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Panty Lines - Chapter 3-2 - Sunday
Cian could not speak yet but he could nod his understanding. Mrs. Kerry took him by the shoulders and steered him into the corner. She helped him raise his dress and petticoat to expose his flaming bottom.
“You will stay in that corner until lunchtime. That’s about two hours and I hope you use the time to think about what you have done. If this ever happens again it will be a lot worse for you so you better make your mind up to obey the first time you are told. You may not believe it right now, but things can get worse.”
Cian nodded his head and stuck his nose right into the corner. He knew he could not take any more so he made the promise to himself that he would do anything she told him to do no matter what. Trying to resist in even the slightest way was a sure path to pain and punishment. He surrendered all resistance. Mrs. Kerry was the clear winner and Cian would never forget that.
Mrs. Kerry left Cian to his misery. She did peek into the room once in a while and was pleased to see that Cian was obeying her instructions perfectly. She sensed that something in him had changed and she was very pleased.
“Cindy, you may pull up your panties and come out of the corner now.”
Cian backed away from the corner and eased the panties up over his sore bottom. The cotton was a lot thicker than the nylon and held in the heat. He let his petticoat and dress drop down. Mrs. Kerry arranged the ends of the ribbon sash so they hung down nicely.
“It’s lunch time, Cindy. I made roast beef sandwiches. I heard they are your favorite so I hope you like them.”
“Yes, ma’am, they are. Thank you.”
Mrs. Kerry followed Cian down to the kitchen. He looked at the lunch on the table and at the hard wooden chair beside the table. Mrs. Kerry smiled.
“Would you like to eat standing up, Cindy?”
“Oh yes, please, ma’am.”
“Very well, Cindy. You may eat standing up.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
Cian ate his lunch being very careful not to spill anything on his dress or anywhere else. After lunch he collected the dirty dishes, washed them and put them away. It was getting to be a routine. Once the kitchen had been set to rights, Mrs. Kerry spoke.
“We have one more piece of unpleasant business to take care of, Cindy. You remember that you missed several curtseys last evening, don’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I’ll do better.”
“I know that you will, Cindy, but you still have to be punished.”
“Oh, please, ma’am, no more spanking. I can’t take any more.”
“You’d be surprised at how much more you can take and if I decide you need to be spanked you will be spanked. I don’t care how sore your bottom is, if it deserves to be spanked it will be.”
Cian started to cry.
“However, I do believe that you will do better so I’m not going to spank you for the missed curtseys.”
Cian looked up in pleased surprise.
“No spanking?”
“Not unless you think you need one.”
“Oh no, ma’am! I don’t need to be spanked again.”
“Very well, but you do need a punishment that will help you to remember and I think I have the perfect one. Panty check!”
Cian spun around, pulled down his panties, lifted up his dress and petticoat and waited. Mrs. Kerry did her usual inspection.
“Still clean, little miss. That’s good.”
Cian stood up and went to reach for his panties.
“No. Leave those where they are and come with me.”
Cian curtseyed. “Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry led him back upstairs to the bedroom. She pulled the pad of paper and the pencils out of the desk drawer and set them on the desk. She motioned towards the chair.
“Sit down, Cindy. I think a few lines will stimulate your memory.”
Cian’s first instinct was to protest or refuse to sit down. His bottom was so sore that even his panties hurt never mind sitting. It only took him a fraction of a second to dismiss that idea and do as he was told. He was much happier when Mrs. Kerry was not mad at him.
Cian eased his sore bottom down onto the wooden chair with a squeal and a moan. Mrs. Kerry pushed him and the chair under the desk.
“Cindy, write this down. ‘I will always curtsey when given an order.’”
Cian wrote down the sentence. At least it was short enough to fit on one line. He squirmed in his seat continuously as he wrote.
“Cindy, you will write that line five hundred times in your best handwriting, carefully numbered. If I reject a line you have to write ten replacement lines and if I reject five percent, that’s twenty-five in this case, you’ll repeat the entire punishment, doubled. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian slumped in his seat. Five hundred would take him all afternoon; at least five hours and maybe more. He would have to write slowly to make sure there weren’t too many rejects. He felt very sad and defeated.
