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Teenage tantrums and male immaturity
It was indeed, afp.

As she got older and wanted to have more say in what she wore she seemed to wear jeans and shorts whenever she could, yet my punishment outfits became younger and girlier. Even then Lucy used to complain in case anyone saw my knickers or dresses drying on the line or clothes airer and thought they were hers.
It is ironic indeed that you were both unnerved by the washing line and the consequences of being likes with the items there on, and yet for such diametrically opposing reasons.
Smile Of course there’s in new world as professed by RF, your sister would not have to worry about what other people think whom the items are for Wink
I remember when our Aunt Jane, who I’ve mentioned before, came round one time and commented on a pair of my knickers drying on a radiator, saying how lovely they were and that her girls wouldn’t wear such pretty undies any more, and the searing embarrassing I felt when my mother told her that neither would Lucy, and that they were mine.
I bet Mother, Aunty and Lucy had a giggle.
Anyway I think I’d have died on the spot if I were you.
It would undoubtedly have been embarrassing. If there is an upside, no doubt with such a large donation of new underwear heading your way (whatever one may have thought of them) it would have reduced the risk of being caught short and thus needing nappies for a while. 

Or is that too much to have hoped for?  Wink
Girlygirl, that’s one brilliant upside. Ali, did you receive a donation?

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