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Incontinence Pants? -No! NAPPY pants!
Hi everyone.

Here is a great idea - as they are basically a cross between a nappy and a pair of underpants, let's give them a better name than "Incontinence" pants. I think that they should be called "Nappy Pants"! (Imagine the humiliation of having to go into your local Chemists and ask for a pair of Adult Nappy Pants!)

I do wear this type of underwear from time-to-time. The feeling of the padding inside when you sit down is a lovely, humiliating one - it definitely reminds you  that even though you think you are an adult male, you are really just a big sissy baby!  Smile
I agree that is a better name for them
That’s a great name, Leslie - and TBH were they not marketed for adults, they probably would get called that; a lot of training pants are marketed to this effect. 

It’s certainly a staple item in making one feel infantile  Wink

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