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Womanless Pageant
Has anyone else experienced being in a womanless pageant at their school? This concept has been around for years and grown in popularity. My school had these pageants as fund raisers. I was always being told I should participate. I finally did during my senior year. My mother actually got excited about it. My mother and both of my sisters had been in beauty pageants and each had won. My mother was crowned county fair queen back when she was in high school. I was pressured by all three to "hold up the family tradition." 

They prepped me for a whole week prior to the pageant. I had to practice wearing a gown and walking in heels along with coaching on my female mannerisms and voice. They even debated about my hairstyle and makeup. They really fussed over me. On the day of the pageant, we all arrived early and they went to work on me, doing my makeup, nails and hair. The other boys had girls helping them but everyone else wore wigs. I was the only one with my own hair in curlers. And, the only one ended up with an updo. My mother knew a few tricks for incorporating hair pieces to add height and blend my curled hair with them to make it look natural. My gown was actually one of my sisters' old prom dresses. My mother bought me lingerie and high heels. 

Each boy was escorted by a cheerleader, down a carpet run laid on the gym floor, to the stage. I heard a lot of gasps along with giggles and laughs. I was the only one who didn't struggle in heels. All the other boys looked like boys dressed as girls. I stood out. I was so excited when I won and seeing my family jumping up and cheering. It was an amazing feeling to hear people applaud. I'll never forget having the crown placed on my hair and being handed a bouquet of flowers. I felt so pretty and girly. Later my mother laughed and said, "Now, don't go off and make this a habit." If only she knew then what my college years would bring.

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