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Lately there have been a few new members who are spammers . In their email address or bio there is a link . The link can take you to phishing sites or download trojan viruses . If you have clicked on any of the links or have visited the sites please run a virus scan . It's for your safety and the safety of others who you might have in your address book or email links .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Thanks for sharing Bill.
It may also be helpful to let the Admins/Mods know if you see these suspected LINKS - - -

***** DO NOT POST THE LINK directly BUT BRACKET IT {{{ WITH TRIPLE }}} *****

Signage to the effect BEWARE of the mine field if opened.

Admins and Mods can filter thru the members postings researching for originality aptness and thought
and deal with removing deleting banning or other appropriate action as necessary.

Woe be to the individuals that test the metal of the Admins !
Such activities will result in a one-way trip to the Great Void and a disappearance act of the member and all his posts !
Admin is on an extended holiday and the only two mods are myself and Baby Sam . There is no need for us to do as you say . We just ban them on the spot . It's more fun that way lol . A bit like Whackamole . As soon as they pop up we squash them lol .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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