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Teenage tantrums and male immaturity
(09-27-2020, 01:00 PM)Kristen Wrote: Oh there was plenty..  the two of them were in their petticoating outfits (including underwear) at all times in the house. To rub it in, they'd been expected to sew their nametags into their petticoating clothes - which I thought was a clever idea.

The stepmother certainly seen the clever type when it came to punishments. Being locked in their dresses and sent to the shops was another one!

I have questions. What happens when the boys have an unexpected visit from their friends while in their petticoat outfits. As they are still at school, what to they wear when they are at it? You mentioned they were sent to shops, what reaction have you had from the neighbours?
An excellent example of how valuable the petticoating of the boys in the family can be for promoting the maturation of their sisters into strong and independent young women.  I'm a bit surprised that in the case you mention that the sister was not given punishment power until age 17 (if I understood correctly).  I have found that given sisters the power to discipline their brothers from a young age can be beneficial in the process of raising both the girls and the boys to be the kinds of individuals you want them to be.  In fact, I've found very powerful effects of a younger sister (as young as seven or eight) having punishment power over an older brother to work wonders in helping to eliminate any hints of toxic boyishness from the brother while helping the girl develop her own feelings of strength and superiority.
We have read of such accounts on here many times and I’m sure both siblings come to learn their respective places very well in such a dynamic. It is also apparent though that due to a range of beliefs and aims from the parents that exactly what treatment and/or benefit each sibling receives can be something of a lottery. 

In my household the exact opposite was true where my sister was concerned and she was subject to petticoating about as often as I was myself, which kept her from going off the rails at the time (as seemed destined to be the case) and whilst still more nuanced than she might otherwise have been she is still very much unmistakably a tomboy. The fact that even today mother still expects my sister to ‘dress up’ when visiting her would seem to indicate that her view of tomboyism differs somewhat from the majority on this forum.
How exquisitely humiliating for the boys to be disciplined by their sister, Miss Kirsten.

My little sister never disciplined me, but I was disciplined in front of her, and I can vouch for how utterly humiliating it is to have to wear frilly knickers and childish dresses, while she lounges around in jeans or shorts.
My sister was petticoated just as much as I was and loathed it probably more so. That said, we were occasionally disciplined individually and being the only person in the house dressed in female attire when the other two female members of the household were wearing casuals did bring my predicament home somewhat.
Girlygirl, may I ask how your sister was petticoated? Was it being compelled to wear juvenile girls' clothes?
She was a bit of a tomboy so it didn’t take much effort but in broadly the same ways as I was. The main methods were either the nappy punishment which consisted of a nappy over a lolita style dress (though not nearly as expensive as a genuine dress from the Japanese style) or the secretary punishment which involved wearing full female underwear including garters and stockings, pencil skirt and blouse with full makeup and stiletto heels. 

For school she would have to wear a skirt rather than her preferred trousers.

As you can imagine, she struggled to maintain a tomboy image while wearing such attire and there were a number of instances where her friends would call round for her to go and play football and she would be sent out wearing her secretary uniform. Playing football in a tight skirt and stilettos isn’t easy, particularly when you know you’ll be in trouble for any makeup smudges which might befall you while trying.  Wink
Thank you. I understand now. I just never thought of making a girl dress like a girl as being a punishment.
I can vouch for the fact that girls don’t always like to be dressed as girls!

When I was being petticoat punished as a child my mother started to buy similar dresses for me and Lucy, my younger sister. Before too long Lucy would complain “I don’t WANT to wear the same as him. He wears dresses and I want to wear jeans!”

It was excruciatingly humiliating being made to wear a dress while my little sister was allowed jeans.
Ali, how very prophetic of your little sister Wink

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