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Serving a Diva
(11-09-2020, 05:44 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Definitely fits the Bill of ‘superior’. I don’t know why but somehow I am already awaiting the first stream of disobedience with anticipation.  Wink
Aww, Girlygirl. What me be disobedient?  Smile
I’m sure you were as good as good really but that was such an enticing threat from Miss Ann that it would be great to see what lay behind it.  Wink
After leaving Miss Anne’s residence and walking back to the section of the building where my apartment was, I was struck by the irony of the situation and the building. The large city block sized old stone building had once been a girl’s finishing school which had been subdivided. Towne homes were now on each end where the student and faculty residential areas once were, and apartments were now in the lower level of the middle section, where the school rooms once were located. There were two sections of apartments, one on each side of the building, with a courtyard-solarium dividing the apartment sections of the building. The floors above the apartments were now extensions for the towne homes. Each had private courtyards on top of the sections. It was as if the building had been redesigned to accommodate the upper class while leaving a separated area for the lower class. An upstairs, downstairs, arrangement much like old mansions.

It didn’t escape me that I was living in the lower class space while Miss Anne was inhabiting a space designed for the upper class. Now, as her maid, I was “downstairs,” and she was “upstairs.” A typical British Victorian era arrangement. I also found it interesting that the building had once been a girl’s finishing school. How ironic that I had moved here only to have Julie “create” “Michaela.” Was Miss Anne about to “finish” my transformation into a proper maid?

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A lovely poster - it sounds like the start of a brilliant new era of sissy subservience for you - an opportunity to put those skills previously learned into practice.
Friday arrived and I dressed in my maid uniform. The standard black and white uniform with white cap and apron. I paid particular attention to detail in my preparation as I wanted to make a good impression on my first day. I had learned from Julie that it was important for the uniform to be nicely pressed and the apron bow tied nicely and full, with no sags. With one last look in the mirror, I took a deep breath. I found it ironic that I was actually, now, a working maid, not just pretending anymore. I was a bit nervous.
I set upon my short walk to Miss Anne’s residence with a basic black purse secured across my arm. Along the way, I took note of the clicking of my heels on the sidewalk. A sound every sissy enjoys. This time, I had to use the service entrance which was located at a side door of the kitchen. Yet, another reminder of my status. Arriving, I removed my house key from my purse, and opened the door.

My first task was to prepare a continental breakfast for Miss Anne. Learning my way around the kitchen, I noticed a list on the counter. Specific instructions on what to prepare for breakfast and lunch. A separate list included my household chores. The lists were a bit worn, evidently from use by the previous maid. In quick order, I had Miss Anne’s breakfast on the dining room table. It was an elegant dining room, definitely suited for the upper class. In a strange way, I felt honored just to be present in such an environment. A small bell was positioned at the head of the table.

I took up my position on the side of the room and awaited Miss Anne’s arrival. An antique grandfather clock chimed at the top of the hour and startled me somewhat. I was still a bit nervous. As if the chime was the que, Miss Anne entered the room. I stepped forward and curtsied. Miss Anne smiled. I felt an immediate sense of relief that I had pleased her.

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Always good to get off on the right foot. I can imagine you would have felt just as I did on my first day as a full time petticoatee at 18. Entirely familiar with the uniform (in my case a secretary outfit) but mixing amongst people who I knew weren’t so familiar.
My first weekend in service to Miss Anne was quite different to what I had been used to with Julie. There was no teasing or mind games. Instead, just expectations of proper performance. Miss Anne was very clear on how she wanted things done. She was more distant and stand offish, projecting a mature confidence and sense of entitlement. I certainly felt like a servant from another era. I was kept very busy that first weekend, making up for the absence of the previous maid.

Along with getting acquainted with the house, I was shown the maid’s room. A room where I could change into the proper uniform. She dismissed the uniform Julie had bought me as more of a costume. Miss Anne showed me my new uniforms. For cleaning, cooking and serving breakfast and lunch, I was to wear a gray and white uniform, for evening service I was to wear a black and white uniform. She also required a pink and white uniform for beauty service, when required.  I was told this may include manicures and pedicures along with occasional hair styling. The uniforms were kept in the maid room closet along with an array of aprons. I was reminded of my responsibility to keep my uniforms clean, pressed and in order. An iron and ironing board was in the room, along with a sewing machine and sewing kit.

After a few weeks, I had settled into a routine. I arrived early every Friday and Saturday and left around 10pm. On Sundays, I arrived early but was dismissed a little earlier, depending on her mood. The routine caused no conflicts with my class schedule or her work schedule.

I had also gotten used to walking back and forth from her residence and my apartment while wearing a maid uniform. In hindsight, probably too comfortable. On one occasion, after being dismissed early, I deviated from my short direct path and went the long way around the building. As I turned the corner, I saw too girls walking toward me. I avoided eye contact as they seemed to be looking directly at me. I passed them and continued to my apartment. I heard them giggle as I walked away. When I returned to my apartment, I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind that they looked familiar.

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You’ve really very well captured the frightened look in the lovely poster. I also wonder who the girls you passed are. Very intriguing. Anywhooooo the array of nice but proper uniforms are delightful.
(11-11-2020, 04:23 PM)afp Wrote: You’ve really very well captured the frightened look in the lovely poster.  I also wonder who the girls you passed are. Very intriguing. Anywhooooo the array of nice but proper uniforms are delightful.
Thank you. Yes, its quite different wearing actual uniforms, each functional but still stylish. No thinking about what to wear. All a servant needs to think about is pleasing her lady.
A great section, Michaela. It must be so interesting to have a different uniform depending on what you’re doing, almost like having a rota system for your clothing as well as your jobs - would probably require good organisational skills, though?

Also, much more hygienic in preventing different types of detritus coalescing  Wink

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