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Humiliating Punishment for Bart Simpson
Hi everyone.

There is an interesting episode of the animated series The Simpsons. I can't remember the exact details of the episode, but I'll try. In this particular episode Bart gets punished (I can't remember what for) and his punishment is chosen for him. He is forced to dress up as Little Orphan Annie -including a red, curly wig. He is then made to sing the song Tomorrow in the school dining hall in front of everyone. Everybody laughs at him and then pelts him with food.

In a surreal twist, a couple of characters then "erase" his pupils , causing Bart to exclaim "Leaping Lizards!". (This is a bit of an in-joke by the show's writers. In the original Little Orphan Annie comic strip, the characters were drawn with no pupils, giving them an odd and slightly creepy look).

I have an Annie Dress and wig, and one of my fantasies is to be humiliated by a dominant female playing the role of a strict Aunt or Nanny. She would have some female guests  around, and I would be displayed to them in my Annie outfit. I would be made to sing in front of them, and feel totally humiliated. (I can imagine the reaction :"Isn't she cute"?, "I'd love to adopt her!"!) It would certainly keep me docile and submissive!  Smile
It’s not an episode I’m familiar with Leslie but that does sound like a delightfully sissy scenario.  Big Grin
There have been a few episodes over the year with Bart dressed up. Crossdressing Bart is very popular in fan fiction too.

[Image: simpsons-two-dozen-and-one-greyhounds-culottes.png]

[Image: bart_and_lisa_head_swap_by_l4drules4_d4q...3fXeeve2zQ]

[Image: __nick_s_doodles____19__bart_lisa_head_s...BCP9qfIa8U]
I can almost imagine they’ve just paid a visit to your shop, Rad Fem.  Wink
Very nice pictures, thanks for posting them
(10-15-2020, 04:58 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: I can almost imagine they’ve just paid a visit to your shop, Rad Fem.  Wink

Over the years there were certainly brats who imitated Bart Simpson attidude and plenty that showed up wearing Bart's marketed clothes. I believe there is a few Bart Simpson themed skateboards in my storage unit from former brats.


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