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Haus Sissy
Not only a sissy but a flirtatious one at that.  Big Grin Bet you got no end of tips.  Wink
(12-01-2020, 05:39 PM)GinaV Wrote: "Every sissy loves a tutu" indeed!

And soon every Woman shall be glad TU see TU it all males ARE so TU-TU'd.
Then they may even frce us to make them ourselves... would not we all then be  SEW TU-TU CUTE!
I gradually acquired a nice assortment of nice lingerie, a few baby doll nighties, some negligees and a few peignoirs. My little trists were adding up. 

I discovered I could go to the bar and never have to buy a drink and sometimes even when going to the hotel restaurant, I would be invited to join a hotel guest and have my meal paid for. Of course, nothing is ever really free. I quickly learned that it led to expectations. I would jokingly say, I wasn’t in the habit of giving “it” away for free. That statement was generally met with silence, a frown, or a response of, “Das ist mir rect (I’m ok with that).” 

At some time or other, I had jokingly asked a guest if they wanted, “bestimmt zimmerservice (special room service),” and a room key was shared. This became my standard description. After receiving their room key, I’d go to my room and slip into something nice, then venture to their room to provide the “special room service.”

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They are lovely experiences at the bar and I bet it was an especially handsome customer that you were able to joke with to offer special attention. Inside you know you were not joking but you wanted to sound coy so as not to frighten him. Love the poster.
(11-13-2020, 12:48 PM)Michaela Wrote: My punishment continued later the next day. Miss Kat asked me if I was familiar with the German brothers Grimm fairy tale, Cinderella. I told her yes. She then said, “Well, today you can be Cinderella and get down on your hands and knees and do some good old-fashioned floor scrubbing. And by the way, there’s is no Prince Charming coming to rescue you.”

I spent the day in a long peasant dress scrubbing floors, having my work inspected, kissing her boots while apologizing for my disobedience, and getting an occasional face slap or spanking. I had to assume I was repeating another scene from the erotic movie she had seen. I wondered just how many scenes I was going to have to relive with her.

  I thought Cinderella was always barefoot?

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