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Haus Sissy
(11-17-2020, 10:30 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: She certainly knew how to keep you in your place; it must have been quite an experience providing ‚Äėmaid service‚Äô (so to speak) after the event.¬† Wink
Yes, I've been told a good maid must be ready at all times to clean up any mess.  Wink
Knowing I would only in Germany for a short time, about a year, Miss Kat wanted me to experience German traditions as much as possible. And, there are many. One of them, is harvest time at vineyards. They make a small festival of it and some women can be seen on small stages in their traditional dirndls standing in large containers filled with grapes and stomping them with their bare feet. Its one of the special attractions at the festival. Miss Kat arranged for me to participate as one of the women stomping grapes. The sight is a special treat for men, as its hard to stomp grapes without your breasts bouncing. Miss Kat fixed that problem for me by having me wear some rubbery fake breasts. I have to admit, it was quite a sensation to feel "my breasts" bouncing up and down as I stomped. It was also quite a feeling to be on stage being gawked at by men. I spent several turns on stage enacting this tradition. Leave it to Miss Kat to find novel ways of putting me on public display. 

For each grape stomping display, the women, usually two, walk up a set of small steps onto the stage. A man then helps the ladies into the vat by taking their hand as they step into the vat. The women then lift up their skirts and stomp grapes for a while. After the stomping, another man helps the ladies out by either taking their hand or putting their hands on the women's waist and lifting them out. I was lifted out each time but on one occasion slipped, falling into his arms. Miss Kat found it humorous and teased me that I had slipped on purpose. Actually, I was getting a bit drunk as before exiting the stage, another man then hands each lady a glass of wine. Miss Kat told me to curtsy each time before I received my glass of wine. The group watching always laughed at this. 

I suppose one of the "traditions" is getting the women tipsy so the men can have their way with them. I was certainly tipsy after several grape stomping performances and noticed after the stomping displays ended that I was getting more attention from men. I also felt more than one anonymous touch on my rear and received several glasses of wine from men. Miss Kat was always nearby, flirting with men, and smiling at my predicament. At the end of the day, she said I'd make a good "wench."

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It is always good to get into the local traditions; good to see the cultural clothing featuring in your poster again too; I’m sure you had a great time.
(11-22-2020, 01:41 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: It is always good to get into the local traditions; good to see the cultural clothing featuring in your poster again too; I’m sure you had a great time.
Thank you, girly girl. I did learn that too much alcohol can lead to trouble.  Smile
The accounts of your experiences are so articulate, colorful and dramatic! You seem to exude the qualities of a "perfect sissy" in each and every one!
(11-22-2020, 06:12 PM)GinaV Wrote: The accounts of your experiences are so articulate, colorful and dramatic! You seem to exude the qualities of a "perfect sissy" in each and every one!
Why thank you, Gina. That's so kind. There has been a lot of drama in my life so I guess its only natural that is shows. I try to capture images that depict the experience and, when possible, add some color. Sissies do love colors, after all.
Sissies love colors especially on swishy soft fabric Smile
The craziest festival period in Germany is Facshing. Fasching is Germany's carnival season. It is also known as Karnival. In Germany, this festival season starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11minutes after 11am and continues in a fairly low-key way, for about three months, before ending at the stroke of midnight on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It‚Äôs a time of fancy-dress parties and costume balls, sometimes wild ones. The last week of Karnival season is traditionally seen as a chance for people to go wild and let their hair down before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. Weiberfastnacht (women‚Äôs Karnival night) is the Thursday before Rosenmontag (the Monday before Ash Wednesday when parades occur). Women can act out with innocent silly behavior, but it is also become known as ‚ÄúSchmutzigen Donnerstag‚ÄĚ (dirty Thursday). In this case the ‚Äúdirty‚ÄĚ refers to a sin tradition that women are ‚Äúallowed‚ÄĚ to be flirtatious and even promiscuous. The silly or promiscuous behavior is supposed to end that night but is also known to extend through the weekend.

