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Photo-Shopped Visual Arts
Some of the Visual Arts photos displayed here are of excellent quality


Some leave much to be desired as no one sports a giraffe (long in the) neck simply
revealing a target a vampire would like to bite on.

Then the silly neck at an awkward angle only an owl could replicate.

Lastly head size - don't get a BIG head out of proportion to the body -
if that is the case how does that person get into and out of the tight clothing.

I realize that this is Halloween at hand but a license only goes so far to be real looking.

Real cute ONLY to be the one in the images living that look !
Thanks Tiffany, that’s a great tip.
You’re doing a fine job, Tiffany Big Grin - keep them coming
(10-30-2020, 05:36 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: You’re doing a fine job, Tiffany Big Grin - keep them coming

I agree
I'm not sure what the point is in starting a whole thread just to list criticisms that might be more helpful if they were posted in response to specific work/s, though perhaps the OP is trying to spare people's feelings by not critiquing them directly.

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