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October Issue Is UP!
Aunt Helga has managed to put up an OCTOBER ISSUE of PDQ, with her usual number of absorbing letters and other interesting features.   Many thanks to AUNT HELGA for managing to get it out, in spite of her personal situation.  Her efforts are very much appreciated.  

Thank you, Aunt Helga!  
Seconded, Mikki. The issues are always a delight to read and this most recent addition is no different. I look forward to reading many more in the future (but absolutely, Auntie Helga must put herself first).
I love this picture as posted on this October edition. I'm sure there would be queue of boys if they are at the party who would ask him for a dance.

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I totally agree with you there Tiffany. He might not be best pleased about it at first, but would soon realise it is nice, especially that it pleases his Mommy.

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