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I'm laid up right now, After having surgery a couple weeks ago to fuse a heel joint that was extremely painful from shattering it three years ago. Technically, I'm retired, though I may have some contract work starting soon, so I thought I might do some writing. Here's the first chapter, let me know what you think.

...She stopped briefly, holding the two pairs of young girl’s panties in her hands, thinking quietly. She had been changing her son’s sheets since he had leaked through his ‘protection’ on the previous night and come across the underwear stuffed under the mattress. She had some thinking to do, and placed them back where she had found them while she decided what to do.
Julie Brenner was your typical suburban housewife. Late in her thirties, she was fortunate enough to have married someone who more than made enough for their family to be financially stable without Julie needing to work daily. Of course, this wasn’t her first marriage.
Her first husband had not been a bad man, they had just not seen eye to eye on many issues. Julie had been to college for childhood development and psychology, thinking of potentially becoming a doctor before she met her first husband. He was in construction, having gone from a laborer up to being his own contractor. They had two children, Kristen and Kevin, before they finally split.
It had been an amicable split for the most part. Julie chalked a lot of their differences up to their differences in education, something that made her first husband feel threatened and less adequate. Of course, ‘less adequate’ was a description she often used when talking about her ex in describing their sex life. Her new husband, Tim, was definitely much more well endowed than her ex and Julie had often wondered if that was part of the reason why her ex seemed to take affront at anyone questioning his potency or sexuality. It was a major sticking issue for them, especially after the birth of their son that her ex pushed so hard to ensure everything young Kevin wore or played with screamed ‘boy’.
Tim, on the other hand, was quite confident in his sexuality, and was not afraid to crack jokes that might paint himself as anything other than straight. A man had walked up to Tim one night in a bar and accused him of ogling his girlfriend, and Tim had brushed it off by saying, “Oh no, big boy, I was looking at you,” in an effeminate lisp before blowing him a kiss. The man quickly walked away, stammering about he didn’t want, “any of that.” Tim was also well educated, a prolific engineer who had worked his way up through the company ranks to now be a manager and afford to let Julie stay home to be a mother to the children. The two of them were happy and content.
Julie had divorced her first husband when Kristen was three and Kevin was less than a year old. While going through the divorce, she had been introduced to Tim and they hit it off well. Less than six months after the divorce was finalized, Julie and Tim had married and she was pregnant with a third child, a girl they named Lisa.
It had been a number of years together, and the children were growing up. Kristen was now 13, Kevin was 10 and soon to be turning 11, and Lisa had just turned 9. All of the kids were at school, and Julie had gone in to check on Kevin’s bed as he had been a lifelong bedwetter and she knew he could sometimes overflow the Goodnites pullup he wore to bed every night. She found that he had and was changing the sheets when she made the discovery of the underwear.
They were obviously Lisa’s panties by the size, two pair that Julie recognized as rarely worn by the girl. Julie could tell they had been worn, they were slightly stretched out in the way that normal laundering would have made them return in size. As she ruminated on it, Julie came to the conclusion that Kevin had been wearing them. He was a smaller boy, and right about the same size as Lisa. She knew from her education that as children started to get close to or enter puberty there would be curiosity and that it often led to boys wearing items of girl’s clothing. Tim had even confessed about doing it when he was younger.
Julie decided that she needed to know the truth behind it, so she returned to Kevin’s room, pulled the panties out from under the mattress and laid them out nicely on top of the bedspread. She went downstairs and turned on the radio to have some noise in the background, a tactic she had used from her college days to help her think.
She knew Kevin had been getting into trouble lately at school and couldn’t understand why. He had been picking on some of the girls lately where he had never had an issue before. Was he trying to compensate for his guilt over wearing his sister’s panties? Trying to hide the truth of what he liked behind a façade of acting tough? Julie wouldn’t have too much longer to wait until the children returned home from school and she could sit down to talk with Kevin and learn the truth.
A well written piece and a great start to what has the potential to be a great piece of sissy fiction. Can’t wait for the next instalment.  Big Grin
A second chapter...

She heard the front door open as the youngest two children noisily entered the house. They came into the kitchen to get snacks and set their book bags down to later dive into their homework. Julie watched them quietly, asking the same questions that always came out when they returned home from school. It wasn’t long before they were finished and Julie quietly followed Kevin as he went to his room.

