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Being Slapped
I mentioned my German girlfriend in a previous post. After having me wear a dirndl, it was clear I was again in the submissive role. I was clearly intimidated by her beauty and regal persona and easily fell into my familiar role. She did believe in rewarding obedience, however, and did want to incorporate sex into our relationship. Knowing now that I did not possess the requisite size tool, she took the position of being on top in bed, thinking that would be more satisfying to her. I didn't object as she was quite adept at seducing me. She referred to me as, "Mein kleines Liebchen", "my little darling." I suppose it had a double meaning. 

Our first time in bed was a revelation for me. In spite of her beauty and sexuality, I was having difficulty staying hard. She began to get a little frustrated. She was sweet about it at first but clearly wanted and needed more. Without warning she slapped me across the face and told me to "get hard already!" I was stunned by the blow but even more stunned that I immediately got erect. A big smile quickly adorned her face and she lowered herself onto my little dicklet. It felt like heaven for me. However, if she felt me soften, even in the slightest, as she rode me, she slapped me again. The stinging sensation coupled with her luxurious pussy caused me to squirt before she was ready. Not to be deterred, she moved up over my face and ordered me to finish her off. I obeyed and lapped up my own cum and then brought her to an orgasm with my tongue.

She rolled off of me and said, "Well that was interesting. Satisfying, but interesting. I seem to learn something new about you every day." I told her, I had never been slapped before during sex and I wasn't sure why that had happened. "Well, we'll just have to try it again to find out. Now won't we?" I did learn to stay harder for longer periods of time, but not without her administering the slaps, which she clearly enjoyed delivering.
Well, it’s certainly an interesting application of classical conditioning. It is amazing how attractive it is to certain types of women (myself included  Wink) when males exacerbate their feminine side.
Slapping her sissy helps an assertive woman get what she wants and underscores her control.

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