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Nappy Change by Aunty Jane
When it mostly happened I wasn’t old enough to get erect, so I just sat there all embarrassed at being half naked. By the time I was eleven or twelve there were occasional stirrings, usually as a result of the feeling of the skirt material on my bottom.
(12-20-2018, 11:54 PM)Ali Wrote: I’d feel the material of her skirt and tights on my bare bottie as I was given my bottle or whatever. And I was never allowed to cover up my little soldier, so whoever happened to be around could see it.

Hi Ali, apologies for being about three and a half years late to this post!
You mention you were sometimes sat on your mother's lap when you were given your bottle or whatever. Presumably this was whilst you were in baby punishment. If you don't mind me asking, just how babyish did things go when you were in full baby punishment? I mean, I guess the ultimate babyish part is wearing and using nappies, but were there lots of other 'lesser' things going on to constantly point out your predicament/humiliation? Were you given regular bottles? Spoon fed baby food? Have a high chair? Etc. Etc.

Hi Terry,
When I was suffering 'baby punishment' I was usually treated just like a baby. that was part of the punishment.

So I wouldn't be allowed to do anything for myself. I didn't have a high chair or a cot, but i'd be fed babyfood and made to drink warm milk (which I've always hated) from a baby bottle. I also had a pink dummy I had to keep in my mouth.

The worst bit was regularly having to go over to my mother so that she could check my nappies. If I had a dress or skirt on I'd have to hold it up so that she could poke her fingers inside my baby pants and feel around my nappy for wetness. It didn't matter if my little sister was there, or even if she had friends over.

Sometimes she'd just pat the back of my nappy to check if I'd 'filled' my nappy. That was maybe the worst thing, because even if I hadn't, it let everyone know that I sometimes did.
Nappy checks are the most embarrassing thing, especially when you're out somewhere and people might see.
My aunts and cousins friends used to all insist i call them Aunty . I think it made them feel like they had the right to help baby me .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Women can be so funny with a sissy baby, can't they, Bill?

Dressed as a boy they'd hardly speak to me, but if I had a nappy on, especially if it was on show under a short dress, or just a t-shirt, so many of them felt it was okay to pat my bottom, or make me sit on their lap.
Very true Ali . It was if seeing in my nappies was an open invitation for them join in and babying me
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Whenever my aunts paid a visit to my house and my mother announced she was going to nappy me they all stopped what they were doing and continued their conversations around my changing table. It felt like I was invisible until I was wearing a nappy, then they would become very tactile with me.
I know what you mean, Bill.

My Aunty Jane came round one time while I was enduring nappy punishment. Mummy had stripped me off and laid me on her bed when the doorbell went. She went downstairs to let her in, and I heard them talking. Aunty Jane asked where I was and, to my utter humiliation, Mummy told her I was upstairs waiting to have my nappy changed.

Aunty Jane offered to help, and before I knew it she was leaning over me, cooing at me as she put my nappy on. She treated me just like a baby, rubbing baby lotion into my most intimate parts and sprinkling baby talc over what she called my 'nappy area'.

When she'd put my nappy on me she shouted down to ask if I wore baby knickers too. Mummy told her it was up to her, so she went to my drawer and looked through my baby pants. I had a pair of really frilly white baby knickers, which had masses of lacy frills, and which Mummy saved for what she called 'special punishment'. But of course Aunty Jane didn't know that, and those were the knickers she chose for me. She made me thread my legs through the leg holes and then she pulled them up over my nappy.

Aunty Jane said I looked so sweet in my nappy and frillies, and that it was a shame I didn't have a little baby dress to go with them. Little did she know that in my wardrobe I had three baby dresses exactly as she described.

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