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Hubette II
Since my last post there have been quite a few questions and requests for more information about my Mistress/Wife’s life style. She has granted me permission to comment on those questions.

I am a retired teacher who taught industrial Arts in our local community schools. Obviously I am quite “handy” and have received numerous requests for assistance for routine home maintenance. I enjoy helping people out. One area of concern for my Mistress/Wife were the number of requests from widows and other single women for help. I have assured her that there was nothing going on but She had her concerns.

She searched for a way to keep me from temptation and she found a web site that She felt would do the trick Her reasoning was that if I wore a bra I would keep my distance from the women I helped. She is so right.

I won’t go into great detail on how She accomplished this, suffice it to say it involved my high sex drive. Also what has transpired has taken place over a few years. I eventually was placed in a chastity device and gradually became feminized. Since She realizes that I am constantly in search of orgasm She didn’t neglect my obtaining one, She just changed how I got one. She again went to the web and found these two sites and  For the longest time this is how I gained sexual release.

We met the other couple I spoke about in my earlier post by a rather circuitous route. We both are involved with the community center in our small town. We were working with others on renovating the center. I was dressed in male clothes on the outside but was wearing a bra and panties. While working on the project I inadvertently adjusted my bra strap and one of the women noticed. This woman in a private moment mention to my Mistress/Wife that she would love to see what kid in of bra I was wearing. My Mistress/Wife was quite taken aback but the other woman told her that her late husband was a crossdresser and they enjoyed the life style.

My Mistress/Wife did not take this well but the other woman assured her that she wasn’t thinking of intruding on our relationship and that she was dating another crossdresser. After a while we became friends with this couple and enjoyed many dressing parties with them.

Eventually my Mistress/Wife decided that it was just too much work on her part to provide sexual release for me. She asked our friend if she thought the two gurls could provide sexual release for each other. It could be tied into the gurls being good maids, this was met with eager approval.
The first time the we  gurls were together sexually was magical. We were both very nervous since it was both of our first time with one of the same gender. However, when we started, albeit it with stern encouragement from our Mistress/Wives, we realized we were both meant to be each other’s lover. We live to be satisfying our Mistress/Wives desires and giving each other sexual release.

This is rather long winded; I hope I answered some of your questions and have given members of this group and insight to our lives.
You are fortunate indeed.  Not only does your Mistress/Wife understand your needs and your potential, but she eased you gently but firmly into accepting them.
Too much work on her part, I wonder what are her needs? My gf is happy without sex, and I'm totally fearing the end.
I think this kind of situation could work well for us gurls with Wives/Mistresses and are in our later years. Very often, as in my case, sex isn't possible because of female menapause issues. I still am sexual (only masterbation). Having another couple who shared our similarities could only enhance each couples lives. The wives/mistresses would have a comradely and some entertainment while their sub/feminized/partners enjoyed the sexual release in having that missing closeness and intimacies you can only get from another. I can imagine all kinds of scenarios happening, only limited by the wives/Mistresses imagination.
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart

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