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Hello everyone, I'm Nancy and is like to thank you all for your kind welcome and I shall tell you about how I am Nancy today 
For some petticoating as I now know it's called is done by mum's\aunts\,wife's etc 

when I was 12 my mum used to take me down to a town called bed till about 50 miles from us for the summer holidays mum would stay for the weekend but I would stay another 2 weeks ,was great near the beach and she had a daughter 2 years younger than me 
Now my aunt is what is call a buxom woman who always wore strappy high heels painted toes but mostly black \tan nylons which always made me curious , one day aunty was gardening with her daughter and I decided to try on auntys Knicks her tan tights and get pink fluffy open toed slippers all the while keeping an eye on the garden it was wonderful ,I looked out the window saw my cousin but no aunt that's because she was stood behind me ,well what have we here then a naughty little girl in auntys clothes I froze and said I was sorry, too late as aunty took me downstairs say down and was out over her knee and my tights and Knicks came down so there I was being spanked over aunty knee my cousin had came in by then laughing all I could serve as my tan tights and Knicks around my knees and my pink slippers cousin laughing but I so enjoyed the shame of it all I could feel myself getting hard , I think im going to have to dress you from now on unless you want me to phone your mummy up and tell her ,anyway this was how things were when I stayed at auntys even when I was 16 I had a French maids outfit which I served drinks to get and some friends ifpt fund was an amazing time for me , like I say I'm 19 now but def want to push my boundaries, do you guys think it would be a good idea to ask aunty if she would take me out dressed but so people know I'm a guy is the the staring ,pointing ,giggling and laughing even comments, I dress at home but def need someone to take me out , love to hear all your thoughts and ideas please and love to hear if anyone similar to me or done anything like it , thank you for reading 
I think you should go as far as you feel comfortable in doing. I do envy you for engaging so enthusiastically with your feminine side as a child though. While I was forced to engage in my femininity through petticoating at that age, it was very much accompanied by what my male friends at the time thought (I have since started identifying as female and left those friends behind). 

Either way, be sure to keep us abreast of developments.  Wink
Hi I'm very curious to know how guys who dress for themselves or are forced dressed feel , do you feel the need to keep things all safe in the closet or would you deep down like others to know , I know for most of would be a big step of you have kids ,family workplace , for me I've always wanted to be outed by my aunty to family and friends is love to to be a laughing stock no matter if I don't live it down ,mabey you think I would be going too far but it's all I think about ,love to hear your comments please , thank you 
I went from one extreme to  the other really. Prior to 18 it was forced on me in the form of petticoat and nappy punishment. I had male friends at school who I was most keen to keep these details from which, but for a handful of occasions attending school in my friend’s uniform, I was pretty successful. 

On my 18th birthday I was told I would be petticoated full time (in the form of dressing like a secretary). Keeping it a secret suddenly ceased to be an option and I found myself having to embrace a feminine persona. Quite to my surprise I discovered that I preferred this lifestyle leading me to today where I am very open not only in dressing as a female but in presenting as one.

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