Needless to say, Miss Kat was all in on the wildness of Karnival season. She took me to several Fasching parties leading up to that final week. For those parties, we generally wore the costumes of her being dressed elegantly as medieval royalty and me being dressed as her lady in waiting. On one occasion, for a more Domme like party, she dressed as a female warrior and I was her captured slave girl, led around with collar and leash.

When Dirty Thursday came, she had a different plan. She dressed in sexy attire and had me dress in a skimpy dress and apron. We went to a bar that had telephones at the tables. The bar was down the street near my hotel, so Miss Kat met me at my hotel, and we walked to the bar. The point of the telephones is that patrons can call another table. Each table had a number, so you just had to dial the table number to talk to other patrons.

We arrived late and it was crowded so we ended up sitting at a counter along the wall, but still had a phone for our section of the counter. Since it was crowded, sometimes you could see the caller, and sometimes not. Some people wore masks, and others not. Our phone rang a lot. Miss Kat would answer the phone as the call was in German. Most of the calls were for Miss Kat, but some were for me. If the caller could speak English, she would hand me the phone. Many of the calls were men wanting to talk dirty and some were men asking me to dance. Miss Kat insisted I accept all dance invitations. The slow dances would often become sexual advances. When getting dressed for the evening, I had inserted a pad under my panties to not give myself away. It was a good idea as I was felt up a lot and, with the kissing and petting, my little dicklette did get hard at times. I could also feel the men’s hardness when they pressed against me. As typical, the more alcohol consumed, the more things got heated up. 

One man. in particular, became a frequent caller for me. Although he wore a mask, I could tell he was handsome. He was younger, bearded and rather rugged. He seemed intrigued by me and obviously had interests in doing more than just dancing. At one point at the end of a dance, we were positioned near the restrooms. He whisked me into the restroom and into a stall for more privacy. His kissing became intense. I soon found myself on my knees giving him the pleasure he craved. The alcohol had gotten the better of me. While on my knees, I noticed a girl’s legs and high heels in the stall next to mine, obviously doing the same. After finishing him, he pulled me up and kissed me, then led me back out into the bar.

I made my way back to my stool at the counter and noticed Miss Kat dancing with a man. He had been one of her frequent callers. I noticed she was getting rather intimate with him on the dance floor. After her dance, she came over and said she was leaving for the night and asked if I was ok being by myself and getting back to my hotel. I was shocked, but told her I was ok and would just leave too. She left with her man and I gathered my purse to leave, as well. 

My male friend noticed I was leaving and came by. When I told him I was staying nearby and it was a short walk, he offered to walk me back to my hotel. I hesitated but agreed. He was very gentlemanly during our walk, told me his name was Hans and that he was a farmer, as he walked me the few blocks to my hotel. I was quite nervous, not knowing what to expect. When we reached the hotel, he pulled me toward him and kissed me again. Before I could say anything, he said he enjoyed being with me and asked if I was free the next day. Relieved he wasn’t expecting to be asked to my room, I said I was free the next day. He told me when he would return, and then he kissed me goodbye. Afterwards, while in my suite, I thought I made a mistake and should avoid trouble by just not being there when he returned. 

Well, at least that was my plan.

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Fasching, the German alternative to Remembrance day, 11am.11.11.
(11-23-2020, 03:48 PM)chris80 Wrote: Fasching, the German alternative to Remembrance day, 11am.11.11.
I don't recall the reason it starts on 11.11.11 but the tradition of Fasching is quite old so I think it predates what we now think of Remembrance Day. It is associated with festivals of the Christian church (wild partying before Lent begins). It goes back to pagan times, and was a way of driving out the evil spirits of winter and encouraging the coming of spring and good crops. Masks worn for this purpose are still worn in carnival festivals. Fasching can be traced back to pagan Roman festivals. So maybe that's the association with starting on 11.11.11. In the Middle Ages, Fasching gave the people a break from the tightly structured class system, as they were able to hide their social background behind imaginative masks and costumes. Now, I think its more of an excuse to party and often, get wild. 
In any case, its a lot of fun.  Smile

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