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Serving a Diva
Good for you. While there are obviously practical reasons to wear different clothes while out horse riding, there’s no really good reason your hair and makeup shouldn’t be presentable.  Wink
Steph admitted that her idea to go horseback riding was her attempt to see if I had any manhood left. She concluded I did not, and would never be a real man. My life, she said would be as a sissy. And for now, she added, it would be as her little living Barbie doll. She recalled several of her favorite Barbie outfits she dressed her Barbie in, so she could look beautiful for Ken. She laughed out loud thinking about me and a Ken. I cringed a bit. Was she implying something?

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It must have been quite a moment when you were told you would be her Barbie - what sissy would want anything more.   Big Grin
Steph came to my apartment, pulling a small carry on luggage bag. I asked her if she was going on a trip. She smiled and said, "Sort of." She opened the bag and removed a photo album and began to show me her Barbie album. It was an assortment of pictures, she had taken a few years back, of her Barbie collection. She had pictures of Barbie in various outfits and pointed out several of her favorites. Se watched my reaction as I viewed, Beauty shop Barbie, Prom Barbie, Bride Barbie, Housewife Barbie and Nurse Barbie. As she flipped through the pages of the album, describing each one, she reached a page she had entitled, "Barbie in Action."  With a devious smile, she told me she knew Barbie had many sexual fantasies. 

The next few pages displayed Barbie in various sexual positions. Some of them were with Barbie's female friends and some were with Ken. She told me Barbie was weak and submissive and enjoyed being used for other's enjoyment. I could tell by the tone of her voice in describing the scenes that she didn't identify as the submissive one in the scenes. 

Steph then went to her bag and began removing some clothing. She pulled out a nurse uniform and a white doctor's smock and informed me that today I would be Nurse Barbie. Now I understood why she had told me to style my hair in a retro flip before she came by. It was how Nurse Barbie had her hair in the picture.  I went to change into the outfit wondering what Nurse Barbie would be doing. I reappeared dressed as Nurse Barbie to find Steph dressed as Doctor Ken. 

Doctor Ken sat down on the sofa and told Nurse Barbie that he had injured his feet. Nurse Barbie knelt in front of him and removed the shoes. Ken then said, "Kiss them and make them better. Barbie began kissing "his" feet but was soon told to lick them. Ken then told Barbie that "his" toes needed attention. Barbie began kissing "his" toes but was quickly told to suck each one. "She" did as instructed. Doctor Ken obviously began feeling better as I looked up and saw "his" head leaning back but looking down at me and smiling.  "You're such a good nurse," "he" said.

Doctor Ken then reached to "his" side and produced a large dildo, and placed it between "his" legs. "I have something else that needs your attention, Nurse Barbie, " the Doctor said. I then arched upward to position myself over Doctor Ken's "cock." My red lips parted as "the doctor" placed one hand on the back of my head and eased the "cock" into my mouth.  As my head began to bob up and down, Steph broke character and said, "My, I think you've done this before." 

"I've always wanted to see this from a man's perspective. I bet, you haven't had that perspective either," she said with a laugh, as my head continued to bob. "Such a slutty sissy," she added. "Now, the doctor needs something else," she announced. She then repositioned me on the sofa and placed the dildo in a harness. She positioned herself behind me, lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties. I then felt a lubed latex finger probing me. "First, a quick anal exam," she told me. She was quite talented with her finger, witnessed by my increased moaning. Quickly after the finger was removed, I felt the "cock." She entered slowly, as a body rush engulfed me. Grabbing my hips, she began thrusting. I surrendered to the sensation and began feeling weak. Her voice tone changed and she muttered, "I've always wanted to do this." You're perfect for this," she added as her thrusts continued. I felt a sense of satisfaction that I was pleasing her and she was able to live out a fantasy.

She moaned loudly and slowly removed her "cock," then slumped on top of me, whispering in my ear, "I think Nurse Barbie will be getting a raise if she continues being a good girl."

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Sweet story, both Ken and Barbie must be exhausted after all the fun, I know I was just reading it.
Indeed, if you’re going to be Barbie there’s no point only going half way; one needs to engage in the full experience  Wink
no guesses where Barbie's going o have her temp taken

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