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Brief relief
He was allowed very brief relief from the strict regime of chastity and frilly panties imposed by his wife.

She allowed him thirty seconds a month, nothing more, nothing less.

Well yes of course she loves him
I imagine one would spend so long anticipating the moment that when it came to it, the result would be (quite literally) a damp squib.  Wink
It's more like he's given that timed release from his chastity, but not from wearing his girlish knickers. I wonder whether after she's efficiently milked his peepee she pulls his panties up so that he has the sticky reminder for the rest of the day?
Not being allowed to masturbate anymore . Mummy would often massage George's prostate and rid him of any nasty milky build up . Making sure his little botty was clean . Sometimes Mummies friend would help and poor George was threatened with a spanking if he clenched up his bottom . George got a spanking after anyway and mummy put some soothing baby oil on his bottom . Mummy had been going to let him wear big girl panties . She held them up for him to see but decided on putting him back in a nappy . All the while mummies friends listened into the baby monitor .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
He really did get the rough end of the deal there, Bill. A spanking and a nappy. Still, he’ll be ready and know what to do (or rather what not to) the next time he finds himself in such a situation.
Milking time .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Great scene
And certainly he should be thankful for the relief he receives!
Indeed, they are treating it as a necessity or a means to an end rather than something from which pleasure should be derived, albeit he clearly appreciates the relief. Once he has become accustomed to the feeling of relief rather than pleasure, he will hopefully come to view his organs rather differently (and more appropriately).  Wink

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