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I've always found the concept of forced feminization interesting. In my case, I can't say I have been forced.  Maybe coerced is more accurate. in my first experience, the girl told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to dress me as a girl, but I could have refused and just left. Instead, I complied. I was weak and submissive and she knew it. I was also a bit curious. The end result was she actually made me look like a girl. I used her strong personality as an excuse to dress up. 

The second time, when I participated in my high school womanless pageant, my mother's and sisters' enthusiasm was a a convenient excuse for me to agree. The thought of seeing myself in a gown, high heels and having my hair in an updo, was just too much to pass up. I was again curious how I would look. Having gone to school dressed as a girl once before made it easier the second time. In the end, I looked so pretty I won.

The next time, a cosmetology student asked me to be her practice model. She asked me and didn't force me. However, once I agreed, she did coerce me into dressing up. Again, I could have said no, so I wasn't being forced. I succumbed to her manipulation. Already having had two previous experiences dressing up made it easier to go along with her wishes. Over time, I learned she was a master at manipulation. She was always one or two steps ahead of me. But was I being forced? No, I gradually became a willing participant to her games and just hoped she wouldn't take things too far. However, she kept pushing the envelope and kept raising the bar. The definition of something "too far" just kept changing and changing. All the time I kept becoming more submissive and more girly. But was I forced? No, not really. I knew I was going down a rabbit hole and just went along for the ride, curiosity and all. Its just my honest view after some reflection.

So, how many of you have really been forced? I'm sure some, especially if it occurred at an early age, were forced. Others, maybe not so much.

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