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New member
Virtual group hug time?  Heart
(11-08-2020, 05:09 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Virtual group hug time?  Heart

Of course! Hugs and Kisses!!!
<curtsey> Welcome Ms. Brittneyknowsbest! It is truly a privilege to think that we lowly sissies have something to offer a Superior Female in search of information. And it is incredible that You have found Your way here in order to proceed in helping an inferior male friend. Thank-You for the honor, You are to be commended for being so empathetic and proactive to someone who has expressed their deepest secret.
Hi, I am a new member here and a long time sissy.

Welcome to the "fun house" KendraGR, and hope you enjoy experiencing what this wonderful place has to offer!
Welcome Kendra. I hope you will find plenty to interest you on the forum. Hopefully we’ll get to learn a bit more about you in time.  Smile

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