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Panty Lines - Chapter 2-2 - Saturday
Cian carefully tucked the back of his dress and petticoats under his bottom as he sat down. He made sure that the front of the dress covered his lap and was neatly arranged around him.
“That’s excellent, Cindy. There is just one more thing, remember to keep your legs together. Good little girls never sit with their legs apart.”
Cian moved his legs together. It was uncomfortable. He could feel the pressure on his peeny and the sensation aroused him again.
“You seem to be a very polite young lady. I have noticed that you say please and thank you and that you are very respectful when you speak to me. Other than a lapse or two that I will put down to nerves, I have no complaints on that score. You do need to learn something new that only applies to girls. It’s a little old fashioned, but I think it’s cute and so you will learn it. Please stand up.”
Cian got to his feet and stood in front of Mrs. Kerry.
“Have you ever heard of a curtsey, Cindy?”
“No, ma’am.”
“It’s something that little girls used to do all the time to show respect. When I was a little girl failing to curtsey when it was required was considered a serious lack of respect. That always led to instant punishment just as it will for you. I’m going to teach you how to curtsey properly and then I will give you the rules about when you need to curtsey. Start by standing up nice and straight.”
Cian stood as straight as he could.
“Now pinch the hem of your skirt straight out to each side between your thumb and forefinger. That’s right. Now slide your right foot behind your left foot. Very good, Cindy. To do the curtsey you lift the hem of your skirt at the same time as you bend your knees and squat down. No. Not that deep. Come up a bit. That’s it. Be careful not to lift the hem too high. You do not want to risk showing your panties. The last part is a little bow with your head. That’s right. Then you stand up.”
Cian felt like a fool. He wondered if any of the girls he knew ever had to do this.
“Now that you have all of the pieces, let’s see if you can put them all together and do a nice smooth curtsey.”
Cian curtseyed.
“Not too bad, but you need to practice until it becomes fluid and natural.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Do it fifty times and count them out loud as you do them. Take a short pause between each one. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am, I understand. One, ma’am.”
“Good for a first try, but keep your back straight.”
“Two, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry watched as Cian practiced. She was very critical and found something slightly wrong each time.”
Cian was getting very frustrated. No matter how hard he tried she was never satisfied.
“Thirty-seven, ma’am.”
Cian paused but Mrs. Kerry didn’t say anything this time.
“Thirty-eight, ma’am.”
By the time he’d performed and counted out fifty curtseys, he realized he was doing them to Mrs. Kerry’s satisfaction automatically. He felt very proud of himself until he realized that no self-respecting boy should feel proud of being able to curtsey. He also realized that the motion was stimulating him and that brought back his blush.
Cian stood still after the fiftieth and waited for Mrs. Kerry to speak.
“Well, done, Cindy. You now have a very nice curtsey. All you have to learn now is when you have to do it. I think you should write them out to help you learn them. Let’s go up to your bedroom.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
They went upstairs and into Rosemary’s room. Mrs. Kerry walked over to the desk and took a pad of paper and a handful of pencils out of the drawer and laid them on the desk.
“Sit down, Cindy.”
Cian sat and picked up a pencil.
“Write down what I say in your best handwriting. Let’s begin.”
“Rules for Curtsey. Rule one. A young lady must curtsey if she goes into a room with an adult in it and then waits silently until given permission to speak.”
Cian wrote out the first rule.
“Rule two. A young lady must stop what she is doing, stand up and curtsey when an adult enters the room.”
“Rule three. A young lady must curtsey when she is standing and given an order from an adult and say either, ‘Yes, ma’am’ or ‘Yes, sir.’”
“It’s not very likely you’ll ever need to say, ‘sir’, but I do want the rules to be complete. Have you got all of that?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian handed Mrs. Kerry the pad with the written rules. She looked them over.
“Your handwriting is a little sloppy for a young lady. You’ll have to practice to get it to look more feminine and neater. I think I have a good way to help you.”
She handed back the pad.
“I want you to write out the rules fifteen times. That will help you learn them and I want you to practice your handwriting at the same time. Once you are done, come down for lunch and bring it with you.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian looked at the rules as Mrs. Kerry left the room. It was a lot of writing. He sighed and picked up a pencil. Mrs. Kerry sure is strict and she scares me. She’s also really pretty. He squirmed a bit on the chair as he wrote. His bottom was still sore from last night. He just hoped he could avoid getting another one. He resolved to do his best.
