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Serving a Diva
Before Julie left me for a real man, she told me she had been confiding with a neighbor, a British woman named Anne, who was a neighbor in our building. As it turned out, Anne was the one that suggested that Julie dress me as a maid. It seemed she knew something about maids from her life in London. She grew up with maids in the family household. Anne had shared stories of living a life of luxury, with Julie. A lifestyle she still retained to some degree, being an heiress and a successful investor. She lived alone and was a woman of independent means.

When Julie informed her that she was leaving, she said Anne inquired about me. Was I leaving too, or staying? She knew I was a student and would struggle since Julie had taken care of the bills. Evidently, Julie had told her it was my problem but suggested she would tell me to contact her. She told me she described it as a “change of ownership,” from one superior woman to another. Julie told me Anne was expecting me to contact her. Then she added, “Just know, she’s a bit of a Diva.”

When Julie moved out, I moped around for a few days, contemplating what to do. I struggled with making decisions. Julie had been the decision maker. Around the third day, I began worrying that Anne would be growing impatient and become upset with me for not contacting her. I hadn’t even met her and already I was concerned with displeasing her. Typical beta thoughts I told myself, just like Julie always said. It suddenly dawned on me that I was lost without an alpha woman to guide me. I decided to go see her, the next day.

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Great start. I look forward to reading more.
I think you made the right decision, I can't wait to find out what happened next
Great opening poster - really captures that ‘crossroads’ moment. I’m sure it will prove to have been a sound conclusion.
I had one college class scheduled the day I was to meet Anne, but I decided to skip it. Instead I thought it best to spend the time preparing myself. Since she knew of the arrangement I had with Julie, I assumed she would expect me to come dressed as a girl and I wanted to make a good first impression. I followed my usual routine of showering, shaving my body, and selecting a nice bra and panties set. After setting my hair in hot rollers, I went about applying my makeup. Nothing extravagant, just enough to have a pretty face.

Finished with my makeup, I went to my closet to select a dress. Something simple but tasteful, I thought. I selected a light gray shirt dress with white polka dots. After inserting some breast forms into my bra and adding a chemise, I slipped on my dress. I then took the rollers out and ran my fingers through my hair to arrange the curls, finishing it with some hair spray. Next, I selected a red lipstick and did my lips, then spritzed on a nice perfume. I decided I’d paint my nails too. I located my nail kit and supplies, then went about the task of giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I then applied a nail polish to match my lipstick. I finished my look with some modest silver hoop earrings and a necklace. Finally, I selected some modest heels and a matching handbag. When I checked myself in the mirror, one final time, I felt the twinge of excitement every sissy feels when dressed properly. I was ready.

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What a gorgeous outfit; I’m sure Ann will have appreciated the effort. Definitely worth missing one college lecture for.  Big Grin
Leaving my apartment to get to Miss Anne’s residence meant entering a hallway, then going out to the street and around the corner, as the building was subdivided for apartments and towne homes. I had never been in one of the towne homes, but Julie had told me how beautiful Miss Anne’s home was.

I arrived at Miss Anne’s residence and rang the doorbell. When the door opened, I was greeted by an attractive woman, I soon learned was Miss Anne’s personal assistant. I introduced myself and was told Miss Anne had been expecting me. I was taken to a room with double doors, she opened the sliding doors, and I entered an old-fashioned parlor type sitting room, and told to wait. It was like going back in time, very elegant with European looking décor.
When Miss Anne arrived with her assistant, I rose instinctively. She immediately dismissed her assistant and told me to be seated. I quickly noted that there was an obvious air about Miss Anne. Very beautiful and very commanding. She made herself comfortable in a large chair, said I looked very pretty, and mentioned that she was about to give up hope that I would come. I lowered my eyes and quickly apologized. She said not to worry since the main point was that I had decided to come to her.

She then explained that she knew all about me. “Everything?” I asked. “Everything.” She answered, with a smile. It turned out that Miss Anne was a client at the salon where Julie had worked and had discussed all the intimate details. I immediately felt embarrassed. Miss Anne seemed amused by my humiliation. She admitted it was her that had suggested Julie begin dressing me as a maid. She then explained her own background and having a maid in service to her. A British tradition she said. As she spoke, I was mesmerized by her voice. Very lovely, with a sophisticated tone and accent. I felt inferior in her presence.

She further explained that she had mentioned to Julie that her maid had left and was absolutely lost without a maid. She said Julie responded with the news that she was leaving to be with her new man. It seemed, to both of them, that the solution was obvious. She admitted that she recognized I was still a college student but hoped an arrangement could be worked out. She added that her private assistant generally took care of everything during the work week, Monday through Thursday, but it was the rest of the week that was the problem. She hoped I could devote myself to those three days.

I felt a bit relieved and found her offer interesting. Could I really continue my college classes and also be her maid on the weekends? Not knowing what to expect, it struck me as a very reasonable offer. Something I didn’t expect. As if reading my thoughts, she added, “I’m sure you feel a bit lost without a superior woman to serve, don’t you?” Lowering my head, I answered, “Yes.” “Then,” she said, “The arrangement is agreeable?” As usual, I couldn’t say no to a superior woman, and answered, “Yes.” Very quickly, she corrected me by saying “I believe, the proper response is, “Yes, Miss Anne.” “Yes, Miss Anne.” I correctly answered.

“Just one more thing,” she added, “I expect your utmost obedience. You do know what I mean when I say that, don’t you?” “Yes, Miss Anne.” I answered. “Good, I thought you would.” She added. “Now, that is all for today,” she said as she stood up. “Tomorrow is Friday, so I expect you to report in the morning, in uniform. Understood?”  “Yes, Miss Anne.” I answered, as I stood up. ”Very well, you’re dismissed now.” She concluded while motioning with her hand for me to leave. Instinctively, I curtsied, and turned to leave.

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Lovely poster and Miss Anne definitely looks all powerful.
(11-09-2020, 04:14 PM)afp Wrote: Lovely poster and Miss Anne definitely looks all powerful.
Yes, she was all powerful, indeed. Smile
Definitely fits the Bill of ‘superior’. I don’t know why but somehow I am already awaiting the first stream of disobedience with anticipation.  Wink

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