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A fashionable scarf over rollers

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Looking good, Michaela. Unfortunately, the big hair era was before my time really and the image of femininity I grew up to know was really of the Rapunzel and Pony Tail varieties that have emerged since the 80s (and which I am a big fan of for myself today.
I'm surprised that they haven't made a come back in fashion as well as being practical as well . Most women stopped wearing them as air pollution had cleared up a lot . Back then things were rather sooty and smoggy . The scarf kept it off and out of your hair . Also hair products have become far better and more prevalent for home use . With all the air pollution now coming from cars mostly and hairdressers being off limits due to Corvid i thought they might have made a bit of a come back . Even for when you need to cover up the fact that you are just having a bad hair day lol . You used to see young ladies in their convertibles wearing them as they drove by as well but not anymore . The headscarf seems to be going the same way as the handkerchief and what was something every lady would own quite a few of has now been consigned to fashion history .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I had a school friend whose mother was a school dinner lady she was stunning she would come into the school wearing a head scarf, she was one of my firsts crushes, not to mention half the boys in the school, i must have pumped gallons of sperm in her every hole and all over her naked body as I wanked myself silly every night thinking about her.

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