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Exprriment gone wrong
A year ago I got to a place in my life where I could retire still in my early 30s and live comfortably. About the same time, I began to notice drawings about a man dressing & acting as a Muslim woman, getting completely into the role.

Since I had been 12 years building a business from the ground up, running things, making decisions, giving orders, the subservient identity of a Muslim woman seemed like it would be a welcome change for a few weeks or even a month or 2.

It took a while but I found Eshall, a woman who could do it for me: train me, change my appearance, educate me in the customs and habits of the practicing Muslim woman, and even give me documentation “proving” my identity. And just as important, Eshall would safeguard my identification, bank accounts, and everything else I’d need when I decided to return to my Western Male self.

I won’t go into the details: shots to give me a feminine figure, treatments to make my skin smooth and olive-complected, subliminal tapes that left me speaking with a heavy accent, and training in graceful female movements. It all happened very fast, and almost before I knew it, I was in a little apartment of my own, with a 2nd-hand car and a job working for a cleaning company!

For a few weeks it was all very pleasant and restful – therapeutic even. Then gradually I began to get bored. Then restless. It didn’t help that I was now cleaning the offices of the company I had built, often seeing the woman who had been my PA and was now the CEO. She treated me with complete disdain, often pointing out surfaces that needed a second going-over, and places on the carpet to be cleaned on hands & knees!

That was the limit. I decided I’d had enough of this role and was ready to return to my life as a Western Male.

But when I went back to Eshall, she told me that as a Muslim woman, I was now not allowed to make such decisions on my own! Only my father or other close male relative could do it – or a husband!

Since then I’ve felt trapped in this identity, desperately trying to think of a way out of this humiliating role. Worse yet, Eshall thinks I should look for a husband, and since Muslim men value chastity, she’s put me in a cock-lock!

Welcome to the forum, Crayle. 

That’s certainly a unique story that you have there, though the concept that individuals try things in the heat of arousal that in retrospect seems not such a good idea is as old as time itself. 

Unfortunately, hypnosis really isn’t my forte but someone here may be able to assist. I wish you look.

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