When he finished writing out the rules fifteen times he took them down to the kitchen. Mrs. Kerry was standing by the stove stirring a pot. Cian walked into the kitchen, curtseyed and waited quietly. She took in a big sniff from the pot and then turned to Cian.
“Well done, Cindy. Does this mean you’re finished writing? Do you understand the rules?”
“Yes, ma’am. I’m done and I understand the rules.”
“Very good, but you are now responsible for them and if you break them you will be punished. Now go sit down for lunch.”
Cian curtseyed. “Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry smiled as Cian walked to the table and sat down properly on the chair with his legs together.
“You’re becoming a proper little girl, Cindy. I am proud of you.”
Cian was thrilled by the praise. He really wanted to make Mrs. Kerry happy with him. But the nagging conflict came back. Why am I so happy that she thinks I can behave like some silly little girl? This is all so humiliating. I have to get through this so I can go back to normal.
Mrs. Kerry put a cup of tomato soup and a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich down in front of Cian. She got her own lunch and sat opposite him.
“Eat up, Cindy.”
Cian ate his sandwich and drank his soup. When he was done he took the dishes and put them in the sink.
“Would you like me to take yours, ma’am?”
“Yes. Thank you, Cindy.”
Cian put Mrs. Kerry’s dishes in the sink with his.
“I believe you said you had homework, Cindy.”
“Yes, ma’am. I have some math, science and history to do. It should be about an hour.”
“That’s fine, Cindy. Take your schoolbag back to your room and do your homework.”
Cian curtseyed. “Yes, ma’am.”
He turned to get his schoolbag while Mrs. Kerry nodded in approval.
Cian froze.
“I see England. I see France. I see Cindy’s underpants.”
Cian sighed and sagged a little. He forgot again.
“Stay as you are, Cindy.”
Mrs. Kerry walked over to where Cian was bent over his schoolbag. She carefully peeled down his panties inside out around his knees. She raised her hand.
“It’s very naughty to show your panties, little miss. I hope this will help you to remember to be more careful.”
Mrs. Kerry delivered the usual six stingers with her hand. Cian squealed a little with each one and was crying pretty freely by the end. His bum was sore when he woke up and it was getting worse with each little spanking. He’d lost track of how many of these he’d had, but there were too many as far as he was concerned.
As Cian stood up he went to rub his sore cheeks. Mrs. Kerry caught his hands.
“No, Cindy. No rubbing. Naughty girls that show their panties need to learn to be more careful. Perhaps sitting with your bare bottom on the desk chair while you do your homework will help you remember. Now, Let’s go.”
Cian picked up his schoolbag with one hand while Mrs. Kerry took the other. It was awkward for him to walk and go upstairs with his panties around his knees so it took a little longer than usual. Once they got to the bedroom he took out his school books and put them on the desk.
“Okay, Cindy. Sit down.”
Cian curtseyed and said, “Yes, ma’am.” He looked at the wooden chair with fear, but he knew he had no choice. He eased himself down and tried to balance on his thighs and hold up some of his weight with his legs.
“Young lady, I let you hover like that when you used the toilet after your spanking last night, but no more. Lift your feet right out straight in front of you.”
Cian whimpered as he settled down onto the hard chair. As he lifted his feet his full weight settled onto his sore bum. Mrs. Kerry slid the chair under the desk.
“Put your feet on that ledge down there and keep them there until you are finished.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian put his feet down on the ledge under the desk. His feet were kept up off the floor and there was no way to shift his weight.
“Now you’re going to find out about sitting after a spanking. You can expect to do a lot more of this, young lady. I’m starting to lose patience with you.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am.”
“No, you’re not sorry yet, but keep being careless and showing your panties and you will be. I know that you love your little pink panties but nobody else should see them by accident.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be more careful.”
“I hope so. I’ll be back in an hour to check over your homework. Do not get up until I come back.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian started his homework and Mrs. Kerry left the room. It was hard to concentrate with his sore bottom on the hard chair. He was also conscious of the panties around his knees. He couldn’t help peeking at them under the desk every few minutes. No matter what else was happening the sight or even the thought of those panties excited him. He wondered what was wrong with him.
Mrs. Kerry returned some time after Cian had finished his homework. Without even the homework to distract him he was squirming in the chair as she walked in.
