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Panty Lines - Chapter 2-2 - Saturday
very good stories...I like stories about petticoats and pink plastic pants
This story just gets better and better with each chapter. I am absolutely smitten with Mrs. Kerry and am reminded to be careful what you wish for, but the submissive sissy in me would love to belong to Mrs. be Her personal sissy maid...strict...oh so strict and beautiful as our young Cindy has observed!

A couple of quotes jumped out at me..."Isn’t the magic of panties wonderful?”...Yes...I suspect that the magic of panties played a big role in making many of us what we are today!

And..."Mrs. Kerry could be nice if he was perfectly behaved, but she was anything but nice when he wasn’t. In an odd way that made him feel secure"...there is so much truth here for the know that you will be held accountable for your behavior and be punished if the rules are broken provides a sense of structure and security.

Loving everything about this delightful tale! Thank you!

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