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After I graduated college, I entered into an internship with a company. The internship included spending some time with a subsidiary company in Germany. It felt like an opportunity to find myself, having spent nearly all my college years as a submissive sissy to two different women. However, my attempt at discovering my manhood was short lived. I had been in Germany a whole two weeks when I went to a traditional Bavarian restaurant. The female staff all wore dirndls, the traditional very feminine German dress. My intrigue with this style of dress didn't go unnoticed. 

My waitress, who luckily spoke English, noticed that I wasn't just eyeing her, even though she was very pretty, but was paying more attention to her dress. After serving my meal, she came by to see if I needed anything else. My eyes obviously wondered to her dress again. "So, you like the German dirndl?" she asked, as she gave me a flirty twirl, causing her petticoat to show. I stammered out a response of, "Yes, its very pretty, especially on you." "I don't mind them, but they can be a bit confining," she commented pointing to the laced front bodice. This drew my attention to her breasts, which caused her to smirk and me to be embarrassed. I gave her a generous tip, when I paid my bill. She gave me a enticing smile and said she hoped I would return.

I returned a few days later, and luckily got the same waitress. She was wearing a different dirndl this time. Equally pretty. She again saw my eyes focusing on her dress. We exchanged some small talk before my order and she learned I was staying in a nearby hotel and I learned she lived close by, as well. After my meal, we agreed to meet at a nearby cafe the next day. I actually had a date with a beautiful girl. I was ecstatic. 

When we met again, it was obvious I was nervous and awkward. This was new territory for me. She was bold and confident and led the conversation. I complimented her on her hair. It was pulled up with wisp curls on the side. Very feminine. She did the same, saying mine was trendy, and praised me for knowing how to style it. She said most men don't know about such things. I let it slip that I had once dated a cosmetologist who had taught me many things. This seemed to intrigue her for some reason and the discussion then centered on hairstyles. She then led the discussion to the topic of dirndls and gave me a little history lesson including describing the various styles. At some point I must have shown too much interest by asking questions, as she commented, 'You're different, most men don't show such interest in dresses." I got embarrassed. We ended that encounter with agreeing to have lunch together the following day. I knew I was on shaky ground but determined to man up next time.

We had a very nice lunch and engaged in more conversation. I tried hard to keep the conversation about her likes, but each time she described something girly it was as if I added more on the topic and she would then probe to find the basis for my knowledge.  Each time, it was as if she had struck gold. Finding little nuggets here and there. When I commented about my skill at giving foot rubs being appreciated since I knew women's feet can get sore wearing high heels, her eyes widened. She eventually invited me to her apartment.

She showed me around her apartment, obviously feeling confident that I was harmless. The tour ended at her closet. As she expected, my eyes quickly spotted her dirndls. She had several that she wore for work. It didn't go unnoticed. Seeing my reaction, she quickly said, "Would you like to try one on?" Her look melted me. I stammered out, "Do you want me to?" "Yes," was all she said and all she had to say. She selected one, a pink and black one with a white blouse, and said, "I think this one will look perfect on you."

I spent the afternoon wearing the dirndl. She had me serve her coffee and give her a foot rub and then a pedicure. Her demeanor took on a more regal tone. Thus began my service to a pretty German girl. My attempt at finding my manhood had lasted all of three weeks.
You must be like a beacon, Michaela; always attracting those that like to put men in dresses.  Big Grin That sounds like a beautiful experience with a delightful ending (and entirely removed from the need to consider the opinions of your associates.
(10-22-2020, 05:09 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: You must be like a beacon, Michaela; always attracting those that like to put men in dresses.  Big Grin That sounds like a beautiful experience with a delightful ending (and entirely removed from the need to consider the opinions of your associates.
She told me she had never dressed a guy before but the more I spoke the more she just wanted to put me in a dirndl. She told me she liked to dominate men but I was her first sissy.
But probably not her last by the sound of things.  Big Grin
Traditional style Bavarian Dirndl costume .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
(10-22-2020, 05:44 PM)Bill Wrote: Traditional style Bavarian Dirndl costume .
Oh! Now that brings back memories, lol. Thanks.
            As I mentioned, my first dirndl was pink and black like the one shown. My dirndl for maid duties¬†was black and white, like the one shown. I also¬†learned that there is a meaning in where one places the knot of the apron tie. Placing it in the wrong place can lead to interesting times.
Absolutely darling, Michaela. I would wear any one of those without hesitation.  Big Grin

A really great way to dress....

Big Grin
Heart Heart Heart
A crossdresser in a really pretty dirndl

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