“Still sore, Cindy?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“You should remember I told you that if I had my way you would be sore and red all the time and just more sore on the days you got a real spanking. You might have to get used to this.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian was horrified at the idea that she could keep him sore all the time if she wanted. He was so ashamed. He was ashamed that he had let her down. She was so pretty and strict and he wanted to make her happy. He again asked himself what was wrong with him. Thinking like that was so wrong. She was awful, but she was also so pretty. Cian was so confused.
“I think it’s time to go back downstairs, Cindy. So get up, pull up your panties and come with me.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian got up and pulled up his panties. He felt them rub over his little peeny which jumped up to greet them. He felt so sore there. He’d been aroused over and over and over. It was so sore and so thrilling at the same time.
Cian dropped his schoolbag back in the kitchen. Mrs. Kerry was in the living room so he went in. He curtseyed and waited. Mrs. Kerry looked up.
“You’ve had a busy day, Cindy, and you’ve learned a lot. Now I think it’s time for some relaxation for you. I hope you like to read because little girls spend a lot of time doing quiet things. I have a special book for you. It’s called, “Charlotte’s Web.” Have you ever read it? It’s about a very brave girl named Fern. I’m sure you’ll like it.”
“I haven’t read it, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.”
Cian didn’t expect to like any book for girls, but reading was better than anything else he’d done today. So far the best part was homework.
Cian took the book from Mrs. Kerry, sat carefully on the couch and started to read. It wasn’t as much fun as the adventure books he usually read, but it wasn’t that bad. He read quietly for a couple of hours. He put the book down and stood up. He walked over in front of Mrs. Kerry and curtseyed.
“Yes, Cindy?”
“May I go to the bathroom, ma’am?”
“Yes, of course, Cindy. Thank you for that curtsey. That wasn’t in the rules but it was the right thing to do.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
Cindy went upstairs and used the bathroom. It was a strange feeling to be sitting on the toilet with the pink skirt surrounding him like a tent. It was even stranger to have to work his way through the skirt and petticoat to wipe. This stupid dress made everything more difficult. He hated it, except he had also come to like the way it felt on his bare legs. Cian washed his hands and went back to the living room. He walked in and curtseyed in front of Mrs. Kerry.
“You may keep reading, Cindy, but I’ll call you in a few minutes to set the table for dinner.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
Cian sat back down and continued reading his book while Mrs. Kerry went into the kitchen. He’d only read another chapter when Mrs. Kerry called him.
“Cindy, please come and set the table.”
Cian went into the kitchen, curtseyed and set the table. Mrs. Kerry made up two plates and carried them to the table.
“Sit down, Cindy. It’s time to eat.”
Cindy turned towards the chair and stopped. He turned back to Mrs. Kerry, curtseyed and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
“I’m glad you remembered, Cindy.”
They sat down and had a nice meal of leftover chicken and fresh vegetables. Once they were done Mrs. Kerry served up slices of lemon pound cake for dessert.
“Oh, thank you, ma’am. This is one of my favorites.”
“Your mommy told me you liked it and I think you have really been trying today so I thought you deserved a little reward.”
Cian was happy with the cake, but was just as happy to have won approval from this super strict, but very pretty lady.
Once they had finished dessert, Mrs. Kerry got up.
“Cindy, please do the dishes, dry them and put them away. Once you’re done, please come upstairs to your bedroom.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry left Cian to his dishes. He was careful not to slop anything on the dress as he washed and dried the dishes. He had a bowl to put on the top shelf. He heard Mrs. Kerry walking upstairs so he went up on tiptoe and stretched to put it away. He grinned to himself. He knew he’d been naughty, as Mrs. Kerry called it, but he didn’t care. He just enjoyed the freedom. It was the first time he got away with anything since he came into the house. It felt pretty good.
Cian looked around and was pleased to see the kitchen was clean and everything had been put away. He went upstairs to Rosemary’s bedroom. He entered the room, curtseyed to Mrs. Kerry and waited.
“All done, Cindy?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did you put all of the dishes away?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Including the bowl?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did you put it on the top shelf?
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did you use the step stool like a good girl?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“That’s very interesting, Cindy, since I have the step stool up here. I needed it to get something down from the storage closet for later.”
Cian stood transfixed. Mrs. Kerry had just caught him in a lie. He knew he was going to get it.
“You just lied to me, Cindy. I do not tolerate lying little girls. Do you have anything to say?”
