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Should he be punished
This boy was placed in a nice dress and allowed to play outside.  Once outside he tried to ruin the dress.  Should he be punished for this and how?

Picture #2

And finally he did it

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Yes he should be. With an attitude like that He shouldnt be out of dresses period.
Could be a media event and not necessarily as it appears.
Awhile back there was a video of a youngster totally trashing (mud bashing) his dress tights shoes the whole nine yards enchilada - publicity stunt ?
There have been more videos of children wearing what appears to be very fancy expensive clothing and jumping into a swimming pool - Staged ?
And then maybe he was having a bit of revenge !
Need the Paul Harvey - the rest of the story - more mud than meets the eye !
I have to agree.  This looks a lot like the photo shoots of the boys in dresses in the pool - wet clothing fetish or something.  If this is real, then yes, he should be punished.

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