“I’ll be in to check on you from time to time. Do not get up to curtsey when I enter. I want your sore little bottom to stay on that chair. So, you may begin.”
Cian began the mindless drudgery of writing lines. He hated lines. He got them enough times at school. But lines are better than a spanking. He wrote steadily for over an hour before Mrs. Kerry came back.
“Mrs. Kerry?”
“Yes, Cindy.”
“May I go to the bathroom, ma’am?”
“Yes you may. Is it time for you to poop?’
Cian was stunned. How could she ask him that? It was so personal and embarrassing. He sighed heavily.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“I thought so. It was about this time yesterday that you streaked your panties. Okay, let’s go.”
Cian got up from the chair with a moan and pulled up his panties. He went down the hall and into the bathroom. Mrs. Kerry followed him in. He was about to pull down his panties when he saw that Mrs. Kerry appeared to be staying.
“You’re not going to watch are you, ma’am?”
“Of course I am. You proved yesterday that you’re not to be trusted to wipe yourself properly so I’m going to supervise. Now, get at it.”
Cian curtseyed. “Yes, ma’am.”
Cian realized that Mrs. Kerry had seen and examined every inch of him so he just worked up his nerve, pulled down his panties and sat on the toilet. He kept a lot of his weight on his feet and tried to hover like he did yesterday.
“None of that, Cindy. Sit right down and stick your feet out in front.”
With a moan he sat right down. The toilet seat hurt more than the chair did.
At first he couldn’t go so he sat there for a few minutes.
“Cindy, you said you had to go to the bathroom. Were you lying to me?”
“No, ma’am.”
“Then you better get at it because it will be at least an hour before you get another chance. Heaven help you if you have an accident. Or would you rather swap your panties for diapers?”
“I’ll go, ma’am. I will.”
Cian closed his eyes and concentrated. Pretending he was alone helped and he was soon finished.
“Are you done?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Then stand up, turn around, spread you legs and bend over.”
Numbly Cian did as he was told. He clenched his teeth as he felt Mrs. Kerry wipe his bottom. She was none too gentle and made sure to be deep and thorough. Every time Cian thought he couldn’t be embarrassed further he discovered how wrong he was.
Mrs. Kerry tossed the used paper into the toilet and flushed. Cian pulled up his panties. Mrs. Kerry washed her hands and then Cian did too. They went back to the bedroom.
“Panty check!”
Cian got into position. That one was predictable he thought.
“Nice and clean, Cindy. Now keep your panties down and get back to your lines.”
Cian curtseyed. “Yes, ma’am.” He sat gingerly in the hard chair and resumed his writing.
It was almost dinner time before he finished. He checked them over and rewrote a few words here and there. He checked to make sure he had numbered them all without an error. Once he was satisfied he’d done his best he called out.
“Mrs. Kerry!”
“Yes, Cindy.”
He jumped. She was already in the room and he hadn’t even heard her.
“I’ve finished my lines, ma’am.”
“Very well. You just sit there while I check them over.”
Mrs. Kerry picked up a red pencil. Cian sat nervously and Mrs. Kerry checked them over. Every now and then she made a mark with the red pencil.
“That’s very good, Cindy. There are only seven lines that are not written well enough. So you have seventy replacement lines to write. Write them and then bring them down to the kitchen. By then dinner will be ready.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Only seven wasn’t that bad but it was still seventy more lines. His hand was really sore and cramped from all of the writing. He massaged it and flexed his fingers before he started. It was nearly another hour before he was finished the replacement lines. He got slower the more he had to write.
Cian gathered up his lines, stood up, rubbed his bottom to ease the ache and pulled up his panties. As he eased them into place he was again surprised at the reaction of his little member. It seemed that every time he put panties on or even heard the word it aroused him. It was so embarrassing.
Cian went downstairs and into the kitchen. He curtseyed and waited in silence.
“Lines done?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry took the lines from him.
“Please set the table while I check them.”
Cian curtseyed again. “Yes, ma’am.”
Cian put out the utensils, cups and plates. By the time he was done so was Mrs. Kerry.
“These are acceptable, Cindy.”
Cian sighed with relief. He watched as Mrs. Kerry added the replacement lines to the original lines. He stared almost in shock as she tore them up into small pieces and threw them in the garbage. All of his hard work, a whole afternoon, thrown away in a second. He was heartbroken.
“Thank you, ma’am.”
“Sit down, Cindy. It’s dinner time.”
Cian curtseyed again. “Yes, ma’am.” He sat down carefully.