“I’m sorry, ma’am. I did lie, but I won’t do it again.”
“Once I’m done, I am quite sure you won’t lie to me again for a very long time. The punishment for lying starts in the bathroom. Let’s go.”
She took Cian by the hand and led him to the bathroom. She stood him in front of the sink.
“Brush your teeth.”
Cian curtseyed and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry smiled. He was really coming along despite the silly lie. Cian brushed his teeth, rinsed and put the brush in the rack. Mrs. Kerry open a drawer under the sink and took out a fresh bar of Ivory soap, a clean washcloth and a towel. She tied the towel around Cian’s neck like a bib.
Cian started to cry as he realized what was coming. What he didn’t know was how bad it would be.
Mrs. Kerry ran the warm water and lathered up the soap. She rubbed the bar into the washcloth and worked up a good froth.
Cian stared in horror as Mrs. Kerry got the washcloth covered thickly in soap. She put the washcloth over the end of her index finger and turned to Cian.
“Kneel down, put your hands behind your back and open your mouth wide.”
Cian was crying freely, but curtseyed, said “Yes, ma’am”, knelt down, clasped his hands behind him and opened his mouth.
Mrs. Kerry used the soapy washcloth on her finger to scrub the inside of Cian’s mouth. She got soap everywhere from the roof of his mouth, the inside of his cheeks, his tongue and even under his tongue. She moved the cloth around to make sure that she had plenty of soap to work in.
Cian had been soaped before, but this was a whole new experience. That was terrible. He could even feel the burn of the soap in his nose.
Once Mrs. Kerry had finished her scrubbing she set down the washcloth. She picked up the wet bar of soap and put it in Cian’s mouth.
As much as he didn’t want to bite into the soap, Cian was too afraid to resist in any way. He bit down hard.
“Don’t swallow the soap suds. I do not want to make you sick. Drool the suds into the towel. Understand?”
Cian nodded.
“I hope this will teach you not to lie to me again. Sit down on that stool by the tub and keep your hands clasped behind your back.”
Cian hung his head and glumly walked over to the stool. With his clasped hands he couldn’t hold the skirt so he could sit down on it. He sat down so that his panty covered bottom was directly on the stool and the dress was free all around.
“That’s the proper way to sit on a stool in a dress like that and I never even explained that. You see, Cindy, you’re even starting to think like a little girl. Isn’t the magic of panties wonderful?”
Cian knew he didn’t need to try and answer that. Mrs. Kerry rinsed out the washcloth and hung it up to dry. She also got out the things she’d need for Cian’s bath. She checked her watch from time to time.
Cian sat and drooled into the towel bib. The sour taste of the soap filled his mouth. He was sure he’d taste it forever. He wondered how long he would have to sit with the soap in his mouth.
Mrs. Kerry left the bathroom and he could hear her doing things in the bedroom and he wondered what it was. He knew it wasn’t something he’d like. Mrs. Kerry could be nice if he was perfectly behaved, but she was anything but nice when he wasn’t. In an odd way that made him feel secure.
Eventually Mrs. Kerry came back to the bathroom. She walked right up to Cian and took the end of the soap in her fingers.
Cian needed her to wriggle the soap before he could open his mouth. His teeth were stuck in the soap. His mouth opened with a loud sucking sound. Mrs. Kerry put the soap on the edge of the bathtub.
“I’ll use that to wash the rest of you later. Now, you may use the dry parts of the towel to wipe out the inside of your mouth. Do a good job because you’re not allowed to rinse until the morning.”
Cian looked up in shock.
“That’s why I had you brush your teeth first, Cindy.”
Cian took the towel and wiped out as much of the soap as possible. He used it over the end of his finger just like Mrs. Kerry did when she put the soap in. He couldn’t get the taste out but he did get all the little pieces of soap and the thick coating off of his tongue. Once he was done Mrs. Kerry took the towel, rinsed it out and hung it it.
“Stand up.”
Cian stood and stared down at the floor in shame. She took him by the hand and led him back to the bedroom. Cian could see the hairbrush was on the desk right beside the chair. Mrs. Kerry sat down and pulled Cian across her knees. Mrs. Kerry turned up his skirt and petticoat right above his waist. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of Cian’s panties and turned them inside out and pulled them down to his knees.
“Reach back with your right hand. Next time just do this automatically and don’t make me ask.”
Cian hoped there wouldn’t be a next time, but he knew there would be. He reached back and she grasped his wrist and held his arm in the small of his back.
“You’re getting a real spanking this time, young lady. No panty warming for you this time. Besides these little cotton panties offer far too much protection for a little liar like you. Little liars really get it hard, long and on the bare bottom. Don’t you ever lie to me again.”
