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After You
Given we now live in a more open society where sexual equality is slowly beginning to gets its foothold, is it reasonable for women expect to be treated like "ladies" and have males follow traditional behaviour such as pulling out seats at tables, holding doors open, rising from the table when women arrive/leave- the whole "ladies first" sentiment?
Always in strict uniform
This is an interesting one to answer. It probably isn’t reasonable to ‘expect’ that it would continue in an environment where the gender roles are considered truly equal, but when all is said and done it really continues by virtue of general consent. It would seem at the minute that males as a whole are inclined to keep this practice going at present and females are happy to be the beneficiaries of it.

If males were to decide that it was a practice no longer appropriate to continue or females came to start thinking that such practice constituted sexism (and it is often difficult to predict in advance what by future standards might be considered offensive) it would likely disappear at that stage. Even today, women are more likely to ‘split the bill’ than ever previously they would have been which may be taken as a change of habit and societal view on their part.

There is of course then the argument of what happens if we enter the female dominant society that Rad Fem and Miss Kristen are working so hard towards achieving. At that point males may find themselves subject to similar treatment or we may return to a ‘ladies first’ system but out of respect of superiority rather than viewing as inferior or weaker (as was the case in the past) but again societal values at the time will determine this.
Or perhaps it's down to basic good manners? Keeping a door open for the next person through is just being polite whereas getting up from the table each and every time a lady arrives/leaves is no longer "de rigueur". Or necessary.

I don't think chivalry is dead to those that were brought up with it but I just wondered if feminists/women felt it was a bit condescending in this day and age?

And do you truly believe a "female dominant society" is realistic? If women can't even get paid the same as men for doing similar jobs, how on earth do you see a swing to an even further extreme?
Always in strict uniform
Some of these things are about basic manners but your question centred around these manners working specifically one way. The manners may well continue but in specific areas, it will likely be the values of the time that determine whether the same parties play the roles of instigator and beneficiary. 

It is already evident that the role and status of women is changing and has been changing for an extensive period now. Why should we imagine that things would stop at total equilibrium (not least because on so many metrics it is not entirely clear how we measure such). Given the violence that has accompanied male rule in the past and the much more dangerous consequences (by virtue of weapons that have emerged over the last century) of it happening again, it could even be seen as desirable to try this different model. It will come as no secret that I advocate for males expressing their femininity so even if only be default it would seem reasonable that under such conditions (which there is no doubt are starting to emerge - particularly in younger generations), women would take a degree of charge. 

It is often difficult to tell in the present what will become normal in the future, as there are many bodies of people whose inequality was stark in the past but now know something much closer to equality than ever they did and dominant and inferior industries whose workers have traded places over the years.
There is a good article on this point at:

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