Kevin walked into his room and was halfway across when he saw the pairs of panties laid out on the bedspread. He stopped, mouth hanging slack-jawed as he realized he had been caught. Julie slipped into the room behind him and gently shut the door. Kevin turned around quietly to face her.

“Mom,” he began, “I don’t know what these are doing here…”

“Stop,” Julie replied. “I found them, and you know where I found them. I want to know why you had them.”

“It has to be Lisa playing a prank on me,” he tried.

“Kevin,” Julie stopped him again, “you know the punishment for lying to us. Do you really want to go there?”

Kevin stopped and looked at the floor. It had been years since he had tried lying to his parents and had been caught out. He had been grounded and lost a lot of privileges, and that was after a severe spanking for what he considered a little white lie.

“No,” he finally admitted defeatedly.

“Does Lisa know you have them?” Julie asked.

“No,” Kevin said quietly.

“Well, that’s something I’m not happy to hear but I am willing to overlook provided you continue to tell me the truth,” Julie remarked sternly. “You’ve been wearing them, haven’t you?”

Kevin looked ready to cry. “I just,” he started, “I…”

Julie shushed him. “It’s OK if you have been. Lots of boys are curious about things like this and do this. I learned all about things like this when I was in college. It’s normal.”

“But Dad says…,” Kevin tried to start in again.

“What your Dad says and thinks doesn’t matter. What Tim says and thinks doesn’t matter. What I say and think doesn’t matter,” Julie assured him. “What matters is that you’re happy and healthy and know that I love you no matter what. But you have to be honest with me, and that means being honest with yourself.”

Kevin again stared at the floor for several long seconds, a couple of tears dripping from his eyes. “Yes,” he said quietly, “I’ve been wearing them.”

“Can you tell me why you’ve been wearing them?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know, Mom,” Kevin admitted. “I just saw what Kristen and Lisa had in the laundry compared to mine, and wanted to see what they felt like, and so I snuck a couple of pairs from the bottom of Lisa’s drawer…”

“Do you like wearing them?” Julie figured she knew the answer to this one, she just wanted to hear it from Kevin.

“They’re nice,” he finally said sheepishly. “They just feel so different than my boy’s underwear…”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Julie tried to allay his fears. “I’m OK with it if you like wearing panties. I’m not OK with you sneaking things or lying to me, and you know that.”

“I’m sorry,” he answered, head hung low.

“You don’t have any other pairs of her underwear, do you? Are you wearing panties now?” Julie asked.

“No, mom!” Kevin looked scared. “I would never wear them to school, I don’t want people to think…”

“Is that why, you’ve been acting up at school? You don’t want people to think you might like things like that?” Julie knew the answer, but she wanted to make him understand it for himself.

“No, I just, I don’t know, mom,” Kevin admitted. “I don’t want the guys to think I’m a sissy or anything. I mean, Dad says…”

Julie cut him short once more. “What your father says doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re happy with who you are. Does it make you happy to wear panties? That doesn’t make you anything other than you. I will say, though, if I continue to hear about you causing trouble at school, I will make it such that your friends thinking you’re a sissy is the least of your worries.”

“Yes, mom,” Kevin agreed, hanging his head in shame.

“Now, if you’ll sneak those underwear into the laundry,” Julie hinted, “your sister won’t have to know you had them.” Kevin grabbed the two pairs of panties off his bed and ran off to the laundry hamper in the bathroom to mix them in. Julie left his room, wondering what she should do next.

That night, after the kids were in bed, Julie and Tim retired to their bedroom to relax before going to sleep. Tim had been reading a book, and Julie just mulling over in her mind what to do about Kevin. She trusted Tim, and so she interrupted his reading.

“I found something today in Kevin’s room,” she opened up. Tim finished where he was and marked the page, setting the book aside.

“What did you find?” Tim was slightly concerned. His biggest worry would be the kids getting into illicit substances and he hoped that wasn’t it. “Girly magazine? Not drugs, I’m sure, you would have been off the deep end about that.”

“No, not drugs,” Julie responded. “Not a girly magazine either. I went to change Kevin’s sheets since he leaked out of his pullup last night, and under his mattress were a couple pairs of Lisa’s panties.”

