act out against the punishment, or do they meekly accept it and try to blend in as a girl? If they act out, everybody around will know they're a boy in a dress, while if they accept their fate and comply everybody may just see them as a girl.

Of course, becoming complicit with it can also make it where the mother may think the boy likes the clothing and, since he has a much better attitude, the dressing needs to happen on a more regular basis...
When I underwent petticoat punishment as a child, it was generally something that took place within the home and certainly within the family unit. In fact, having made it to 18, the only real instances which could be considered to have had a public element were the handful of occasions where I had to attend school in my friend’s school uniform (but this was implemented by my friend’s mother - not my own) and a fortnight’s nappy punishment aged 14 - but which took place on a foreign holiday and so amongst people I wasn’t otherwise acquainted with. 

Having turned 18, it became very much more public with me being expected to wear what had previously been my punishment uniform on a full time basis, but which of course then equated to a lifestyle rather than a punishment. There was no longer any choice but to present as my female persona, something which incidentally I have maintained ever since.
When i was young and taken out dressed as a girl . I was so precocious lol . I was a right little Diva . My aunt used to say i was more girlie than a girl . No one ever questioned i was a girl . Until i needed a nappy change .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I’ve been there myself, Bill - though rather more recently in my case. It certainly attracts more attention when a nappy needs changing.
You can change yourself in private i assume . I was always changed in front of whoever was there at the time .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I was under lockdown petticoating at the time and in a busy supermarket so options weren’t too readily available. I could change in private but I was under rules at the time which meant I had to wait until the end of the day to do so. 

Being changed in the publicity of the supermarket would certainly have been worse though.  Wink
I take it your aunt still changes you when under lockdown ?
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Not really. My mother didn’t want us using the toilet because she was worried about cross infection so to then have been changing us would have defeated the object somewhat. 

This time round I am still working as the company is still active to a certain degree in ways it wasn’t allowed to be last time so I haven’t been with mother of late.

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