Poll: Which dress would you choose?
Pale pink
Blue (for a boy!)
Livid pink
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Choosing a dress
You've been told by your Mistress that you are to attend a party she's going to hold.

To demonstrate what a kind Mistress she is she's allowed you to choose the dress you will wear.

Which would you choose?

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The first, pale pink two tone difference between bodice and skirt adds great interest, the petticoat under it is perfect. To be honest, they’re all gorgeous.
Since she is allowing a choice it may be obvious that she wants you to be noticed - so the LIVID (RED) PINK would be the choice !
What a gorgeous selection of dresses, Ali. I would gladly wear any and all of them (and may even own some of them).  Wink 

Ultimately, it had to be the light pink dress, but only in an effort not to sit on the fence.
A very difficult choice, Ali, I like them all. But I'm a sissy, and pale pink is my favourite colour, so I'd go for number one.
I can't make up my mind between the rainbow dress and the socking pink dress. But they are all so gorgeous I would do anyting to wear any of them.
I’m surprised the rainbow one isn’t more popular actually; would have been my second choice.
I want to wear all of them, maybe put on a fashion show as part of the party.
would be a lovely fashion show all here both participants and spectators

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