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Entrapment At The Girliest Clothing Boutique
After a day or so of talking me and my new found friend SuperiorGirl have decided to co write a story together. The story will be similar too my others but with new twists! It will be told from my sissy side and from the perspective of the Girliest Clothing Boutiques owner SuperiorGirl. Read along with us a we write the tale of SuperiorGirl sissifying me as she traps me in her store. We hope you enjoy and I will be writing the first chapter!
This is an exciting prospect. I look forward to reading along.
Chapter 1

God she was so pretty and so stylish. She was the girl who owned and ran the Girliest Clothing Boutique. I’ve never been inside the store before and I didn’t plan on it being as that I had no business too be in their In the first place. However, I often found myself standing out front of the store just so I could get a glimpse of her. Maybe I would even come up with an excuse to talk to her but that didn’t seem likely. I couldn’t fathom how she would ever be Interested in me with my short body and frail frame and my long blonde hair which might be even longer then hers. Surely there would be no way she ever fall for me. I didn’t even think she would ever say a word to me in my life. Until one faithful day we crossed paths outside the store as I did my normal walk. There she was having trouble putting stuff inside her door as she couldn’t lift the mannequins that we’re encased in these electorate dresses. I didn’t know if they were prom dress or quinceanera dresses or even wedding dresses but regardless it looked like she needed help. I was too nervous to offer and my plan was to walk away that was until she called after me.

“You there! Can you help me please! I’m really struggling with this!” I didn’t know what to say so o said nothing and walked forward to lend her a hand. She said nothing else as I helped her carry multiple mannequins with dresses on them into the store. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in those store and I took some time to look around. It was very big and it was stocked with prom dress, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dress, and normal girls clothing. “Thank you so much for helping me. I could not have done that on my own.” That’s okay I wasn’t going to do anything right now regardless. “Well thank you anyway and I’ve think I’ve seen you before standing outside the store. Are you afraid to come in?” I couldn’t tel her that I was afraid to see her! So I said nothing. “It’s okay and you shouldn’t be afraid. Lots of boys like to look at pretty dresses. Some even wear them!” I didn’t want to ever wear a dress and I never thought about it but I was so embarrassed so I said nothing. “I tell you what now that you’re in the store. You should try some stuff on!” I needed to leave the store but my legs wouldn’t move. “Come one follow me to the back. You’re going to try on these dresses today that you’ve been too afraid to!”
A great idea, Nicole and a brilliant start to the story. Looks like your subject has already got himself into something of a pickle after only the very first part.  Wink

Oh I do wonder where this is going for this soon to be dressed sissy? What adventures and humiliations will befall her from the owner of the Girliest Clothing Boutique. Oh waiting for chapter 2 with baited breath...
Big Grin
Heart Heart Heart
I’m sorry everyone but this story has been canceled.

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