“Lisa’s underwear? What was Kevin doing with them?”

“I was pretty sure he had been trying them on, so I asked him about it once he got home from school,” Julie recounted the events with Kevin. “He did admit it, he said he liked them.”

“So, what?” Tim asked. “I think we both know boys will do that at some point in their lives, I tried a pair on once for a girlfriend in college.”

“I don’t think was just a one-time thing,” Julie proffered. “I think he really likes wearing them. I think the trouble he’s been getting into at school is a way for him to try to demonstrate that machismo his father liked to show and not admit he likes something girly.”

“I can see your line of reasoning,” Tim admitted. “So what are you wanting to do about it?”

“I want him to understand it’s OK if he has a feminine side or likes wearing something girly,” Julie explained. “I don’t want him to think he needs to act the way his father does to be accepted in this world. Hell, if he wanted to wear girl’s clothes all the time, I’d be OK with it, he’d be a lot better person than his father was!”

“We can both agree on that,” Tim said.

“I’m just not sure where to go with it,” she came back. “I don’t want him sneaking his sister’s things, but I want him to know it’s okay for him to like these things, that we don’t have a problem with it and aren’t going to disown him or anything.”

“Maybe you should get him his own,” Tim suggested.

“Buy him his own panties?” Julie was a little surprised.

“Why not?” he answered. “It seems pretty simple. If he likes wearing girl’s panties and we want to let him know we’re good with it, what better way than to actually buy him his own? That way he’s not sneaking his sister’s, and he knows we accept that part of him.”

“Not a bad idea,” Julie agreed, “Let me think about it.”

They made other small talk before turning out the lights and going to sleep.
I like this tale. I was scared for Kevin at first but now not so. I think Kevin may have a little trouble sleeping that night. There will be lot going on his head. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
Kevin is lucky to have such very understanding parents and not only will be shortly get the benefit of his own panties but it will be so much fairer on his sister to whom his parents also have a responsibility. That said, panties in private could be just the beginning and could be the start of a spiral in any number of different directions. I await further instalments in anticipation.  Smile
This is an excellent start to a fine story.
Next chapter:

The next morning after the kids were off to school, Linda took care of her chores and checked once again that Kevin hadn’t leaked out through the night. She was glad to see it hadn’t but a quick check in his closet revealed him to be running low on his pullups and Linda realized she would need to go shopping for more soon. The housework for the day was fairly light, and by lunchtime, she was finished. She pondered what to do with the few hours she had until the kids got home from school.

Her thoughts returned to her discussion with Tim from the night before and the suggestions he made. She made a quick trip to the local Target store and was in the girl’s section when she stopped to look around at everything there was. A new realization hit her; what if Kevin wanted to wear more than just panties?

She spent a few minutes admiring some of the dresses and skirts that they had available. She wondered how he would look in one of them. He had beautiful blond hair that he liked to keep longer, with styling it right, nobody would know he was really a boy. Would Kevin want a dress or skirt? What about a nightie? She shook her head to clear her thoughts and stepped over to pick up a package of three pairs of panties similar to the ones she had found under Kevin’s mattress.

As she stepped back with the package in her hands, something else caught her eye. She really had to think now. Kevin was right at that age. The age where girls start developing breasts and wearing a bra. Would he want a bra to go with his panties? What was it he liked about panties, was it just the difference in fabric or cut or was it the taboo aspect of them? Did he want to dress as a girl? Did he want to be a girl? Again, she cleared her head and moved on to finish her shopping.

Julie grabbed a package of Goodnite pullups for Kevin, lingering again and wondering if she should buy the girl’s version instead. Her mind went back to her college studies, and she actively wondered what might be driving Kevin’s desires. She made up her mind at that point that she would eventually find out what Kevin really wanted with it all.

She paid for the items and headed home. Again, she went to Kevin’s room, this time dropping the package of pullups and panties next to each other on his bedspread. She went to the small room that she and Tim shared as a home office and searched through her textbooks to find what she was looking for. She remembered the classes—it had started with a sophomore level class in the psychology department titled Human Sexuality. She found one book and started reviewing the material from so many years before. That class had been the beginning of multiple classes focused on sex and gender.

