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My feminine breasts
Madame and I spent a weekend away, on the Saturday it was fine weather and warmer than of late so I put on a plain white T shirt and jeans, I noticed the T shirt was well fitted and quite snug around my breasts, but worn with a body warmer it was fine.

We went into a tearoom for lunch which was almost full, we sat at the only table and being quite warm I took off my body warmer and upon taking Madame`s order I moved through the tables to the queue at the till.

As I moved forward, I noticed at least four men of various ages staring at my breasts are 38" with a B cup, and are rounded and not saggy at all and my nipples have become quite sensitive of late so they were standing out!

I am proud of my breasts, but I have never experienced anyone `ogling` them, let alone men!

Do you think those men were admiring, disgusted, bemused or even desiring?

I was quickly reminded of what true women go through on a daily basis...when I returned to Madame at the table, she didn`t say a word and just smiled.

Natural femininity can shine through sometimes without any frills!

Heart Always Willing To Serve Heart
It doesn't matter if the men were "admiring, disgusted, bemused or even desiring", it's how you feel.  If your breasts enhance your sense of femininity you are one lucky sissy.  I'd kill for a B-cup!  The only opinion that really matters is Madame's.

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