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Department Store Punishment
(11-04-2020, 07:45 AM)v-villanueva Wrote: I recently wrote about my experience when I performed a very well and suiting punishment on my 21-year-old son, Marcus. (Panty Punishment for Marcus posted on Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Letters, Stories & Art section).

I was hoping that would be the end of his antics and attitude, but I was wrong. He was docile for about 3 weeks and then was back at it.  Swearing in the house, not cleaning up, and the one that made me the angriest was when sports came back on, he would always talk about the female broadcasters. “They shouldn’t let women talk about men sports”, “what does she know about sports!?”, etc. and more as he would constantly remark any time we saw a woman come on the TV to talk about the sport or the team playing. That really annoyed me, and it was totally not okay. I thought his little punishment he experienced would correct his mind about equality and respect towards women but apparently, he needed another lesson.  I was thinking of doing the same as his “panty punishment” again and inviting my daughter and some friends over but I wanted to come up with something creative and more daring! 
It was a Friday when I decided to ground him. I decided to first take his car keys and keep them in my possession, I also put a lock bar on the steering wheel. I was paying for it, so I had the power to do that. We also share the same phone plan, and I called the carrier and told them to turn off the internet and texting on his phone.  I really did not need to do anything else as those are his two main possessions.
When I went to his room to tell him he was grounded for the weekend he was furious. We argued and fought verbally until I told him he would not have his car or phone until Sunday evening. His rebuttal was he is 21 and too old to be grounded and so on, but I was not going to budge. Before I left his room, I told him tomorrow we were going out and he was coming with me.  I did not give him any more details.

I had an idea brewing, but it was risky, and I needed certain things to fall into place to work. That morning before Marcus was up, I took all his face masks coverings and hid them in my bedroom. I then hand-washed two of my masks and put them in my purse. One for me and the other for Marcus.  He eventually was up and dressed. After breakfast and taking care of a few more things we both needed to do, I told him we were going to Walmart.  I needed to distract him until we were in the car and on the way so would forget about his own face mask before leaving the house. I knew he would start talking a lot of I asked him a question about his favorite sports team so that’s what I did, and he babbled all the way to the car- mission successful!

When we were pulling in Walmart I asked him if he had his mask and he checked his pockets and then said he thinks he forgot his. I reassured him saying I had an extra disposable mask I’ll lend him (not really!).
I parked really far from the doors and when Marcus asked why I did I told him “I like the walk and it’s a beautiful day!”
As we approached the front doors I took my mask out and put it on and that’s when Marcus asked if he could have the disposable one.  I stopped on the sidewalk right before the doors and pretended like I couldn’t find it in my purse.
“I must have thought I had one, but I only have this other one. Here put this on I cleaned it.”
It was one of my favorite masks but since Marcus was grounded and being punished, I think this would suit him.  The mask is covered with hot pink flowers all over it, it is cute.  When I held out for Marcus to take, he looked and laughed and thought I was kidding.  It’s here when I told him of my plans with him today in Walmart....
You want car back? Your phone services back on?  You will wear this mask and come shopping with me. You are grounded remember? And we have a few things for you do in here as well, so put it on and let’s go.”
He looked dumbstruck. He could not believe what I just told him. Other shoppers were passing us the whole time and could clearly see I was being stern with him.  He took the mask and put it on and oh was it a beauty. He was wearing a black shirt with jeans and now he had on a hot pink face mask with flowers all over it. He stood out like a sore thumb!
He immediately was quiet and kept his head down as he followed me into the store.
I could instantly tell some folks were looking at him as I heard snickering from behind me and when I turned around his head was down and he was trying to walk quickly away from them. When I saw this, I slowed down my walking and told him I wanted to look at these keychains on display by the front door. (I really had no care to look at the keychains but it forced him to stop right by the entrance inside).

This was the first of many things I had planned for his punishment.
I started continued walking inside the crowded Walmart and following was my son, acting shy and I think if he could he would cover his whole face with the mask so no one could see him or how red he was getting.
I made my way to the women’s apparel and looked around. I told him he needed to pay attention to the instructions I give him today or he will never get out of here.

He looked at me worried anxiously. 

Your grounding comes with a punishment and it’s happening right now mister. Since you did not learn your lesson that Natalie, Tasha, and Jenny gave you I think it’s time I step it up a notch.”

You’re joking mom?” Marcus asked.

“I’m not. If you want your car and phone back then you will complete this task, I give you today, and complete it right.