It seemed like the blink of an eye when again the kids bounded through the front door. As Kevin came over to sit down and have a snack, Julie turned to him.

“Kevin,” she said, getting his attention, “when you’re done with your snack, I’d like to talk for a few minutes again if you’re good with that.”

Kevin, remembering what his mother had found yesterday, was nervous, but agreed. Again, as he finished with his snack, his mother followed him to his room. He saw the package of pullups on the bed and pushed them to the side to sit down, covering the package of panties that he had missed. Julie gently shut the door behind her and sat down on the floor to try and present a more relaxed atmosphere.

“Mom, about yesterday…,” Kevin started.

“It’s fine, Kevin,” she assured him. “Nobody is angry or upset with you. We’re more worried about making sure you’re happy with who you are. Tim and I talked about it last night and we don’t care what you prefer to wear for underwear. We don’t want you sneaking your sister’s things, so I decided to get you something today, did you see it before you sat down?”

“The diapers?” Kevin said with a hint of disgust. Julie sighed. She knew he truly didn’t want to wet the bed, and she knew it wasn’t his fault. She had never belittled him for it, and she refused to call them diapers in front of him, but he still had a dim view of them and she could tell how it affected his self-esteem. Maybe the panties would be a start to finding a way to build him up.

“No,” she said, “the other package.”

Kevin moved the pullups and saw the flower print and lace trim staring at him. His face turned bright red as he picked it up and turned it over in his hands. “Mom, I don’t need these, I was just, it was just once…”

“Kevin,” she soothed, “I’m your mother, I know a lot more than you realize. Yesterday I had to warn you about lying to me, do I need to warn you again.” Her voice got sterner as she finished her sentence.

“No, ma’am,” he answered.

“Now, I bought you these so you could have some to wear without feeling like you had to sneak ones from your sister,” Julie explained. “If you don’t want to ever wear panties again, then these will just sit unused. But if you do, I want you to know that you can do it anytime you want to and I am happy to support you. If you outgrow them or need more, you only have to let me know and we buy them. You don’t have to tell everyone in the world about it, nobody besides Tim and I ever needs to know if you don’t want them to. We want you to be happy, and if that means you wear panties sometimes or all the time, it doesn’t matter to us.”

“OK,” Kevin responded. Inside he was full of mixed feelings. He was ashamed that he had been caught and felt like people were going to see him as a freak. Another part of him was excited, almost wanting to rip the package open and swap out his underwear on the spot.

Julie needed to understand her son a bit more still. “Listen,” she continued, “when I bought these for you today, I wasn’t sure what all you might want. I know there are girls in your school that are starting to wear bras, I didn’t know if you would want one as well. For all I know you might want a nightie, or a dress or skirt. I didn’t get you any of those because I didn’t know what you might want beyond the panties.

“What I want to say,” she went on, “is that I’m happy to support you in what you decide, but I just need to know what it is you want with all of this.” She paused and noted that he was deep in thought, absently running his fingers along the lace edges through the plastic package. “Kevin, would you like to try dressing up as a girl?”

He didn’t look up at her, he wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m not sure if it’s what you want, but you said you were thinking about the different things your sisters wear compared to you, and I thought you might like to see how you like wearing a dress. This Saturday, Kristen is going to the movies with her friends and Lisa has a soccer game that Tim will be taking her to, there’s a couple hours there where you we can let you play dress-up if you want. I just want you to be honest and tell me if you want to try it.”

“I don’t know, mom,” Kevin said, hesitatingly. Inside, he did know. He had wanted to try on a dress for quite a while but never had the nerve or opportunity. Right here and now, his mother was dangling it in front of him. He couldn’t bring himself to admit it was all.

“Well,” Julie responded, “anytime between now and Saturday, you let me know and we’ll try it.”
Oh my, allot for Kevin to think on. Great chapter.
Another great chapter; it looks like Kevin’s experience might be more in depth than he was anticipating.  Big Grin
More to come, next chapter...

In the next two days, Julie didn’t harass Kevin about dressing like a girl, instead she spent her time researching all she could. Everything from simple crossdressing to full transgender, she wanted to make sure she helped Kevin as best she could regardless of where he was on that spectrum. She had taken note that the day after she bought Kevin his panties the packaging was in the trash can in his room, obviously ripped open quickly. She just smiled, knowing that at least in that regard she had guessed correctly.