Mrs. Kerry picked up the hairbrush and brought it down hard with a snap of her wrist. The impact sounded like a gunshot in the small room. Cian’s scream was loud and long. If he thought he’d been spanked last night, he was in for a shock. Mrs. Kerry kept up the severe spanking and Cian accompanied it with wall shattering howls. The tears poured down his face. She spanked on and on. Cian was in so much pain he couldn’t even beg for it to stop. It didn’t take as long tonight until Cian hung limply over her knees. He stopped struggling and just howled and cried until she finally stopped. He was scarlet from the top of his bum down to the middle of his thighs.
Cian did discover a horrifying truth. A spanking after a soaping made both worse. His tears and running nose made the taste of the soap even worse. Since he was already crying before the spanking started he lost control even sooner and it made him feel totally helpless and totally punished.
Once the spanking was over Mrs. Kerry actually carried Cian over to the stool. She made sure his dress was out of the way and sat his bare bottom directly onto the wooden seat. Cian howled again as if he was still being spanked. Mrs. Kerry pulled Cian’s panties down his legs and off. She turned the stool so that Cian faced the corner.
“Young lady, you sit there for a while and think about the lie you told me. Ask yourself if you’ll ever lie to me again. I’ll be back when it’s time to get off of that stool. Don’t even think about getting up until then.”
Cian couldn’t answer. He just sat crying in pain and hoping it would be over soon. He resolved that he’d never lie to her again and that he’d be the best little girl he could be. Cian realized what he had been thinking and it shocked him. He didn’t want to be a girl. He was a boy. He looked down and saw the pink party dress and felt the petticoat underneath and he wasn’t as sure of what he was.
Mrs. Kerry left Cian in his misery for an hour. It was long enough to make him think and  to ensure he’d remember this punishment for a long time. Mrs. Kerry tiptoed back into the room just as the hour was up. Cian was still on the stool and his crying was down to an occasional sniffle.
“You may get up now, Cindy.”
Cian got up carefully. His bum was sorer than it had ever been in his life. He felt like he would feel this for days.
“It’s time for your bath and then bed. Lets get those clothes off now. Start with the shoes and socks.”
Cian squatted down and unbuckled his Mary Janes. He slipped them off his feet and took off the lace topped socks.
“Turn around.”
Cian turned his back on Mrs. Kerry. She unbuttoned the tiny buttons down the back of the dress.
“Arms up.”
Cian raised his arms and Mrs. Kerry lifted the dress up and off. she set it on the bed and removed the petticoat.
“Take off your crop top while I hang these up, Cindy.”
Wordlessly Cian took off the crop top, picked up his socks and put them in the laundry basket. By the time he was done, Mrs. Kerry had put the dress and petticoat in the closet. She took Cian by the hand and led him to the bathroom.
“Bath time, Cindy. Just stand here while I run your bubble bath.”
Once the bath was ready Cindy got in. The bath ritual was the same as the night before. Mrs. Kerry washed him from head to toe. She was a little more aggressive washing Cian between his bottom cheeks tonight. There was no need to remove any big boy hairs tonight but she still made him stand in the bath after his final rinse. Mrs. Kerry soaped up her hands.
“Now, Cindy, it’s time to make your little peeny feel better. It must be so sore after a full day in cute little pink panties. I know how soft they are and how nice they feel.”
All it took was Mrs. Kerry talking about the panties to cause Cian’s arousal. He was so ashamed but also so excited.
Mrs. Kerry slowly rubbed her fingers up and down his little member. It felt so good after a day of unsatisfied arousal. Once again, it didn’t take long for Cian to release. He sighed in contentment and Mrs. Kerry washed him off and then washed her hands.
Cian felt so good even with his blazing bottom. For a minute he wasn’t sure if the day of pain and humiliation was worth having this pretty lady bring him off or not.
“Okay. It’s bedtime. You’ve had a busy day.”
Mrs. Kerry again led Cian by the hand back to the bedroom. There was another little nightie on the bed but no panties. They stopped beside the bed and Mrs. Kerry picked up the nightie.
“Arms up.”
Cian raised his arms and Mrs. Kerry slipped the nightie onto him. This one was pink with white polka dots and it only came to his waist. He looked around.
“I suppose you’re wondering where your panties went. I’ll return them to you in minute, but we have something to do first. Last night you wet the bed. Do you remember what I said about that this morning?”
“You said something about extra precautions today, ma’am.”
“Yes I did. That’s why I needed the step stool. I had to get these down.”
Mrs. Kerry opened a cardboard box on the floor and pulled out two pieces of thick white cloth. Cian looked puzzled until Mrs. Kerry put them together on the bed and folded them a few times to form a thick cloth triangle.
Cian gasped.
“Yes, young lady, diapers and these too.”
She reached back into the box and pulled out a pair of pink plastic panties.
“But, ma’am, I …”