They enjoyed a nice dinner together and Cian cleaned up the kitchen as usual. Cian went into the living room to find Mrs. Kerry.
He entered the room, curtseyed and waited.
“Sit down, Cindy. We have to talk about several things before I drive you home.”
Cian curtseyed and sat carefully on the couch. “Yes, ma’am.”
“One of the things we need to talk about are Rosemary and Emily.”
Cian had forgotten about them living here. He was suddenly scared that they’d be home any minute and see him dressed like a little girl. Once again the conscious thought of being dressed this way excited him. Oh, when will this be over?
“Rosemary and Emily are my nieces not my daughters and they don’t live here. I take them to church once in a while as a favor to my sister.”
“I don’t understand, ma’am. If they don’t even live here how did their panties end up on the clotheslines?”
Mrs. Kerry chuckled. “They didn’t. All of those panties were brand new and your mommy bought them just for you.”
“I don’t understand any of this, ma’am.”
“Then let me explain. I know your mommy very well. She has noticed that you spend a lot of time looking through the mail order catalogs. She even found the Sear’s catalog in your room open to the page advertising girls’ panties. She has also noticed that if you hear someone say the word ‘panties’ you sit up straight and blush. If you think back over the last few weeks, that word has come up in conversation quite a bit. That wasn’t an accident. It was a test. Your mommy has also seen the look on your face when you’ve seen a pair of panties, even hers in the laundry. She also knows that you have been peeking into her panty drawer when she’s not home.”
All through this Cian sat in shock with a deep blush on his face staring down at the floor.
“This is all true, isn’t it Cindy?”
As much as Cian was scared to admit it, he knew his secret had been out even before he met Mrs. Kerry.
“Y..y..yes, ma.. ma’am.” Cian could feel the tears of humiliation rising.
“The clotheslines were the final exam. How do you think you did, Cindy?”
“I failed, ma’am.”
“Not at all, Cindy. You passed with flying colors! You proved how much you love panties and that is what we were testing.”
Cian sat in silent thought. His little peeny was throbbing almost enough to distract him from his sore bottom.
“Now I suppose you’re wondering how I got involved in all of this.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“As I said, I’ve known your mommy for many years and she knew all about the special service I do.”
“Special service, ma’am?”
“Yes, young lady, in addition to my regular job I train little girls like you. I am quite well known for how I can turn a little panty pervert like you into a well behaved little girl. When your mommy told me her suspicions about you I told her that I would be happy to test you and then start your training.”
“So mommy knew all about this, ma’am?”
“Of course she did. I told her that I needed a full weekend to establish my authority with you and she agreed.”
“Did mommy know that you would spank me and do all of the other things, ma’am?”
“Naturally, she knows that little girls like you need ultra strict discipline. You can expect to be spanked frequently for many years to come. Your mommy will be spanking you more and if she sends you back to me, you’ll learn what ultra strict discipline really means.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“There is one more thing we have to do here before I take you home. Wait here.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian sat stunned as he realized what was happening to him. He had certainly fallen into the trap. He was caught. Mommy and Mrs. Kerry knew. They knew that he not only loved panties but that he needed the uncompromising discipline Mrs. Kerry had introduced.
Mrs. Kerry returned.
Cian automatically stood up and curtseyed.
“Sit down, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed again. “Yes, ma’am.” He sat.
Mrs. Kerry handed Cian a pair of scissors and held up something in front of him. It was the underwear he was wearing on Friday. She handed it to him.
“Cut these into little pieces, Cindy.”
Cian looked puzzled.
“It’s a symbol, Cindy. Once you cut these up you’ll never wear boys’ underpants again. You’ll wear panties the rest of your life. Now, cut.”
Too scared to even protest Cian used the scissors and cut his underpants to pieces. He felt like he was cutting more than cloth. He was cutting off an old life.
“You will still wear boys’ clothes in public and to school, but otherwise you’ll be dressed much as you are now. Nice, job, young lady. Stand up and lift up the front of your dress and petticoat.”
Cian got to his feet and lifted the front of his dress. His little peeny was pushing out the front of his panties. He really didn’t have a choice.
Mrs. Kerry reached into a pocket and pulled out the lace trimmed pink nylon panties that had been the final lure in the trap.
