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Lock down craft tasks for lonely sissies .
Years ago . back in the 70'sd . My aunt and a few friends started going to a craft class at the local church hall . One of the things she did was to make shopping bags out of old stockings and tights . I can't remember how she did it . All knots and things . A bit like elastic macramé . This would be a good craft to learn during lockdown with your old tights /pantyhose and stockings . Helping save waste and making some useful things from pyjama and nighty cases . To enema bag covers and lingerie bags .
Or just for over the head while robbing sperm banks lol .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Great idea Bill. Hopefully some will take it up. I’m as a busy as ever and I know I’d be useless at crafting if I had the time to try.
What a great idea - you could even say recycling before it was popular.

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