“No argument. You wet the bed. You told me you were a bed wetter. Bed wetters need to be responsible and wear diapers. Unless you lied to me about being a bed wetter?”
Cian gasped again. He had just been punished severely for lying. He knew he had to keep up the pretense she wanted.
“No, ma’am. I’ll wear the diapers.”
She wasn’t about to let him off the hook. “And why do you need to wear diapers to bed?”
Cian sighed. “Because I’m a bed wetter, ma’am.”
“Right. Lie down on the bed with your bum on the diaper while I diaper you.”
Cian’s face was purple with shame as he laid down on the bed. Mrs. Kerry started by fastening Cian’s wrists to the straps on the headboard. She didn’t say a word as she took a can of baby powder from the box and sprinkled it all over Cian’s diaper region. To his shame and surprise he once again got aroused by something he knew shouldn’t arouse him. Mrs. Kerry pinned the diapers very snugly. Cian was surprised at how soft they felt and his peeny throbbed. Mrs. Kerry slid the plastic panties up his legs. She stopped at his thighs.
“Lift up.”
Cian arched his back as she slid the plastic panties into place. She checked all around the waistband and leg openings to make sure the diapers were all tucked in. Once she was done she went to the desk drawer and took out two straps that looked like the wrist restraints. She spoke as she attached them to Cian’s ankles.
“Last night I put the wrist restraints on you to prevent you using your hands to play with yourself. Tonight I have to add the ankle restraints because with the thick diapers and plastic panties it’s possible to rub your little peeny against the inside by using your legs to push up and down. This way you can’t get tempted.”
Cian resigned himself as Mrs. Kerry pulled his legs towards the corners of the bed and attached them to the footboard. He tried to pull his legs in once she was done but he had almost no slack. He was not going to be able to move until he was released.
“I have one last thing to do tonight.”
She reached into her pocket and pulled out the panties that Cian had worn all day. she held them up so he could see them.
“Recognize these, Cindy?”
“Those are the panties I wore today, ma’am.”
“Yes they are. They are very cute and I know how much you love little pink panties. Looking at the front of them while you’re wearing them proves that beyond a doubt.”
Cian wondered if he’d ever stop blushing. His face was flaming again.
“If you love your little pink panties so much, how could you treat them so badly?”
“I don’t understand, ma’am. What do you mean?”
She turned them inside out and held them up again. Cian thought he’d die.
“Didn’t I tell you that little girls have to be exceptionally clean?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“So you knew that. Then can you tell me what this is?”
“Please, ma’am.”
“What is it?”
“It’s a skid mark, ma’am.”
“Yes it certainly is, a nice thick one.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t know how that happened.”
Mrs. Kerry laughed.
“You don’t know how it happened? Don’t be silly. You know full well how it happened. There is only one way it can happen. And what is that way?”
“I didn’t wipe good, ma’am.”
“No, you didn’t wipe ‘well’ so tomorrow you’ll have some lessons and a chance to practice. Tonight I’m going to leave you a little reminder about how important it is for a little girl to be very clean at all times.”
Mrs. Kerry turned the panties right side out and put them on Cian’s head. She adjusted them so that his nose was right in the streak.
“Oh yuck! That’s gross.”
“It sure is, young lady, and nobody wants to smell that. Hopefully this will get the message across.”
Cian looked helplessly out through the leg holes.
“You might be able to get those off of your head or turn them so your nose is not in the mess. I suppose that I could tape or pin them on to prevent that, but I prefer it like this. You are responsible to make sure they stay exactly as they are right now. If they are off or you’ve turned them you will be spanked and you will wear them like that all day, pinned in place. That will include while I take you home. So unless you want mommy to see you with your dirty little panties pinned to your nose you’ll leave them alone.”
Cian didn’t say a word.
Mrs. Kerry walked to the doorway and just before she turned off the lights she turned back towards Cian.
“I noticed that after your spanking you neglected to curtsey several times when I told you to do something while you were standing. However, I will be very generous and you will only get one punishment because you also curtseyed once when you didn’t know you had to but reasoned it out on your own. Goodnight, Cindy.”
She turned out the lights.
“Goodnight, Mrs. Kerry.”
She closed the door to leave Cian to his thoughts.
Cian started to cry again. He was in pain and humiliated even worse than he was last night. He’d been punished over and over all day and he already had one coming tomorrow. He felt it was hopeless. He was helpless. He was at her mercy. But she was so pretty and he could feel his arousal in his diapers.
Oh, it's going to be such a L-O-N-G night for poor Cindy!  And what new indignity will she be faced with come morning?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, she can not even toss and turn.  Poor little Baby Girl! 

