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New shoes
Hi everyone. Once again I am having to use my computer at work during lunchtime, so please bear with me.

For most men, their idea of hell is to go shopping for shoes with their wives or girlfriends. Not me! I am literally into women's shoes! - I really do enjoy wearing them.

I have had my Dorothy, Alice and Annie outfits for the past four years, but never had the shoes to go with them. I had to improvise and wear a pair of blue/grey deck shoes, which although comfortable, were hardly ideal. So,back in March, before the Lock-down happened, I went to Norwich on a special shopping trip. (I have detailed this in an earlier thread, when I went on a "Sissy Shopping Trip". I ended up going into Shoe Zone in Norwich, and purchased a pair of black, flat ballerina-pumps with decorative buckles. (I have discovered that I can just about squeeze into a pair of Size 9's).

Despite enjoying wearing them, I felt that I would need something else for the Dorothy dress - after all, her shoes are red in the Wizard of Oz film. A search on the Amazon website proved to be invaluable. A few weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, I received my delivery (I couldn't wait to see what I'd ordered!) They were a pair of red velvet, round-toed pumps with kitten heels. (The brand was "Ochenta", or something like that). I managed to control my enthusiasm, deciding to wait until the evening to try them on. Why? well, because I could close the curtains as it was dark, and wear them with my Dorothy dress!  So that evening, I put my Dorothy dress and wig on, and also the shoes. It felt wonderful! As they were a Size 10, they fitted me fine. (I had the common sense not to try go up and down on the stairs as I was not used to wearing heels!). I certainly enjoyed that evening!.

But there was a certain style of shoe which I have been after for some time; Mary-Janes. A trip to the Shoe Zone in a nearby market town was disappointing - they only had Size 8's. However, a return to the Shoe Zone in Norwich where I had purchased the ballerina pumps turned out trumps. I was able to get exactly the same style of shoe, but this time a Size 9. Once again, the following Saturday night saw me dress up in female clothing again, only this time Alice. (As luck with have it, another delivery from Amazon had turned up-a frilly pinafore) I wore a pair of pink ballet tights and was thrilled as to how good they looked with the Mary-Janes. I had another enjoyable evening!

I also have a pair of pink ballet slippers. I have worn these with a coral pink leotard & tutu dress. (The tutu is not separate, but attached to the leotard). Wearing my long. blonde wig, I pranced around like the big Sissy-Girl that I am!

So, will I get more women's shoes? Judging by how much fun I have had with the ones I already have, I would say YES!  Smile
Thanks for finding the time to post, Leslie.

Those sound like some truly wonderful experiences. It’s always good to set some time to ‘prance around’ and if you can get into character as well, that only adds to the experience.
How lovely for you, Leslie! There's no doubt that shoes add the finishing touch to a girly outfit, and I'm so glad you found some suitable ones.

To me, an outfit isn't complete without appropriate shoes. I'm really lucky in that I have small (size 7) feet, so it's not too hard to find shoes that fit. But there are lots of suppliers online that supply really girly shoes in larger sizes.
When i was sent to stay with my aunt during the school holidays, she would dress me in her daughters clothes, but the only things that I couldn't squeeze into were their shoes, so i used to be taken to an old fashioned shoe shop (while dressed) and the assistant would fit me with girly shoes, then i would have to walk up and down in front of auntie and the assistant, to make sure that they were comfortable, while they looked on. It was so embarrassing.
Was the embarrassment justified - were you made to be convincing in her daughter’s clothes or was the reality apparent?
(10-01-2020, 05:37 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Was the embarrassment justified - were you made to be convincing in her daughter’s clothes or was the reality apparent?

I was not very masculine anyway, I was always the smallest and weakest boy in class, (and most of the classes below me) so probably it wasn't until people got up close that they realised what I was, the problem was that I always knew I was a boy, so I was always embarrassed and ashamed because of that, and because I was always trying to hide my tiny erection. It got easier as auntie let me grow my hair and she would put ribbons and slides in it for me, or make me wear an alice band.
I suppose that’s something at least; as I found in my early days of ‘full time’ petticoating (before I developed the means to become really convincing) if you can be passable at a distance you can often avert many of the problems you might otherwise face.

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