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Brief relief
One of the many things I love about the picture I originally posted is how functional the whole scene is.

He's had his trousers and lacy knickers pulled down, and his chastity device removed, but his wife appears completed disinterested. She's not worn special clothes, just the skirt and top she happened to be wearing, she's not even looking at him or his cock. She's not even helping him cum, just holding him like she'd hold a champagne flute or a candle. She's even put a single glove on, so that she doesn't have to actually touch him. I also see she has the key to his chastity device on a chain round her neck, presumably as a constant reminder of her hold over him.

He, meanwhile, presumably otherwise starved of intimacy, seems to be torn between giving in to her gloved touch, and facing the consequences of cumming over his shirt, or trying to control himself and being resigned to another month when the only feeling he's going to get down there is the silkiness of the knickers she makes him wear.
As I've described elsewhere, I've just been introduced to the somewhat dubious pleasure of a functional milking, which I have to say was very effectively administered (rather too effectively if I'm honest). What is worse is that I was told that all future milkings will be carried out in a similar manner.  At least my previous three weekly regime afforded me something to look forward to. Now the only relief will be the physical benefit from being drained of fluid, with none of the pleasure. I know it's the next step in my development and the right thing to do, but it has still come as a bit of a shock to me.
Do keep us informed. It is undoubtedly to your ultimate benefit but major changes can take some getting used to. You know where to come for moral support, though.  Wink
(10-03-2020, 05:46 PM)Ali Wrote: He was allowed very brief relief from the strict regime of chastity and frilly panties imposed by his wife.

She allowed him thirty seconds a month, nothing more, nothing less.

Nice that the image is still available. I see that the link that Bill posted to this image is no longer working here: 
Artwork . (
and here in this thread: 
Just seconds to come (

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