On Friday while the kids were in school, she went into Lisa’s room and looked in her closet to see if there was something that she could offer to Kevin the next day. She found what she thought would be a good match—a yellow knee length dress that flared out nicely at the bottom but hugged the waist with a couple thin straps over the shoulders to hold it up. She figured if she could get him into it and possibly style his hair and add a splash of makeup, Kevin might see how he would look as a girl and come out of his shell with it.

That night, she let Tim know of her hopes for the following day. Understanding, he agreed he would take extra time in getting Lisa ferried to and from her soccer game, after all, he had to match the timing with Kristen’s drop-off and pickup at the movie with her friends. Julie had told him about Kevin’s response to the panties and he was willing to let Julie spend the time with Kevin to figure out just how far he wanted to go with it.

Saturday morning rolled around and they all lazily got up. Kevin had been watching television in his pajamas up until the point Tim walked out with his sisters to run them off to their events. It was less than five minutes later he went to his room to get dressed and Julie went in to Lisa’s room and grabbed the dress she had decided upon. She went downstairs to the kitchen table and waited for Kevin to come down.

Kevin walked in just a couple minutes later and Julie looked at him. He saw the dress on the table and froze. His mom was still serious. He wanted to try the dress on so badly, but he didn’t know what to say.

“I thought I would ask again if you wanted to try on a dress,” Julie asked him. “Nobody else has to know, but I want to make sure you have this opportunity and understand I will love you just as much as I always have either way. Do you want to try it on?”

“I…I don’t know…,” Kevin stammered, the words almost stuck in his throat.

“I think it might look really nice on you,” Julie assured him. “I’d like to see how you look in it. Why don’t you come over here and let’s get you changed into it to see?”

Kevin seemed to have his body go on autopilot. He walked over to where his mother was sitting at the table and stood in front of her. He didn’t fight as she grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it off over his head. All he could do was stare at the dress on the table as his mother unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down around his ankles.

“Wearing your panties today?” Julie noted. She also noted his tiny erect penis and realized this was exciting him. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Arms up!” she commanded and lifted the dress over his head, allowing it to drop down over his slender frame. It was a good fit, despite being a year and a half older than Lisa, the two of them were almost the exact same size. She spun him around and pulled the zipper up the back of the dress before having him turn back around. She looked him over.

“Wait here a minute,” she instructed him.

As she walked out of the room, she grabbed his shorts and shirt, taking them upstairs so she could keep the house tidy. She dropped them on top of her clothes hamper before grabbing some light lipstick and blush together with her curling iron and brush. She walked back into the kitchen, plugged the curling iron in and had Kevin come stand in front of her.

Julie applied light amounts of makeup to his face, just enough to accent his features and make him look decidedly feminine. She grabbed the curling iron and brush, and took a few minutes to add some flair to the bottom edge of his long hair, flaring it out in the same way the dress he had on did. Julie had him take a step back and turn around slowly. She was amazed at the young girl staring at back at her quietly.

“You really make a very pretty young girl,” she admitted to him. “Here, let’s go up to where you can see what you look like in the mirror.” She took his hand and led him gently upstairs. As they walked, Kevin felt the dress swish around his legs, an unfamiliar sensation he had never known before. He could feel air moving over his shoulders and up past his knees. He marveled at the light fabric and how free he felt in it.

Julie stood him in front of her closet mirror so he could see himself. Kevin brought his gaze up and was amazed at the pretty young girl in front of him. He couldn’t help but smile when he moved slightly and watched the dress sway back and forth around his knees. It was light and airy, and it felt wonderful to him. He looked at his mother’s face and saw her beaming down at him.

“You make a very pretty girl,” she told him. “What do you think, do you like it?” Kevin just stood there, looking at his reflection. His mother waited for a few seconds, then asked him again, trying to break him out of his trance. “Do you like wearing the dress?”

Kevin simply turned around and hugged his mother tightly. “I take it that’s a yes,” she said, hugging him back. She broke free from him and pulled out her phone. “Can I get some pictures of how nice you look?”

Kevin suddenly realized what this meant. Who might she show them to? Who would know about this side of him? He started to get nervous and scared. “I don’t want everyone to know…,” he trailed off.

