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Teenage tantrums and male immaturity
After the interest shown in my previous post about my petticoating interviews, I thought I would share a rather different experience.

I had been invited by a lady to interview her two step-sons - aged 16 and 18 - who had recently been entered into petticoat training following her recent marriage to their father. I told her I was extremely curious about the impact of petticoating on male behaviour when introduced at a slightly later stage of the petticoatees' development, and we arranged a visit.

When I arrived the two young men were sat at the kitchen table, dressed in their petticoating outfits - lacy tafetta dresses designed in the usual infantilising style. It was clear in their body language that neither male was pleased by my presence and they were far from enthusiastic about doing any kind of interview. I suspected there may have been tears before my arrival!

The stepmother explained that the boys wouldn't be able to rise to greet me on this occasion, as they were held in place. I figured I had misheard her until I noticed that - around the back of each chair - was a thin length of rubber tubing looped through the pillars of the chair itself. Although I couldn't work out the exact detail it was clear this tubing had also been fastened around the boys' garments somehow, thus rendering them tethered to the chair.

I began to ask the young men questions but they were extremely begrudging with their answers, and generally showing the kind of immaturity that had got them into this situation. I tried my best to get them to open up but in truth the interview was going nowhere fast...

I was feeling rather frustrated when a young woman walked in. Aged 17, it turned out she was the boys' sister. As you'd expect from a female of that age, she was highly mature and instantly began to provide me with all sorts of useful reflections on petticoating.  She explained that - upon turning 17 - her step-mother had endowed her with disciplinary powers over the boys and their petticoating regime - a responsibility she seemed to have taken to like a duck to water.

The mature way in which delightful young woman had taken to her new authority really was impressive - and confirmed my views about the benefits of giving young women authority over men where possible. All the sudden those stroppy, churlish young men became compliant and obedient - clearly knowing what would await them should they disobey their sister's instructions.

She instructed the boys to open their legs and show me the pink bloomers she had picked out for them. And without any huffing or puffing, both of young men complied - giving me a rather exquisite view of their pink satin-clad crotches. "See - aren't they much nicer than your old boxer shorts?" she said to them. And unbelievably they both replied in the affirmative! I decided to have some fun and play up my naivety. "It's so good they approve of your choices!" I said. The crestfallen look on the petticoatees' faces showed how their disgruntlement at the situation, but they wisely chose to remain silent!

The young woman then explained to her brothers in no uncertain terms that they were participate properly in the interview - or she would be forced to take further disciplinary action. 

Even after the young woman had left the room, the difference was remarkable. Both of the young men answered my questions and explained the ins and outs of their petticoating regime without hesitation. I was hugely impressed!
Petticoatees and male members should address me as Miss Kristen or Ma'am. 

I chat on the Trillian messenger. Username: Miss_Kristen

What an interesting and delightful account, Miss Kristen. It sounds as though the sister in particular has taken to her role very well and clearly had quite an effect on the two boys.

As new petticoatees it perhaps isn’t surprising that they were still demonstrating elements of resistance in the beginning and to someone they hadn’t previously met but with two clearly assertive women training them, I’m sure that will change and that they will be found to be far more complicit going forward.

As they are that bit older, perhaps they will even come to appreciate the benefits of their treatment as I did when I was not so very much older.

I suppose the obvious question Miss Kristen, is what further you found out from them when they did start responding - what were the ins and outs?  Big Grin
Oh there was plenty..  the two of them were in their petticoating outfits (including underwear) at all times in the house. To rub it in, they'd been expected to sew their nametags into their petticoating clothes - which I thought was a clever idea.

The stepmother certainly seen the clever type when it came to punishments. Being locked in their dresses and sent to the shops was another one!
Petticoatees and male members should address me as Miss Kristen or Ma'am. 

I chat on the Trillian messenger. Username: Miss_Kristen

It sounds like they’ve really got things covered, Miss Kristen. The stitching of their name tags will not only teach them useful skills but (for me anyway) it evokes memories of school uniform items (particularly towels for swimming) with names stitched into them so it might put them into the right frame of mind.

I can well remember my first day of ‚Äėfull time‚Äô petticoating aged 18 and having to go out in public in my secretary uniform. I can well imagine the anticipation was much the same for the boys the first time they had to go to the shops locked in their dresses.¬†

On the upside, now that they’re presumably a known entity locally, they won’t have to fear keeping it a secret any longer.  Wink
Thank You for sharing this encounter Ma'am. I find it quite seems that step-Mother had determined a method to keep 2 teenaged boys out of mischief and allowing their sister authority over them undoubtedly educated them to the ways of Female authority! I can only imagine the trouble the world would be spared if teen males were properly petticoated and raised to be respectful and obedient...
(09-27-2020, 11:10 AM)Kristen Wrote: The young woman then explained to her brothers in no uncertain terms that they were participate properly in the interview - or she would be forced to take further disciplinary action.

Excellent thanks for sharing. No doubt the two of them are no stranger to their sister's other disciplinary actions. During your interview did any of the other discipline approaches get mentioned? Putting petticoated brats under the watchful eye of a female near their age is quite effective in dealing with toxic masculinity and establishes the proper pecking order in the home.
Miss Kristen, may i ask if the husband/father was also petticoated? It would be interesting if a petticoated boy was brought to class to explain how and why they are petticoated and the benefits of such action.  It requires a strong woman to understand the inherent benefits of such an approach, which is good for society in general as well as for each boy and young woman.  Thank you for sharing.
What a fascinating piece! I have long thought (and observed from my own behaviour) that a male tantrum is really a cry for control, and is very quickly diffused by a firm Woman. How excellent that the sister has grasped this truth so early.
Thank you Miss Kristen for sharing this. Sounds like the boys mother and sister know how to fix their incorrect maleness. Please Miss Kristen if may respectfully, would it be too much to ask to hear more questions and answers from your interview? I would simply love to hear.
Oh wow that is an amazing experience, Miss Kristen! Thank you for posting it, Ma'am. How did the stepmother manage to petticoat her two stepsons, Ma'am? What else were they wearing apart from their lacy dresses and pink bloomers, Ma'am? 

A pity that they could not get up to curtsy to you, Ma'am!


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