“Take off the panties you’re wearing and put these on. You will want to look your best for your mommy.”
Cian curtseyed and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
He slipped the white cotton panties off and took the pink ones from Mrs. Kerry. He slid them up his legs. He could feel goosebumps as the pretty, soft nylon slid up his legs. As they slid over his peeny he couldn’t hold back and spurted into them as he finished putting them on.
“That’s perfect, Cindy. I didn’t expect that so soon and you won’t be able to do that for much longer if I have my way, but it sure shows how much you love your cute little pink panties.”
Cian was thoroughly defeated. “Yes, ma’am.”
“Now, come along and let’s get you home. Today you’re going to go home dressed like the little girl you are. That way you can show your mommy your new clothes.”
Cian curtseyed and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry led him through the kitchen. She picked up two large shopping bags.
“Bring that box too, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed again and said “Yes. ma’am.” He picked up the large box and followed Mrs. Kerry outside. She stopped at the clothesline and reeled it in. She took off the two diapers and the plastic panties and put them in the box Cian was holding. She took down the pink cotton panties and laid them in a shopping bag.
Cian was afraid someone would see him, but the fence was pretty high and he had no choice anyway so he just followed Mrs. Kerry into the garage. She opened the trunk of the car and put the shopping bags and the box inside.
“Get in the car, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, said, “Yes, ma’am” and got in.
Mrs. Kerry opened the garage door and got in the car. Cian slumped down in the car during the short trip home. He felt lucky that nobody saw him. When they got to his house his garage was open and empty. Mrs. Kerry drove right in and stopped. She got out of the car and closed the garage door. Cian got out of the car.
“Well, young lady, here we are; home, safe and sound. Let’s go inside. Your mommy is waiting. You take the box and I’ll bring the bags.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, ma’am.”
They retrieved the box and bags from the trunk. Luckily for Cian it was an attached garage so they were able to go directly into the kitchen. His mommy was sitting at the table drinking coffee. Cian set the box down and stood before his mommy. He was totally humiliated standing in front of her dressed as he was and knowing his panties were sticky. At that thought he started to get excited again.
Mrs. Kerry spoke.
“Young lady, you just entered a room with an adult and you didn’t curtsey. You had to write lines today about forgetting to curtsey so I see the lines weren’t enough.”
Cian started to cry.
His mommy spoke.
“Thank you, Shannon. I can see that you were right.”
“You’re welcome, Mary. Lift up the front of her dress for the final proof.”
Cian’s mommy lifted up his dress and petticoat in front.
“Oh, my! He already made stickies in those cute little pink panties and it looks like he’s ready to do it again.”
Cian didn’t dare say anything. He just continued to cry.
“We’ll talk later, but I have to get going. I have another little pantywaist coming tomorrow and I have to get things ready.”
“Thank you again, Shannon. He looks lovely.”
“She may look lovely, but she’s still not what I’d call well behaved. That’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of spankings.”
“You said that’s what would happen and you’ve been right so far. I suppose I’ll just have to get stricter.”
“Yes you will, Mary. If you really want me to work with her, consider my offer of taking her for the summer. She’ll come back a whole new girl.”
Cian started to sob out loud. The prospect of a whole summer with Mrs. Kerry was more than he could imagine.
“I’ll think about it, Shannon. It might do him a world of good.”
“Well, I can assure you she’ll learn discipline at my hands. Speaking of discipline, she forgot a curtsey as she came in, but I’ll leave the spanking to you. Consider it as the start of your new career as her disciplinarian. Now, I really do have to get going.”
Mrs. Kerry and Cian’s mommy hugged.
“Bye, Mary. Talk to you later.”
“Bye, Shannon.”
“Goodbye, young lady. I’m sure that I’ll see you soon.”
Cian didn’t know what came over him but her ran to Mrs. Kerry and hugged her.
“Goodbye, ma’am. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss. Goodbye for now.”
Mrs. Kerry turned and was out the door. It had hardly closed when Cian’s mommy spoke.
“Well, Cian, it seems you deserve to be spanked. We better get that done before we put your new clothes away.”
Cian was now so thoroughly cowed that he just said, “Yes, mommy.”
“Come along, Cian.”
Cian curtseyed and said, “Yes, mommy. But mommy?”
“What is it Cian?”
“Mommy, my name is Cindy.”