“They won’t,” Julie tried to calm him, “these are for me to remember and maybe show Tim. Nobody else needs to see them if you don’t want them to. If this is the last time I get to see how pretty of a girl you are, I’d like to have a picture or two.” Kevin calmed down and looked down at the floor as his mother snapped a picture. “Come on, smile for me,” Julie asked, “look at me.” He looked up and forced a smile and Julie stopped. “Come on young lady, smile!” she said, jumping forward to start tickling Kevin.

He collapsed down, giggling and trying to protect his sides as his mother went back and forth across his body, trying to get him to relax. After a short while, she relented and helped him up. Kevin now had a big smile on his face. Julie grabbed her phone again and started taking pictures. Now relaxed, Kevin opened up a bit more, swaying side to side for the pictures and twirling to make the dress billow out.

Julie finally finished with her pictures and stood in front of him. “Let’s go downstairs and get a snack,” she suggested, “I think we need to talk a bit more.”

They headed into the kitchen and Kevin sat at the table while his mother grabbed them each a glass of milk and a cookie. “Now,” she started, “I know you like your panties and it really seems like you like the dress. This is where you need to start thinking about what you want with all of this. Tim and I are willing to help and support you with what you want, but you need to figure that out for yourself, we won’t decide it for you.”

Kevin munched on his cookie nervously. His mother began talking once more. “I need to know where you want to go with this. There’s a lot of choices you can make. Is this going to be the only time you put on a dress? Do you want to dress up just sometimes? Maybe you want to live life as a girl, I don’t know, but I’m going to love you whatever you decide. You don’t need to make these decisions right now, it may take you a long time to really understand what you want. Whatever you can tell me now though will mean we can start dealing with it now.”

“I…I don’t know, mom,” Kevin admitted sheepishly.

“Well, let’s start small and save the big questions for later,” Julie replied. “Do you like wearing the dress?”

“It feels really nice, I like how I look in it,” he opened up.

“Well, here’s the thing,” Julie explained, “it is Lisa’s dress, she doesn’t know I’m letting you wear it and I don’t know how she would feel about it. If you would like to wear a dress again, then what I think we should do is get you your own. You’ll probably need some other things to go with it as well, so we should get those. On top of that, if you start wearing a dress more, you need to learn how to keep it so you’re not showing off your underwear.” Kevin looked down at his legs and pulled the dress down to cover himself as best he could. “Personally, I think you make a very pretty girl and would love to see you in a dress or skirt again and I’m willing to buy you your own things. I just don’t want to waste the money on it though if you’re not going to wear it. A pack of panties was just a few dollars, this would cost a lot more. So, if I bought you your own things, would you wear them?”

“I, I’m not sure, I never thought about it,” Kevin answered.

“Well, I want you to think about it, it would be the next step in determining how far you want to go with this,” Julie came back. “We’ve got about an hour and a half until Tim gets home with your sisters, so you don’t need to change right away. Why don’t you spend some time seeing what you think of the outfit to help you decide?”

Kevin nodded in agreement. Julie collected the glasses and Kevin went upstairs to his room. As he walked in and closed his door, he looked at himself in the closet mirror. He twirled around several times, feeling the dress pull up away from his legs and the cool air across his thighs. He lifted the dress up to take a peek at his panties underneath. He had been erect since putting his panties on while getting dressed this morning, and his mother putting him in the dress hadn’t helped it abate. It was just a small pushing out of his panties there, maybe two inches, and not enough to show when his dress was down.

He got onto the computer and went to the one place he had found he could see through the parental controls and had been frequenting for nearly a year: the local department store website. He navigated to the girl’s clothing, and skimmed through everything there. He loved looking at the dresses and skirts, and was doubly enraptured when the ultra-frilly dresses would be advertised for Easter or Christmas. Did he want to have a dress of his own?

He spent the time scanning the clothes, and after about an hour went back downstairs to find his mother. “Mom…,” he said to get her attention.

She looked over to see him standing there in the dress, almost half hiding behind the corner. “Yes, sweetie?”

“About what you asked earlier,” Kevin began quietly.

“If you would wear girl’s things if I bought them for you?,” she made sure that was what he was referring to and he nodded his head. “So, would you? Would you like your own things?”


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