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Suspicions Roused
Completely out of the blue my wife hands me a gift wrapped package and smiles.  I am in the middle of doing the ironing and wait to be given permission to stop and open it.  My wife duly obliges insisting I don't tear the paper.  I spend what feels like aching hours carefully peeling the parcel apart in double, rubber gloves and with slightly numb fingers until the item slides out onto the ironing board.  With quickening pulse and drying mouth I unfold it and it is a new, bibbed apron.

It's a brilliant white in heavy cotton with an adjustable halter neck and a large central pocket.  I am speechless, mainly because I remain gagged, so my gaze switches from this new pinny to my wife who continues to smile.  She explains she spotted it in the window of a new shop she was passing on her way to meet a client and figured it would be ideal for me.

Of course I already have dozens of white aprons in my wardrobe but any new pinny is always welcome, especially as we have a tradition of christening new items.  My wife picks it up and slips it own, tying the bow behind her back.  She then puts on a pair of rubber gloves herself and calls me to move to the front of the ironing board, which I eagerly do.

Lifting the hem of my uniform dress and aprons over my waist she very slowly unbuttons my plastic nappy and caresses my cock cage.  By now I am dribbling profusely but as she takes the key to the cage she reminds of my previous little accident and warns me in no uncertain terms another repeat will have even worse consequences.  The key turns and I am free to instantly jump to attention as my wife takes my stiffie into her gloved fingers.  I then hear the most magical words in recent history.  "After a count of ten, unload into your new apron to break it in".  Each count is accompanied by her deft manipulation and already by three I am in agony at holding back.

Finally the magic ten is reached and after a millisecond of trembling I let go as my wife aims my load into her apron bib.  It is such an explosive release that I could hear my fluids almost thud into the pristine cotton as I pump frantically.  My wife continues to massage me to wring out every last drop, next directing my load into the skirt of the new pinny until I am fully spent and the apron is glistening with my goo.  It is a quite massive delivery almost drenching the new apron and I have to admit to feeling quite proud of my performance.  My wife also seems impressed at my volume.

Obviously the next part is nowhere near as pleasant.  My cage goes back on, my nappy is pulled up again and she deflates the gag, unlocking the harness and leaving me to lick off my still hot cream from the not so presentable apron.  Having taken as much off as possible she then proceeds to strap the gag back on and firmly inflate the penis sheath of the gag.  The soiled pinny is placed over my head leaving me in a private balloon to take in the aroma.  As she sits me down to appreciate the experience, she then presses what I believe to be a piece of paper into my gloved hands.  She whispers into my ear:

"I'm going to leave you here for the next hour or so with this delightful thought.  The piece of paper is the receipt for your new apron and tomorrow I want you to go back to the shop and tell the sales assistant the apron is not quite your style and that you wish to exchange it for a more suitable one.  I do hope you can get it properly cleaned so they swap it for a new one.  It would be rather bad for you if you didn't succeed.  Oh, and if step out of line in any way until you leave tomorrow, I will send you out in a locked tabard and apron, so something to consider for the next 60 minutes".

I am so, so screwed.
Always in strict uniform
That’s a proper real life cliff hanger you’ve pulled there, Rubberpinafore; I can only imagine how you must be feeling presently. 

All that excitement and you’re not even keeping the apron.  Big Grin Do let us know how things progress.
Ah, what brilliant mindfucking. I bow ever so deeply in front of your talented Wife.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
After frantic (and I really mean a VERY thorough) time spent cleaning up the apron, ironing it and making sure it looked as good as it could, I have been given a stay of execution and my wife has decided that it will be better to return the pinny on the weekend.

I'm not sure what is worse, the actual exchange it self or the waiting now. And it also means I have to be on extra best behaviour for the rest of the week.

Oh and thanks for your support, it's pretty obvious whose side you're on.
Always in strict uniform
She has certainly given you an incentive to behave yourself (and possibly go the extra mile)  Wink Sometimes you’re as well placed getting it out of the way, particularly if you’ve already built it up as an issue in your head because it just sits there simmering then.

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