I'd love to get your feedback, but please click New Reply rather than Reply to avoid reposting the entire story. Thanks.
What a great story, Cindy. Whilst it may be the end of the story - though I hope we might get to read about the full summer referenced at some stage - it is in fact only the beginning for Cian and for Miss Kerry’s next student.  Wink 

There are so many aspects of many of our own petticoating experiences contained herein; it has been a joy to read.
Thank-you Cindy for a wonderful adventure. Reel sweet scenes in the kitchen. Asking Mommy to use her little ones new name is the icing on the cake.
I hoped you'd like that at the end.

I am considering a small stand alone story, but I haven't worked out the plot in my mind completely.

I used the reference to the next student as a way to get Mrs. Kerry out so that Cindy could be alone with mommy. I hadn't thought of that as a possible basis for a new story, but I will think about it.
A great story, Cindy, and a great ending.  It looks like young Cindy has accepted her new role as Mommy's Little Sissy.  Thanks for a delightful story!  
I'm glad that you liked it.
(10-20-2020, 07:10 PM)afp Wrote: Thank-you Cindy for a wonderful adventure. Reel sweet scenes in the kitchen. Asking Mommy to use her little ones new name is the icing on the cake.

Agreed! I loved the last line too. 
“Mommy, my name is Cindy.”

And this.
He knew he could not take any more so he made the promise to himself that he would do anything she told him to do no matter what. Trying to resist in even the slightest way was a sure path to pain and punishment. He surrendered all resistance. Mrs. Kerry was the clear winner and Cian would never forget that.

(10-20-2020, 11:27 PM)Cindy Wrote: I hoped you'd like that at the end.

I am considering a small stand alone story, but I haven't worked out the plot in my mind completely.

I used the reference to the next student as a way to get Mrs. Kerry out so that Cindy could be alone with mommy. I hadn't thought of that as a possible basis for a new story, but I will think about it.

I would love to see the new love, tenderness and obedience between Cindy and her Mom in this new relationship. Maybe just a short "day in the new life of" type of story.
I can see some tenderness coming for Cindy at times, but she is still a very naughty little boy and mommy is going to have to become a firmer disciplinarian. I think she has a lot of sore bottoms still to come. I have been considering writing more as the spirit moves me.
Cindy gets to see her own washing line and wonders if other boys stare at her panties .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Bill, that’s a great idea and love the photo.

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