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Being a majorette
And suddenly the reality of your situation hits you.

Your mother runs the local majorette troupe, and when one of the girls drops out she forces you to take her place. Of course you protest, but that only results in a sound spanking across her lap. Fearing further punishment you meekly comply, and she puts you into a spare uniform she has.

But now you're in the middle of town, with everyone watching, and you have to go through with it.

How will you make sure you don't make a false move, and reveal the frilly knickers she's made you wear?

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It’s a lovely uniform but as you say one false move might make it rather more risque. He best hope it’s not too breezy.  Wink
That picture really expresses the pensive thoughts of the boy. It’s a lovely uniform but I’ve no idea how you’d not flash your undies Smile
That uniform is intentionally rigged to show off the undies.
Tennis isn't the only game athletic activity to raise an eyebrow !

And it is not the twirling of that baton that is the attention getter -
BUT drop it and watch and hear the gasps from the crowd.

Oh and be careful how you twirl it don't let it catch the hem of
that uniform least it causes another undie exposing moment.

Toss the baton into the air and as you reach for it beware the
breeze effect.
Isn't flashing those shiny, frilly panties part and parcel of what a majorette (sparkly girl) is all about, anyway?  

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