Another simply SUPERB chapter, Cindy.  Thanks again so much!  
Cindy, another great chapter full of emotions good and bad, all for love.
Cian has certainly encountered some new experiences in his first day of petticoating (some that I’m sure he’ll make a special effort not to repeat - even more so after a night in nappies  Wink ).

For a first day, Cian has done quite well really, which is probably just as well as I think the idea that this is a one weekend only encounter might be Cian getting ahead of himself - something in me thinks this might become a more permanent fixture of his life.

Another great chapter, Cindy.
Thank you. I'll write Sunday over the next couple of days.

I don't think I'll get to start it today because I've been a naughty girl and I have lines to write. Oh well, that's the price of being a naughty little girl.
Just like your inspiration, Cindy.  Wink 

What have you done to warrant that?
Thank you Cindy for another great chapter. I do feel for Cian being put to bed with a sore bottom and nappies and plastic pants … but that's what we naughty boys must expect. I wonder what happens next!
Thank you so much for your kind words.

May I suggest using the "New Reply" button to avoid reposting the entire story?
(10-17-2020, 09:51 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Just like your inspiration, Cindy.  Wink 

What have you done to warrant that?

Yes, curious minds would like to know. :-)

Here is another paragraph that touches me.

“You’re becoming a proper little girl, Cindy. I am proud of you.”
Cian was thrilled by the praise. He really wanted to make Mrs. Kerry happy with him. But the nagging conflict came back. Why am I so happy that she thinks I can behave like some silly little girl? This is all so humiliating.

(10-18-2020, 03:29 AM)Cindy Wrote: Thank you so much for your kind words.

May I suggest using the "New Reply" button to avoid reposting the entire story?

Also, it is possible to edit your post to fix this. 

Mrs. Kerry: And do it soon, or it is corner time for you! (hee, hee, hee. :-0)
Yes sgbf that paragraph highlighted is very touching. Cian one of many self discovery moments even if he doesn’t know it at the time.

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