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A female led marriage
How many members would like a relationship like this one?:
They certainly have a sweet relationship
It’s not particularly relevant to me as I have gone down the transgender route but what sissy wouldn’t aspire to a relationship such as this. The article was a joy to read - thank you, Davidps.
Great article, couple of important highlights.

>> A wife-led marriage is not a game, it's real life.
I can't stress enough a FLR means the woman is in complete control and the male has no say, this is not a fantasy it is a life time committment.

>> He understands and accepts that I want him to wear skirts and dresses all the time, not just at home. I know he's not quite ready for that and I will take an incremental approach to achieving that goal.

For the woman out there this is how to do. Create a plan, being willing to adjust and make sure the male clearly understands your goals. I have no doubt this woman will have her husband in skirts 24/7 in the near future.
She certainly seems very determined and has a husband who (so far at least) has been generally compliant (or at least appreciates where the boundaries are) if not borderline enthusiastic at times in conforming.  Big Grin
My R is encouraging my feminisation...and I can't complain Smile She would posit she's simply revealing my deep femme desires to myself. With her encouragement, I become truer to my self. My submissiveness takes deeper form.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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