Marcus stood nervously with his pink mask on. From the looks of it he was the only guy in the women’s clothes section. 
I laid out the directions for him to do. It was definitely an embarrassing task for him.

You are to go on around the women’s department and pick out 5 pairs of ladies underwear. Then you are to pay for them and tell the clerk who is assisting you they are for you. Each pair much be a different color, different cut, and material. No white and plains. Each pair must have a pretty design on it like flowers or cute animals. You are then to bring them to me one at a time so I can accept them or not. Oh, and they must be your size because they are for you!”
He looked dead inside and said nothing, just put his head down and sighed.  I think he knew I was serious since I had been with everything so far. I was not going to make him start wearing them, but I just wanted the public embarrassment of having to be a man in the women’s lingerie section picking out panties his size. I knew other women would see this and I cannot imagine his blush from knowing this and having to buy them. I was not going to assist him; I would keep a good distance so it would seem he was alone and buying them all by his own decision.  I also had no worry that he would run out of the store since he had no phone or car. He had to go through this.
“I hope you have the instructions down because if you mess up on any of them you will start over from the beginning. So son, if you are on the last pair and you come back with one you already have a color for or a same style,  you will put all the pairs up and start over with news ones. Do I make myself clear?”

Yes.”  That is all he could spit out, it was cute. I think he wanted his face to stay under that pink mask since to hide his blushing cheeks. 

I was really looking forward to what he picked out, I wanted him to start asap so I gave him a little nudge to get going.  He hesitated to go deeper in the women’s section, it was such a sight to witness.  I shouted where folks around me could hear – “Son, I will be in the sports section, come find me when you are done in there!”.  Oh, how he jumped and turned around to look at me! He had a look that I can only describe as “you cannot be serious leaving me here!”

That is correct, I gave him the instructions to bring each pair of undies he picks to me so I can approve or not but I did not tell him I would be on the other side of the store and he would have to find me. All while holding, which better be, a cute pair of panties he picked out. I chose the sports section since it was his misogynistic remark about women being in sports that made me fume and I wanted him to think I was his mother messing with sports equipment and he was the man picking out panties by himself.  I was having a grand time. I gave a little wave and off I went. Last I saw him he was turned back around and very timidly walking deeper into the women's clothing section where no man should go
When I was going from junior school to secondary school my mother took me to a traditional menswear store to get my new school uniform for the big school, I was angry with my mother because I didn’t want to go to the new school in a uniform and wanted to wear my normal clothes like my friends were going to wear.
It was a small shop with the with the children’s school uniforms upstairs. I was in my under pants arguing with my mother saying that I wasn’t going to wear this and that, the elderly gentleman  shop assistant came upstairs and asked my mother if everything was alright he looked rather angry at me he must have heard me arguing with my mother,
I was very embarrassed standing there in just my underpants in front of this man; I stood there looking down at the carpet my hands in front of my pants covering my little erection while my mother and the man chatted my face red with shame, all I could hear was the ringing in my ears.
I felt like a butterfly when he sat down and placed me over his knee and pulled down my underpants, I was completely naked apart from my underpants around my ankles socks; the spanking was more humiliating than painful. I am sorry to say that I wasn’t put in a schoolgirl’s uniform or anything like that, but I was a very good boy after my first paternal hand spanking from the elderly gentleman.
(12-14-2020, 06:43 AM)zizy Wrote: It seems that sexism has become a part of his personality, and that won't go away due to couple of embarrassing moments. In order to get rid of it he would need to be trained to make respect a second nature.

If making him wear panties once per week was not a punishment, fairness would not enter into the equation, it would simply be something he has to do, like be polite, or help out.

Now, if he objected to the new practice, it would be reasonable to punish him for this objection. He could be instructed to wear different panties each day (IIRC he has 14-15, a good duration) until he went through them all. After all, they're his, he should wear them.

If he does well, he might be allowed to only wear them once per week. Enough for a regular reminder.

Hi- thank you for the advise. 

That is exactly what I have enforced. If he acts up or shows any sign of chauvinistic behavior he was told he will wear a pair and a shirt only throughout the house. If he has chores or anything to do he will only wear that attire.

Fortunately for him, he has only had to endure this embarrassment once and has been fairly well behaved since.

It was a cute seeing him walk around in just his pretty undies and one of his shirts that wasn’t long enough to go past his waist.

-Valerie   Heart

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