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The Return of the Macho as the only Salvation for the World!
The title is somewhat provocative, but at the same time I wanted to draw attention to the contemporary problem of male-female relationships, which (unfortunately in the vast majority) are caused by the poisoning of the minds of young women by a feminist ideology that destroys love and the natural family structure in any relationship.

I'm not writing this to complain personally, because my relationship is very good, but one can come to such a belief, for example, by observing the vulgarization of young girls who, instead of femininity, motherhood and respect for higher values, have a real feminist slime poured into their heads.

Besides, women are very indecisive, full of contradictory emotions and extremely easy to manipulate.

Therefore - contrary to what they sometimes say - they do not want a sensitive and emotional cuckold, ready to meet any whims of this "princess", but they are looking for strong and definitely brutal males who can grab her hair and give her a solid slap on the ass.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of women - they say one thing, they think the other (or rather their body biology and natural adaptation to submission pushes them towards strong macho men).

Most men however do not understand this and think that if they are nice to their "princess" they will respect and love them. The reality is completely different - women love strong men, and despise the weak and laugh at them (and even tend to be cruel towards them).

There is a story by Mark Twain "The Diaries of Adam and Eve from Paradise" and there is a scene where Adam built a shelter for himself and says: "I made a shelter from the rain, but I couldn't find peace there. This new creature (Eve) it went in there and when I tried to drive them out of the hut, it began to drain the water from the pits in the upper part of its head, where it looks at the world, and to wipe them with the inside of its paw. I very much wished it would not speak. "

Therefore (in my opinion) feminism should definitely be fought, but above all feminism must be fought by women themselves. Return to femininity, return to motherhood and the natural role of a woman (I would not like to be misunderstood - I do not mean that a woman should become a "housewife" if she wants, she should work and earn her own money, but this should not be at the expense of the family , children and husband) this is what modern self-righteous "princesses" should strive for.

This is my opinion, and what do you think about it?

Finally, there is a funny curiosity from the Polish movie "testosterone" from 2007 (in which a group of men meet at a party after the wedding, which did not take place because the bride ran away from the altar, and they tell each other their own, unsuccessful experiences with women):

"What if there were no women in the world?  Men wouldn't murder each other!"

"Exaggeration. Guys will always find a reason to napierdalac" (vulgar word for fight each other)






"If there were no women in the world, what reason would you kill me?"

"I could pick up the phone and call some nice asses" (vulgar word for slutty women)

"The asses is gone!"

"I would have called Mr. Fistach"

"And what would you talk about"

"About asses" Big Grin 

"About football"

"There would be no football. Who do footballers play for?"

"For fans"

"Who believes that?"

"For fame and for money"

"What do they need fame and money for?"

"To buy fast cars"

"What do they need these cars for? To fancy asses. The circle is closing!"

"This is a massacre" Big Grin
Lukas, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Doesn't mean they know what they are writing or spouting about. Maybe you should have a good think about 'traditional' female roles and question if that isn't simply a construct to keep women at home, breeding. Feminism isn't the problem - males wanting to box women into traditional roles, tell them how they should behave, is.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
I’m with Sissysoft. The world has moved on. Quite apart from the dangers that extreme macho behaviours pose (in reference to the title) people are built differently and with different skills. There are many women who are actually very well suited to traditional male jobs just as there are many males who are very well suited to female jobs (increasingly so), and certainly in the case of this forum who well enjoy the ability to wear a more feminine style of clothing. 

We should assess the person as an individual rather than simply a gender.
Sorry Lukas, I cannot side with you, rather I’m siding with sissysoft and Girlygirl.
It seems to me that we are making a logical error here.

Of course there are women who excel in traditional male roles, and there are men who find themselves in female roles. But those are fractions of a percentage really. Moreover, these differences only confirm the rule that there is a natural division into male and female professions.

There will always be exceptions to the rule in everything we do in life. But this isn't a reason to believe that women (as a gender) will prove themselves in men's competitions, and men in women's competitions.

Besides, there is no such thing as "traditional roles" (this is mere feminist newspeak, as is the term "toxic masculinity"). If anything, one should talk about "natural" gender predispositions, to which there may always be exceptions, but their scale is so small that they should not even be commented on.

[Image: tumblr_pgt7ip2eVO1xei4qro1_1280.jpg]

Without stubbornness and feminist phraseology, let's look at a woman. What did nature create her for? The answer is, of course, very simple - to give new life, to bear children. And everything else is actually secondary and much less important.

And the man (apart from the fact that he has the ability to constantly spread his seed, like a bee pollinating flowers - which, of course, by cultural norms, so fought by the left, should be limited to a relationship based on love for one woman) has a natural predisposition to defend his offspring, his women and their belongings.

And tell me now that I wrote a lie.

On the other hand, feminism resembles a contemporary pandemic that poisons the minds and turns young girls into real zombies (not only young, old feminist lampucers themselves spread this poison to other women).

This is why women themselves should fight for their dignity and the right to choose the model of life they want (not imposed on them by feminists).

This is my opinion and probably 90% of guys in the world.

Finally, a few examples of feminist black brains that doesn't reach any logical arguments:

Besides, I am very glad that Amy Coney Barret - mother of seven - was sworn in as a judge of the US Supreme Court. These are the women we need, not the stupid male-hating feminists, and they see other women as mindless victims on whose necks they can get into politics.

[Image: 4641895-amy-coney-barrett.jpg]
I posted a congratulatory message to Justice Barrett in a Facebook group called "Matriarchy 4ever' and was severely Chastised by one of the female moderators, and called a troll by one of the male ass kissers, simply because she was appointed by Donald Trump and because the women in this group are so afraid she will champion the reversal of Rowe vs Wade

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